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Chapter 13: Intermediate Purification, The Strongest Buff on the Shelves

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Mike knew about meat.

They were all either poisonous or had other side effects.

Using basic purification, it was very difficult to remove the poison from the Exotic Beast, so Mike didn’t care for it.

Now that he had reached Intermediate purification, it was possible to create something new.

Mike used his staff to kill a relatively low-level Exotic Beast.

After using the Fireball spell, there weren’t any bones left. The meat had very few uses, so it was not considered a type of material. It was not stored and obtained like a material. It needed to be collected manually.

[Exotic Beast Meat (Intermediate): This piece of meat contains lethal poison. Even if it is cooked or burnt, it is still inedible. It can easily poison life forms to death. Consumption effect: 500 lethal poison. Immediately recovers 20 energy. Gradually recovers 50 energy within three hours. Recovers 100 HP, temporarily increases 50 HP, temporarily increases 10 points of defense, temporarily increases agility by 2 points. Duration: Three hours.]

The meat of the Exotic Beast could be said to be very nutritious.

However, the poisonous effect was stronger.

Mike was looking forward to using the Intermediate purification spell. The Beginner purification spell could not remove the poison from the meat of the Exotic Beast. He wanted to try the intermediate effect... and Mike was baffled by the results.

[Intermediate Purification Spell: Successfully used.]

[Exotic Beast Meat (Intermediate): Purification successful!]

[Consumption effect: Immediately recovers 50 energy. Gradually recovers 100 energy within three hours. Temporarily increases energy limit by 10 points. Recovers 500 HP. Temporarily increases maximum HP by 150 points. Temporarily increases elemental attack by 60 points. Temporarily increases maximum defense by 50 points. Temporarily increases agility by 10 points. Duration: 8 hours.]

Energy recovery rate had increased.

Eating a piece of Exotic Beast meat would immediately recover half of his HP and gain immunity for three hours.

Mike’s focus was on temporarily increasing his energy limit by 10 points.

That was equivalent to increasing all of his attributes by 10%!

Moreover, Mike’s energy was not at 100 points, but 105 points. The benefits of temporarily increasing his attributes by 10% would be even greater.

In addition to the increase of his own attributes, there were still other benefits.

The 60 dual-attribute attacks were also equivalent to increasing Mike’s attack by about 10%.

The purified Intermediate Exotic Beast meat was definitely worthy of being called a treasure.

Mike believed that trading Colorless Crystals with this thing wouldn’t be difficult.

Mike opened the Trade Market.

He was preparing to sell it when he was overwhelmed by the news from the Trade Market, private messages from the Trade Market, the World Channel, the Regional Channel, and all the other channels.

The World Channel.

“We must work hard, we must persevere. Sooner or later, we will figure out the recipe of the Black-Striped Grass, so that Mike will never be able to make money again!”

“The Black-Striped Grass is worthless, but it can be sold for such a high price after processing it. This is too much. I must crack the recipe of the Black-Striped Grass.”

“I’ll drag Mike down with my own hands!”

“Make him spit out whatever he has swallowed.”

“I’ve tried it out three times. Believe me, the recipe will definitely be cracked! The ingredients have been found. I don’t believe that the Black-Striped Grass formula is that far off.”

There was a private message.

“Mike, what exactly is the Black-Striped Grass recipe? Share it with me. I’ll produce and sell it together with you. When the time comes, we’ll split it 37-37. Hey, Hey, are you there? Why are you pretending? Isn’t it just good luck to come up with a recipe? Do you really think you’re a pro?”

Mike was stunned when he saw this private message.

At first, he had been quite nice when he begged Mike.

When he realized that his request was fruitless, Mike ignored him and this person instantly turned rude, criticizing Mike more than a dozen times.

It was all too fake.

Why were people nowadays so fake?

There was another private message.

