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Chapter 28: Let’s Have a Match.

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“Have a match.”

“Maybe he doesn’t dare to?”

“He must be afraid of losing.”

“After all, when Lord Caesar invited him just now, he was only considering it. If he loses, he’ll probably just be stuck considering and will never have the chance to join the Northern Headquarters again.”

“Even joining the Northern Branch will probably be difficult.”

There were many discussions.

With so many people optimistic about him, Freddy felt even more confident.

“Lord Caesar has agreed. Mike, please go ahead. As long as you can beat me, you don’t have to compete anymore. You’ll directly be Number One!” Freddy said.

The crowd roared.

“Can we not compete?” Mike said helplessly.

It was really troublesome. There was no need, as there was no benefit in winning.

Number One?

Who cared about such a title?

“He’s scared.”

The onlookers immediately laughed. “He also knows that he’s no match for Freddy. He’s scared.”

“I knew he was no match for Freddy.”

“Lord Caesar really made a mistake.”

Freddy could not help but feel proud.

Before they had even fought, Freddy’s opponent had already been scared out of his wits by him, plus, Freddy was a cowardly and timid person. This proved that he, Freddy, was the most suitable to join the Northern Headquarters.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to fight. If you admit that you’re inferior to me, I’ll let you go,” Freddy said.

“That’s it? Freddy is really kind.”

“Mike will definitely say it.”

“After all, he can’t beat him.”

“It’s not shameful to admit that you’re inferior to Freddy, but it’s really shameful to go and get beaten up on stage.”

Freddy was going out of his way to make Mike feel helpless.

Why did he have to force him?

“Fine. Then, let’s have a match.” Mike stepped onto the stage helplessly.

Freddy also stepped onto the stage.

“Just now, you admitted that you weren’t as good as me. Now, hehe, I won’t go easy on you.” Freddy’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

His name already made Freddy very angry, and the fact that he was valued by Caesar, plus the fact that he wasn’t willing to admit that he wasn’t as good as Freddy.

Freddy couldn’t bear it.

Mike didn’t want this either. But with Freddy’s personality, even if Mike admitted that he was inferior, who knew what other requirements he would demand later.

Might as well save the trouble and just fight.

“Summon Undead.” Mike used his skill.

Two powerful undead appeared.

“Summon Beasts!” Freddy also attacked.

He was a Druid, so he could summon beasts. At this moment, Freddy’s two beasts roared fiercely while Mike’s undead were only mere skeletons.

The skeletons’ aura and form seemed to be inferior compared to the beasts.

“Freddy’s summons are A-rank beasts that were painstakingly captured from the wild, and shouldn’t be weaker than Mike’s undead.”

“Without the help of the undead, would Mike’s individual strength be comparable to Freddy’s?”

“Definitely not.”

“The outcome has already been decided.”

Just after they released their summoned creatures, many people had already announced the results on their own.


Freddy waved his hand, and he?took the initiative to attack.

Both beasts rushed toward Mike but were blocked by the undead, and the beasts immediately clawed at the undead.


– 823!

Their HP bars dropped.

Many people stared. Because the ones who lost HP were not the undead, but the beasts that Freddy had summoned!

Both the beasts were very strong, and they took the initiative to attack. However, they were still at a disadvantage against the undead.

Then, the undead launched a counterattack. They actually hit the beasts so hard that they didn’t have the strength to fight back.

“Recover!” Freddy didn’t expect this either. He hurriedly used a skill to heal the beasts.

However, his recovery skill was just like a drop of water in a bucket. The two beasts were seriously injured and they automatically disappeared.

Then, the two undead attacked Freddy.

No one thought that it would end up like this. Freddy was actually at a disadvantage, while Mike had the upper hand. So, why did Mike want to avoid the fight just now?


Freddy had no choice but to let out a low roar and?transformed into a beast.

His body transformed into a strength-type beast. His body was very large, and he clashed head-on with the two skeletons.

– 576!

The undead was very strong. They joined forces to block Freddy’s attack and cause damage to Freddy’s body.

