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Chapter 3: Hidden Information, Silver-Tier Class Medal

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On the System Channel interface, one could often see some of the players’ latest progress, see what kind of new heights the players had reached and what kind of new achievements they had created.

One could even see more than a dozen names often appearing together, and it was obvious that this group of people was forming a party.

There were already a lot of people on the right track.

Mike hadn’t even left the camp yet. He was feeling less energetic about it, but it didn’t matter. Being prepared in advance would mean less work in the future.

After he convinced the old man of the camp to display the better medals, Mike should be able to leave the camp and have a better time.

Even if the others formed a party, Mike was confident that he could catch up.

After all, the rewards were shared among the party members and Mike was not planning to form a party.

“Fine wine is a bit expensive... let’s sell the axe.”

Mike found the NPC who sold the wine and realized that he couldn’t afford it. He was only able to pay for it after he found another NPC to sell the axe that had been given to him.

A jug of fine wine was given to the old man of the camp, and the old man’s words that he used normally began to change.

He was in a daze and spouted some nonsense. It seemed like he was drunk.

Mike took the opportunity to ask the old man of the camp about the better medals in the warehouse of the camp, and the old man answered enthusiastically.

There were no secrets, the old man spilled everything.

Even when Mike had asked to see the better Class Medals, the old man agreed without hesitation.

It was exactly the same as what the hidden message had said!

A bunch of distinctly different Class Medals were laid out by the camp elder.

Mike checked out one of them.

“These Class Medals are really more advanced...” Mike was excited.

Forget about how the other players couldn’t even pick classes that were Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner-Tier, they probably didn’t even know there were different tiers as they were still figuring out the basics of the game.

Mike definitely had the edge over everyone else.

[Druid Class Medal (Supreme)]

[Overview: Summoning, Dual transformation. Growth: Physical Attack + 30, Magic Attack + 30, Defense + 100, Vitality + 300]

[Potential: Bronze]

[Skills: Beast Transformation (Supreme), Super Beast Summoning (Supreme)]

[Recommended Level: Good]

[Description: Druids have high HP and high defense, but low damage. When transforming into a beast, its attributes will undergo a huge change, and it will be flexible and diverse. Summoning a beast has a huge advantage. This Class Medal contains more strength and has higher growth potential. It has dual skills at the beginning, and is thus recommended to be used.]

Under the Advanced Class Medal, the Class advantage was finally brought into play.

Previously, when he looked at the Beginner Class Medal for Druid, it had low HP, low defense, and trashy skills.

Now, it finally looked like something.

However, Mike’s main focus was not on these places, but on the potential ‘Bronze’.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Supreme.

Mike had always thought that those were the only divisions.

So, there were even higher tiers!

Above Supreme was Bronze.

Mike was already satisfied with the fact that there were Supreme medals. But, wouldn’t Bronze be so much better?

Even with just a Supreme medal, Mike was confident that he could quickly catch up with those who formed parties. Once he reached Bronze...

No, wait.

Who said he had to level up to Bronze? Mike’s gaze moved to the other medals.

There were so many Class Medals!

Perhaps there was a Bronze among them now, and there was no need for him to level up in the future.

Mike had guessed correctly.

[Mage Class Medal (Silver)]

[Overview: Long-Range Magic. Growth: Magic Attack + 600]

[Potential: Platinum]

[Skills: Fireball (Silver), Fireball (Silver), Flash (Silver)]

[Recommended Level: Excellent]

[Description: Mage Class Medal (Silver), greatly increases attributes. There are three initial skills. Fireball’s ‘Ignite’ effect is stronger and its duration is longer. In addition to a single Fireball, there is also the skill Large Fireball. Flash is a Silver-Tier skill. Not only is the Flash faster, but the range is also wider and the cooldown time is greatly reduced. Class Medal potential is Platinum. There is a lot of room for growth in the future. Recommended.]


Originally, Mike was already very happy when he found the expected Bronze.

What he did not expect was to jump directly into Silver.

Mike wanted this Silver medal. He took a better look at the other medals and gradually discovered the problem.

Among the remaining medals, there were two Bronze medals.

However, they were not recommended by the system.

They were clearly Bronze but were not recommended at all.

The description stated the reason clearly. Although these two Bronze medals were of high rank, the power contained within them still retained a portion of the Exotic Beast’s power.

If these two medals were used, the Exotic Beast’s power would invade the body, and the consequences would be unimaginable.


Should be the reason why the old man in the camp hid these medals and didn’t allow the players to use them.

There must have been a big problem with the Energy Body due to the usage of these Class Medals that still contained the Exotic Beasts’ powers before this.

If Mike hadn’t seen the introduction...

There was a high chance that he would have fallen for it.

Fortunately, he could see the introduction.

And he was extremely lucky. The highest-level Silver Class Medal wouldn’t have any problems, and instead, it purified the Exotic Beasts’ power.

“This is the Silver Class Medal for Mage!” Mike compared the Class Medals and confirmed that this medal was the highest level and the best one in this place.

He then asked the old man in the camp for it. The drunk old man gave it to Mike without thinking.

He had also wanted to give the other medals to Mike, but Mike declined politely and only took the Silver Class Medal.

He went to the Class NPC and handed in the Silver Class Medal for Mage.

He then successfully used the Class Medal.


Instantly, a strong power surged into Mike’s ears, causing him to be dizzy. Then, the surge of power flowed out. Mike could clearly feel that he was becoming stronger.

The mana in his body increased, making him feel invincible.

But one had to know that Mike was only Level 0 to understand this feeling. It could be seen how much he had improved.

[Fireball (Level 0): Mastered]

[Large Fireball (Level 0): Mastered]

[Flash (Level 0): Mastered]

Although it was a Silver-Tier skill, it could still be upgraded to continue strengthening the skill.

“My basic attributes are 600 spell attack. But using the skill shouldn’t be as simple as 600...” Mike made a deduction.

There was no need to worry about the attack aspect as the main aspect was survival.

Mages were the ultimate spell-burst Class, and their survival skills were very low.

Flash was clearly the Mages’ most reliable life-saving skill.

Mike tried to flash.

In an instant, he flashed from one end of the camp to the other end.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

It could be used once in half a minute!

And the time would be shortened in the future.

Could it be that high-level Mages could use it without a cooldown in the future?

[Mage Class unlocked]

[Conditions met to unlock skills and more Classes]

[In theory, players can have all the Classes and skills at the same time.]

This information was naturally provided to Mike by the ‘Hidden Information’.


More Classes?

To be able to have all the skills and all the Classes at the same time? No one else should have this information.

Mike could unlock the skills and Classes, making him countless steps ahead of the others.

The others might still be researching skills, but he might already be an all-rounder.

By the time the others learn about skills and other Classes, Mike wouldn’t even know where to take his next step.

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