“I’ll give you some advice, you must listen to it. I’m the best at analyzing others and I know your situation all too well. Because I was lucky, I found the recipe for Black-Striped Grass. Now that they exposed the product to being a Black-Striped Grass, the recipe for it will follow soon after. If you wait for the recipe to go public, your value would be gone. Why not share the recipe now? You will still be able to maintain a good reputation. You’d better seriously consider, do not be ungrateful.”

There were a lot of these kinds of private messages.

Mike was speechless.

He was taken aback by their various logics and attitudes.

He could not understand what these people were thinking at all. 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

After turning off all the message interfaces, Mike uploaded the purified meat onto the shelf. Of course, he would not tell them the actual details of the meat. Just like the Black-Striped Grass, he would make up a name.

[Raw Meat]

[There is no need to cook it and it can be eaten directly. Cooking will make it taste better.]

[Effect: Immediately recovers 50 energy. Gradually recovers 100 energy within three hours. Temporarily increases the energy limit by 10 points. Recovers...]

Mike released the hidden information that he had learned. Of course, it was only on the effect of the meat. Although releasing this information would arouse suspicion, he was careful not to release information that was too outrageous, making people think that Mike’s research ability was very strong.

[Price: Trade for one Colorless Crystal]

[Trade: 30 Iron Ore]

[Trade: 30 Copper Ore]

[Trade: 300 Wood]

These four items were currently up for trading.

The items above were all very versatile and durable even in the later stages.

It was believed that wood, iron ore, and copper ore would be needed, especially Colorless Crystals. They were necessary to keep for use in the later stages.

As whether the price was expensive or cheap, Mike felt it was neither.

If it was regarded expensive?

This kind of raw meat was currently only something that Mike could create. Other people would not be able to get it even if they paid 10 million. No matter the amount of money they had, they would not even be able to spend it on this.

If it was regarded cheap?

Actually, it wasn’t cheap. Many people might not be able to reach the transaction requirements for a few days. Mike didn’t want to cut off everyone’s labor.

The current pricing was to help other players develop their strength while allowing Mike to save up his resources so he felt that he wasn’t at a disadvantage.

The temporary increase in attributes from eating this piece of raw meat could ensure that even if the players were at Level 0, they could start hunting Exotic Beasts below Level 10 after consumption.

This could be considered as a helping hand for them to explore.

As for why Mike was helping them develop their strength to explore, it was because if more players were exploring, the more Colorless Crystals would drop immensely!

Colorless Crystals were eternally valuable!

Therefore Mike, who was looking at the bigger picture, didn’t mind helping them increase their strength and helping them explore.

Hurry up and strengthen.

Mike wanted the Colorless Crystals badly.

Once Raw Meat was on the shelves, within a few seconds, the number of views reached 102,354.

Just like that, it broke through 100,000.

In all the channels, there was a huge earthquake.


In the World Channel.

“D*mn! Hurry up and look at the Trade Market. Mike has a new product on the shelves. Raw Meat!! Meat!!! The most ridiculous thing is the description of the effect of that meat!!!!”

“What the hell? Isn’t meat poisonous and inedible? Besides, Energy Bodies don’t need to eat meat, right?”

“What effect does it have?”

“Didn’t he get the formula to remove the poison from the Black-Striped Grass by luck? How could he have the ability to develop a new product? It must be a lie, right?”

“Hurry up and look at the effect. I’m shocked too!”

Not long after.


All the channels exploded.

They were all in a state of shock.

“I thought that the new product would only have more energy recovery, but I didn’t expect the description to be so terrifying... that temporary increase in attributes means I can start exploring.”

“This is too unbelievable, it can’t be a lie, right?”

“The attributes can be increased so much!?”

“What is a Colorless Crystal? Does anybody know anything about it?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“This is too much. Could he be a boss?”

“I’m saluting Boss Mike. Even a piece of meat that has been labeled as poisonous and useless from the very beginning can be used to create miracles.”

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