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Chapter 284  Unexpected Changes

Chapter 284  Unexpected Changes

Lady Enigma stood resolute before the dark cocoon that held the unconscious Alexpulsing with rich energy in a rhythmic beat, her eyes filled with curiosity and doubts.

It had been four days since the evolution process had commenced, and Alex had surpassed all her expectations, with his body having consumed 43% of evolution fruit energy, a monumental achievement.

What baffled Lady Enigma the most was that Alex's physique was consuming a significant portion of the energy, and with it showing no signs of slowing down, it was only further fueling her curiosity.

"Sir Erebus awakened the first physique shard, which in turn awakened Alex's physique, and now four more shards have awakened, which makes me wonder how many of the remaining seven physique shards are still dormant inside him," Lady Enigma murmured to herself, her voice, as ethereal as her presence, resonated with contemplation.

"At the start, Alex's physique was at the Ancient grade, but only on a world scale, but now it has transcended the limits of world standards, and even though with the current incomplete system, it's impossible to gauge its current grade,"

"But it shouldn't be far from the Mythical grade on the galactic scale, if not possibly higher, and it had reached such a grade only with four awakened shards."

"The complete physique must be of Ancient or possibly even higher grade,"

"What a Monster," Lady Enigma said, her voice as emotionless as ever.

"The physique belongs to some powerful bygone era entity, but who? Who is this Dark Ancient to whom Alex's physique belongs? And why do I not have access to information related to him, even with my authority?" Lady Enigma questioned, but then she just shook her head and focused completely on observing the changes happening in Alex.


Inside the cocoon, Alex had undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few days. He was now a far cry from the man he had been before, and his nearly bare body was a testament to this incredible change.

Alex's physique resembled a work of art sculpted with precision and power but now more defined with dense muscles rippled across his frame, each one meticulously defined, giving him the appearance of a seasoned warrior.

There were areas all over his body from arms, legs to back, and neck with muscle definitions that should not be present in a normal human and would only be present in season warriors outside the boundaries of Mortal Rank.

There was not a single mutation like horns, fangs, or tails that tarnished Alex's appearance. He looked like any ordinary human on the outside, but his body had undergone a profound transformation on a cellular level, enhancing his physical capabilities beyond the limits of a Mortal.

Despite these extraordinary physical changes, Alex's external appearance remained remarkably similar, with his height of 6.6 feet not increasing by even a centimeter while he did appear slightly more mature, only adding to his charm.

The only noticeable difference was in his hair, which had grown long, cascading down his back like a river of pitch-black silk, far darker than it had been before. His hair flowed freely within the airless confines of the cocoon, adding an ethereal touch to his transformation.

Inside Alex's body, an astounding transformation had unfolded, as his circulatory system network of veins and arteries responsible for blood flow remained physically unchanged, but they had undergone a profound shift in their capabilities.

The once-rough network of veins and arteries coursing through his body had evolved into a marvel of density and elongation. Every vessel had become more refined, resembling delicate threads of life that carried his essence with unprecedented efficiency.

The crude mana veins that Alex had initially developed were now completely gone, and in their place, a sophisticated network of translucent mana veins had emerged.

These ethereal and radiant mana veins replicated the structure of the normal circulatory system, intricately weaving themselves into their rightful positions throughout the body, even mimicking the finest and thinnest of capillaries with exquisite precision.

The new mana veins were now not even connected to the original heart, but instead, they converged on a newly formed companion, positioned gracefully beside the original heart, a second heart.

This second heart was a similar contract to the original, with its sole purpose being to pump mana throughout the body at an astounding speed.

The two hearts moved in perfect synchrony, with each beat harmonized in a flawless rhythm. The first heart continued managing blood circulation, maintaining an unceasing flow of vitality throughout his entire being, while the second was dedicated solely to pumping mana.

Alex's new mana veins and heart were a complete anomaly by normal standards as he shouldn't have perfectly functioning mana veins, let alone with a second heart dedicated to the distribution of mana, which was entirely alien to the standard evolution process experienced by individuals at the fourth Rank promotion.

Alex had first built his mana veins before consuming the evolution fruit in hopes of getting some unexpected yet favorable results, but he never imagined such out-of-norm results.

The second most striking visible changes occurred within Alex's blood as the once mundane, life-sustaining fluid now brimmed with rich vitality, vastly surpassing its previous state just a few days ago.

The blood flowed smoothly and cleanly through his revitalized circulatory system, carrying not only oxygen and nutrients but also the essence of rich vitality, infusing every cell of his body with newfound vigor.

This revitalized blood was a testament to the unparalleled transformation occurring within him. It coursed through his veins and arteries, constantly rejuvenating every organ and tissue it touched.

However, the remarkable changes were not confined to what met the eye as the untamed energy of the Evolution Fruit had reshaped his genetic code, not only enhancing and evolving his existing talents to untold heights but also awakening the dormant ones.

The evolution process was still ongoing and was doing extremely well, more than Alex and anyone had imagined expected, and with it being in much more stable condition than the start, it didn't look like it would stop anytime soon.


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MMORPG : Ancient WORLD Chapter 284  Unexpected Changes