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Rudra returned to planet ' Radiance ' with a bang. 

Tha man had unbelievable swagger around him, as the tier 8 monarch Augustus Won Knight and the patriarch of the entire won knight family, Patricia Won Knight stood waiting for his glorious return. 

" Can you please not swing ur shoulders when you walk? It's narcissistic as fuck ". Patricia said, pretending to be disgusted by Rudra's power walk. 

" My child " 

Augustus said with a smile as Rudra happily narrated his exploits at the thunder nation to the duo. 

Augustus was slightly shocked that Rudra killed Mavi so ruthlessly and that he managed to convince Thor to investigate his own council, as Augustus was once again convince of Rudra's prowess as a one man army. 

" So let me get this part again.... you walked into his council and killed his councilman in front of him? "Patricia asked, not able to wrap her head around Rudra's flexing. 

" Haha, the ant was too loud " Rudra said in response as he made a ' V ' sign with his fingers. 

" Wow, what's next, you unite the monarchies under your foot and become the undisputed ruler of the universe? " Patricia asked sarcastically as Rudra rubbed his nose and said " I might if I'm free ". 

Patricia shook her head, she was done with this brother of hers. 

Apparently his talent was only matched by his narcissism. 

Patricia on the other hand updated Rudra about the situation of transfer of Earthlings and how 40% of the population had already been shifted safely, including his family. 

Rudra was extremely glad for this, for the safety of his family meant everything for him. 

" Has Max returned ? " Rudra asked Patricia who shook her head and replied ' No ' 

Rudra did send an emissary to his university to inform him to come back to earth so that he could be informed about the new changes but apparently he was not at his university and not checking the messages on his mobile phone. 

" Where is that kid? " Rudra asked, as Patricia clapped her hands and called in her servants who handed her a report. 

" I knew you would want to know, apparently the answers you need are in Vanaheim. 

The caretaker appointed to Max from the Saint Maximus Clan, Severus is in Vanaheim with his two friends.

I believe they have the answers you want". Patricia said as Rudra felt his heart beat a little faster at the mention of Vanaheim. 

" Do you think she would be there? " Rudra asked Patricia, his voice sounding shy 

" I know she is there " Patricia replied as Rudra blushed and smiled. 

" Well, guess I'm off to Vanaheim then, I need to bring a few family members back home" Rudra said to Patricia, who rolled her eyes at him but smiled nonetheless.

Even Though her brother was an idiot, he was undeniably powerful and talented, and a pure hearted person that she loved a lot. 


( Meanwhile Max ) 

" Today, we go on a hike, pack your stuff and be ready, we will most likely be gone for 3 months " Kremeth said as he dropped a sudden bombshell on his three disciples and Rhea. 

" Where are we going? " Rhea asked, as Kremeth chose to ignore her question. 

" I'm only taking my disciples, you are free to enjoy your life while we are gone dragon queen ". Kremeth said eventually as Rhea snorted fire in reply. 

" As if ... " She said as she shrunk to human form and decided to climb on Kremeths shell alongside the rest of them. 

Kremeth seemed to not mind this outcome as after enabling defensive formations around his house, he used his speed to take off as he took the group to a special place. 

In his eternity spent inside the dungeon, Kremeth had made 2-3 special places inside the dungeon only accessible to him where he had spent decades at once. 

One such place was ' Moongdal ' lake, a beautiful place that he had carved out by hollowing out a mountain. 

The place was perfect for training someone like Max who was allergic to sunlight as the only source of light in the region was the glowing herb species that grew at the bottom of the lake and gave the whole surroundings a light bluish hue. 

The location was sealed off by special spells and was home to many exquisite plant species that bloomed in a moist environment devoid of sunlight. 

When the group arrived at the location everyone was speechless for a few moments as they tried to absorb the unique aura of the place. 

Max's night vision skills allowed him to be very comfortable in the low lighting of the area while Sebastian struggled a little to notice objects that were far away. 

" Welcome to Moongdal lake, this is the location where I shall transform your useless fighting styles into meaningful ones ''. Kremeth said as he randomly threw a kunai knife at Max who was startled a bit and was bruised at his arms as a result of the attack. 


" Hey! What was that for? " Max complained as Kremeth continued his speech. 

" For the next 3 months you will be under constant attack from me. 

Sleeping, training or cooking you can be attacked at any instance and for every time you are bruised you shall miss a meal.

I will teach you basics of fighting

Skills like ' Parry', ' Counter' , ' Block ' , stuff that every warrior must master but does not, but it won't be easy on you. 

It will be extremely difficult psychologically and the hunger will probably make your mind go numb should you miss your meals for more than 2 days straight. 

But the cruel method of training aside, you will be exceptional warriors with trained senses by the end, that much I can promise ". Kremeth said as he threw three kunai knives at once, bruising all three of his disciples. 

" No lunch for all three of you today " he said as the three of them looked at each other understanding that they were f***** this time. 


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