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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 186 Way Of The Wind (2)

[ Way Of The Wind ] ( Ancient )( Level 1 )- You have mastered the first level of the ancient skill, Way Of The Wind from the Turtle God Kremeth, You can now detect incoming attacks from the surrounding wind disturbances. 

Max read the skill description and could not understand what it meant until he felt a slight wind disturbance coming his way. 


Max reflexively caught an incoming dagger thrown at high-speed towards him by Kremeth even though he never saw it coming. 

' How? ' Max wondered as he realised that he had stepped upon something very unique and very powerful. 

" What is this skill? " Max asked Kremeth, who gave the young man a rare grin. 

" It's the skill that is the basis of my entire fighting style. 

There are two strongest defensive techniques in the universe. One is used by the Archangel Sariel, and the second one is used by me. 

It's an ancient skill that has 7 levels, with the sixth and seventh level only available to me because I'm the inheritor of the Vayu-Astra ( Weapon Of The Wind God )

But anyone can theoretically master the other 5 levels, that is if they have the skill manual of course. 

When I started teaching you the way of the wind, I did not expect you to actually be able to grasp the technique so fast. Maybe it was your bloodline and heightened survival instincts that helped you, maybe it was your natural talent, but you somehow understood the concepts of sensing the wind and now you have successfully cultivated a sixth sense. 

It's a perception skill that aids in defensive tasks, it's a skill that will allow you to never be ambushed, never put into a dilemma as to where an incoming Illusionary attack is coming from, as you will be able to sense minute imperfections in the wind field around you to understand exactly how the world around you works.

Naturally when you are a god who starts fighting in space, this skill will be less useful at level1 but you will learn higher forms of mastery by then". Kremeth said as Max found his mind blown away by the practical applications of the skill he had just learnt. 

Max could not believe the amount of progress he had made in the 2 months his subconscious took over, it was like he had made 2 years worth of progress in just 2 months, having fundamentally evolved as a warrior. 

" Come spar with me" Kremeth said as Max began fighting with Kremeth understanding his new powers and adjusting to his new strengths. 

Max could not wrap a finger around it as to how he was able to sense Kremeths attacks without ever seeing them.

It was like he had a new sensory organ that allowed him to track movement without having the need to see enemy attacks as just from wind sensations alone. 

Even when Kremeth used Asiva's attack ' Illusionary Daggers ' where 6 daggers were fake and 1 was real Max knew exactly which was the real one although all of them looked different through sight. 

Eventually mid-way through the fight Max just closed his eyes as he let his sensations guide him, and he found that even without his eyes his battle performance was not dipping at all and he was able to maintain his defence against Kremeth at the same pace. 

This was until Kremeth brewed a windstorm around Max, messing with his senses completely and sending him into overdrive as Max could no longer function normally causing attacks from all angles to land on him. 

" More senses is not always a good thing, if you have more senses that you rely on then there are more ways to fool you. 

Your senses are only a tool, how you use them is up to you, although the technique is cool, if seen through anyone can exploit it easily. 

Please be more sensible than to close your eyes mid battle. 

Don't insult my name in the outside world as your teacher with this stupidity. 

There is a reason why evolution made more and more species be able to see rather than being able to send wind disturbances, it's because the former is more reliable.

Use the wind to make faster decisions and detect incoming attacks where you are not looking, to have no blind spots in your perception, but otherwise your sight is your main ally understand? " Kremeth asked Max who nodded vehemently 

Kremeth was very practical in his teaching approach and his practical lessons were easy to understand. Although Max detested his cowardly ways, he acknowledged the effort the turtle took in teaching them and genuinely appreciated his knowledge and efforts.

Staying in the dungeon was proving to be a very wise choice for Max as inside he was progressing by leaps and bounds. 

" Good, now since that's clear from today you start practising the skill 'block' ". Kremeth said as he took an axe and chopped a nearby shrub until only a 2 cm thick stick was left of its already thin stem. 

Kremeth then proceeded to tie a large boulder to the ceiling with a steel cable 

The boulder was easy 2-3 tonnes in weight, about 3-4 cars combined and Kremeth lifted it like it was nothing. 

" For your first stage of training you will learn palm blocking, you will push this large boulder beyond this line then run back and block it without moving a single centimetre while blocking it. 

For the second stage, you will do the same but block it with this small stick without breaking it ". 

Kremeth proceeded to demonstrate both scenarios as Max stared at the small 2 cm stick that did not break wide eyed and wondered how the hell did it not break? 

" You, dwarf! " Kremeth called out Sebastian who sheepishly looked at his master 

" Since you are already practising 10,000 sword cuts techniques, your job is to produce 50,000 sticks of this exact dimensions everyday ". Kremeth said as he tossed Sebastian the demo stick. 

Sebastian looked at the thin long and frail stick and wondered how he would produce 50,000 of these daily. 

The amount of precision and control it would take to achieve something like that was not something that Sebastian was currently capable of. 

From day1 Kremeth's bias towards training Max was clear, but he did not neglect Sebastian's training at all. 

Infact, Sebastian had a training that was usually much harder than Max and although Max progressed by leaps and bounds, Sebastian's growth was actually even more impressive than Max's. 


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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 186 Way Of The Wind (2)