The spectating stands were quiet, as this match had far exceeded their expectations. They had thought that Freddy would be the one defeating Mike, but the tables had turned.

Up until now, Freddy hadn’t even been able to finish off Mike’s summoned creatures. Even an idiot could tell the difference now. inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦


Freddy transformed again. This time, he transformed into an agility-type beast.


His speed was extremely fast and he slipped past the undead.

The entire stadium was instantly excited.

Once he bypassed the undead, he would face Mike directly. They believed that Mike wouldn’t be able to defeat Freddy.

Freddy pounced over.

“Poison Arrow.”

Mike made his move.


Freddy dodged the Poison Arrow.

Cheers erupted. Mike couldn’t hit Freddy, so he would be overpowered by him and was definitely going to lose.


Freddy clawed down fiercely.

Cheers erupted again, but it only rang for half a second before it became quiet. This was because many people clearly saw that Freddy hadn’t hit Mike and that he had dodged.


Freddy had transformed into an agility-type beast. How could he be dodged? What was up with Mike’s speed and reaction?

Freddy was also very surprised. This was the first time he had missed. After landing, Freddy turned around and wanted to do it a second time.

“Poison Arrow.”

Mike once again released his skill, and the Poison Arrow flew right in front of him.

It was already here. He released it before Freddy turned around.

It was over.

Freddy’s pupils contracted.

Once he was hit by the Poison Arrow, even if he did not lose, he would not be able to get past the undead again. In the end, it was a loss for him.

He took the initiative to challenge Mike, he had made so many big promises, he had been pushed to such a high position by countless people...

Now countless people were watching him.

The legend of Tyrone Academy’s invincibility.

Was it over just like that?

“I will not lose!”

Freddy instantly put on his equipment, and his attributes skyrocketed.

Without using equipment, sparring was barely life-threatening, but if the equipment was used, the consequences would be irreversible. Therefore, he was not allowed to put on his equipment during a spar.

Freddy was currently wearing his equipment, which was against the rules. However, this was the only way he could win.

He wanted to use his equipment advantage to quickly win.

No matter what. He had to win. Now!

“Just die already!”

With equipment, Freddy’s combat power had increased by more than one level.

Just like Mike’s 20,000 combat power, more than 15,000 of his combat power was increased by his equipment.

Freddy smashed the Poison Arrow with his claw.

Although he was still injured, Mike’s Poison Arrow without equipment couldn’t seriously hurt Freddy, who was wearing a set of equipment.


Freddy instantly rushed in front of Mike.


Countless higher-ups and big shots below the field were furious because he had suddenly equipped his equipment!

Freddy actually was so unwilling to lose. They all moved to stop him. However, they were definitely one step slower.

They only hoped that Mike would dodge or block this attack.

In such a short time, Mike would not have time to equip his equipment and it would be very difficult for the higher-ups to cast their skills to stop him. They could only hope with Mike’s current situation.

Dodging was the best choice.

“Playing dirty!” Mike was speechless.

With a thought, the attributes of the original body’s equipment were shared with the doppelganger, this was the advantage of the Doppelganger’s Skill. It was equal to having double the attributes.

Although the doppelganger did not wear any equipment, its stats were actually equivalent to wearing a full set of equipment.

“Poison Arrow.” Mike stretched out his hand.

“You’re asking for death.” Freddy was already prepared for Mike to dodge, but he did not expect him to fight head-on.

“It’s over, Mike actually did not dodge...”

The people below the stage shook their heads. They could only hope that Mike’s body was strong enough.


The two skills collided.

– 3,221!

Fortunately, with over 3,000 damage, Mike should not die.

All kinds of skills came flying over.

They gave Mike countless health recovery and defense skills, and all sorts of buffs were thrown onto Mike’s body.

“It’s good that you’re okay.”

“Mike, you’re okay. I’ve healed you.”

Everyone was relieved, and they all went up to the stage.

“Freddy, you really went too far this time...” The dean of Tyrone also gave Mike a health regeneration buff. He turned his head and was about to scold Freddy but he was suddenly stunned.

Everyone else was also stunned.

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