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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 185 Way Of The Wind

( 2 months later ) 

Max's Satiety finally recovered above 60% as he regained clarity of thought. 

" Gahhh, *cough* *cough* " Max coughed up some blood as he looked at the dead yellow dragon corpse in his hands and panicked a little. 

" The fuck" Max said wondering what the hell was happening as he scanned around the cave he was in, finding out that he was in the same place he last remembered being before his memory became hazy. 

Max's eyes met with Sebastians who instantly shivered and bent on his knees as he said " Please don't eat me, I'm your friend Sebastian" 

" Why will I eat you? Are you mad? " Max asked Sebastian, who slowly lifted his beard to show fang marks underneath. 

" You did all this to me, yet you say why will I eat you? " Sebastian asked in hyperbole as Max instantly felt guilt rising up his stomach. 

" How long was I out for? " Max asked Sebastian as his eyes found a now much larger miracle trying to pretend she was a rock in front of Max. 

" Is that you, Miracle?My god you've grown so big! " Max exclaimed seeing the now 2 feet long miracle who had started to grow solid scales on her body. 

Miracle slowly uncurled herself as she looked into Max's eyes, trying to confirm he was sane again. 

" You were out for 2 months now " Miracle replied in a childish voice as Max was pleasantly surprised to see her talk. 

" Good lord Miracle, you can talk now! Haha you learnt Bipedal English, I'm impressed! " Max said as he chuckled a little and resumed sucking the blood of the dead dragon he was sucking before, the delicious sweet taste making his taste buds dance in joy. 

" I'm called Mira now, I chose a system name after reaching tier1. 

Also you should take a bath, you stink " Mira said as Max was dumbfounded by her response. 

The little dragon girl that was shy and loved belly tickles was gone, replaced by a confident young dragon. 

Max smelled his armpits and immediately felt like puking his stomach out, he smelled absolutely putrid, like sweat, dirt, blood and bacteria all mixed together. 

Max quickly drank blood till his Satiety returned to peak 100% before he took off his robes and took a dive in the pure glowing lake in front. 

Immediately all the fishes swam away from Max as if he was cancer as dirt and blood visibly parted from his body in the clear lake as he continued to swim about. 

Max rubbed his body with his hands, trying to get as much grime off as possible, as Sebastian and Mira watched from a distance.

" You think this was worth defying master Kremeth? "  Sebastian asked Mira 

" It's worth it, his blood manipulation skill had become too powerful. Yesterday he immobilised me with his skill and proceeded to bury his fangs in my tail. 

If mother was not present to save me, I think he would have drained all the blood in my body ". Mira replied as Sebastian shuddered just thinking about it. 

Max's growth was rapid in the past two months with Kremeth constantly monitoring and mentoring him in his primordial form.

His [ Brainwash ] and [ Blood Manipulation] skill reached ' advanced ' mastery level in what could only be considered as a rocket speed of mastering skills. 

But unfortunately with the increase in strength came no increase in mental stability as his beastly behaviour continued to be out of control with him trying to bite into Sebastian and Mira at every possible chance. 

Sebastian had already been reduced to a pile of bones losing over 17 kgs in last 2 months. 

It was only in the past week that he secured 2 meals a day for 7 consecutive days, otherwise he was regularly starving.

" Who did it? Who fed the beast? " Kremeth roared in anger when he returned to the cave with fresh herbs only to find Max sane and swimming in the pond again. 

" Hey, who are you calling a beast? " Max shouted back in response but was met with glares from both Mira and Sebastian which made him shut-up. 

" No food for the two of you for 3 days " Kremeth gave the verdict as Mira and Sebastian sighed in defeat. 

Although having no food for 3 days was bad, it was not nearly as bad as sharing a living space with a primordial vampire maniac. 

" Check your stats, do some introspection then come talk to me, I need to consciously teach you consciously about the [ way of the wind ] " Kremeth said as Max frowned and checked his stat panel. 

Max was dumbfounded to see he had gained 7 levels and had improved in mastery over various skills. 

The most notable improvement was with his [ Brainwash ] and [ Blood Manipulation ] skill which had reached ( Advanced ) mastery. 

Max did not remember practising either of these skills, nor did not remember getting the new skill [ Way Of The Wind ] 

But what blew Max's mind away was the fact that his newly obtained skill [ Way Of The Wind ] had an ( Ancient ) grade attached to it. 

[ Brainwash ] ( Advanced ) - Control the minds of your chosen target with varying  success rate. 

100% success rate for opponents with intelligence stat 50% below your stat. 

80% success rate for opponents with intelligence stat 30% below your stat. 

10% success rate for opponents with intelligence stat 10% below your stat. 

1% success rate for opponents with similar intelligence stat. 

Note - You can now control multiple opponents at once. 

The success rate may become lower if the opponent has mental manipulation resistance. 

[ Blood Manipulation ] ( Advanced ) - The bloodline skill of the primordial vampire clan, thought to be lost with time. 

It has varying applications primarily involving the use of blood. 


Subskills unlocked- 

Blood Explosion- Make any opponent who is two tiers below you explode at a mere touch. 

Blood Shield -  Use blood to act as a solid shield against incoming attacks. 

Blood arrows - Create and control blood arrows to attack opponents. 

Blood spear - Create and control blood spear upto a 100 metres range. 

Blood chain - Use chains made from hardened blood that are as strong as iron to immobilise your enemy. 

Blood Slash - Create sharp blades from blood that can tear through wind to injure your enemy. 

Blood heal - Use blood to quickly regenerate and heal allies suffering from bleeding/ internal organ damage.

Note - All skills need a minimum of 1-7 litres of blood pool to activate. 

Max watched the evolution of his basic blood manipulation skill with horror, he had unlocked so many subskills from his main skill that shocked even his own self. 

However, his new obtained skill was even more shocking. 


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Please find attached character stat panel in author notes below /// 

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 185 Way Of The Wind