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Currently, Hikaru had a lot of projects to work on but he was seriously short of workers.

Even though the 4,000 group of mixed-bloods were coming, that didn't prove that they could help him.

For those mixed-race people to work, they need to learn how to work. After all, mixed-blood people only know how to fight, and they never learn anything.

For them to be able to work fluently it will definitely take quite a long time. And Hikaru didn't have that much time right now.

Suddenly, Hikaru received news from Shala, she said that a group of people appeared from the Race Gate.

They were the Dwarves.

Hikaru was overjoyed hearing that. Although the Dwarves were not a strong race, they were a race that possessed extremely skillful hands.

They were masters in metallurgy, construction and crafting.

Hikaru hurriedly used his teleport skill, and immediately appeared in the room of the Race Gate.

As soon as Hikaru appeared, Shala happily saluted and said: "Master, there are about 300 Dwarves. As far as I know, they came from a small village but were attacked by mist monsters so the whole village died."

"The mist monster attacked them?" Hikaru frowned, he felt that this was extremely strange, he asked: "No way! Dwarves are a race with very high manufacturing technology, they can't lack resources or they can't make Misty Lamps."

Shala nodded and said, "I thought so too, but after talking with them, I learned that their village originally had more than 2,000 Dwarves."

"However, after being attacked by other races, their village was reduced to just over 200 people. Their Resources were also depleted after many wars."

"The thick fog made it impossible for many people that were looking for resources to return."

"In the end, their village ran out of resources, and their Misty Lamp stopped working, so…"

Hikaru nodded, understanding why the Dwarven village didn't have enough resources to make the Misty Lamp.

No matter how good they were, if their resources were exhausted, they wouldn't be able to withstand the fog and monsters.

Hikaru looked at the 300 people inside this small room, they were all Dwarves, but most of them were the elderly, women and children.

According to Shala, perhaps the youths in the village died in the wars or died on the way to find additional resources for the village.

At this moment, a Dwarf man about 50 years old with a beard that somewhat resembled Darnag came forward to look at Hikaru.

He bowed his head in salute and said: "This is my first time meeting you, master, I am the village chief, my name is Amdoc. Thank you master for giving us a second life, we swear to be loyal to you forever."

Hikaru nodded and asked, "How many young people do you have?"

Amdoc was a little embarrassed and said: "Now there are only about 20 young people left, but you do not need to worry. The women and the elderly in the village can still work normally just like young people."

"It's just that the fighting strength of women, the elderly and children is not high enough to help master in wars."

Hikaru shook his head and said, "It's okay, I won't make you fight wars, as long as you have the ability to work."

"Okay, this place is not convenient for us to talk. Shala, arrange accommodation for them, Amdoc, I need to speak to you in private."

"Yes! Master!" Shala and Amdoc said in unison.

Shala brought the group of Dwarves to the official settlement. Although the people in the official residence were all loyal to Hikaru, in case problems arose, Shala decided to keep them in a separate area.

In Hikaru's office, Amdoc calmly sat across from him.

"Amdoc, I know what Dwarves are capable of, but I still want to hear from your own mouth what you can do."

Hearing this, Amdoc nodded and said, "Master, there are currently 300 Dwarves including me. Although the number of elderly people, women and children is quite large, we can all work." 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

"Among us, there are about 20 people who know metallurgical technology, 50 people have knowledge about construction, and the rest are knowledgeable about manufacturing and crafting."

"Their abilities are not low, each of them is on par with a Tier SR Enchanter except for the children."

"However, those guys are also very useful, they can take on the same amount of work as two human youths."

Hikaru nodded after hearing that, he smiled and said: "Don't worry, I also won't force you to work, the specific work you would do is as follows..."

Hikaru and Amdoc talked for more than 2 hours, then Amdoc left with a face that was hard to believe.

Amdoc returned back to where he was assigned. This place consisted of a row of houses and a community house that was gathering 200 Dwarves including women, the elderly and children.

They were all anxiously awaiting Amdocs announcement.

Everyone of the Dwarves here were used to being exploited by their master.

In the past, the Dwarves worked for many different races. Although they were very good at crafting, their power potential was not great, that's why they were always enslaved by high-ranking races.

Of course, the life of a slave did not need to be discussed because it was terrible.

After being resurrected once more, they were extremely grateful to their master. Although they were treated like slaves, they still accepted it, but in their hearts there was still a very small hope.

Yes, they hoped that they would have a chance to live rather than being tortured to death or being squeezed to death.

At this time, Shala was also in the community room. In fact, she wanted to take them to the pre-built houses, but they all wanted to wait for Amdoc to return.

Shala also knew what they were thinking so she took them to the community house so they could wait for Amdoc.

Of course, on the way, these Dwarves were also surprised to see this place without fog and a sky.

They also didn't know what the sky looked like because when they were born, there was only fog around them.

However, the beauty of the sky seemed to calm their minds.

Even when they were sitting in the community house, they still looked outside, they gazed at the sky so intently that Shala felt they were pitiful.

The sky was indeed beautiful, when Shala found out that Hikaru created the sky, she spent a whole day looking at it.

Tsuraguki also told Shala about what was in the sky, she also explained what the sun was, what the moon was… and the difference between day and night.

Even in the era in which Shala lived, there was no fog at that time, but the sky was not as beautiful as this.

The sky at that time was only a gray color full of gloom, there was also always terrible thunder and lightning falling on the world.

But the sky now took on a very pleasant blue color, the white clouds floating in the air made her want to look at it forever.

Amdoc returned, and the Dwarves were also a little nervous when they saw Amdocs expression.

Yes, the expression on his face right now was extremely confusing and unbelievable.

This made all the Dwarves here feel anxious, they were worried about their fate.

There was a woman who was so worried that she held her two children in her arms, the elderly sighed but still listened attentively.

All the Dwarves here knew that what Amdoc was about to announce would affect them until they died.

Amdoc looked inside the scroll, and re-read the entire contents inside as if he was afraid he would read it wrong.

Nobody bothered him either, they were all strictly silent and they were waiting.

After a while, Amdoc took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Master has given me the following information and rules, I hope everyone can listen attentively and memorize them all."

"Even if you don't remember all of it, this notice will be posted on the bulletin board in this place."

"Okay, the issues you need to hear are as follows…"

"First thing, you will be living in the official residential area. In this place, you will be given housing, of course you have to pay the rent."

"Second problem, Master knows that you don't have any assets right now, so he has allocated jobs for you."

"You will work eight hours a day, six days a week. Um… the concept of hours, days and weeks Shala will explain them to you shortly."

"Of course you will have a salary. The salary you will receive is 10,000 Tipoint a month, of course Shala will also explain to you what Tipoints are."

"The third problem is in the beginning, the lord will distribute food to you by household. However, at the end of the first month, you must buy your own food with your wages."

"The fourth problem, the workers need to…"

"The fifth problem,…"

"The sixth problem…"

"Twentieth problem…"

After reading the twenty issues that needed to be publicized, Amdoc felt that his throat was a little sore, but he didn't care.

What he cared most about right now was that he felt as if he were dreaming.

Yes, at first, the conditions his master told him made him feel like he was dreaming. If everything was as his master said, then this place was heaven.

The group of dwarves below were silent. Amdoc seeing them silent felt amused.

Just now, when he was talking to his master, his expression was the same as theirs.

Suddenly, an old Dwarf spoke up: "Village chief, is what you said true?"

Amdoc laughed and said, "It's hard to believe, isn't it? But this is the truth. This notice will be posted on the bulletin board at this community house, you can read it as many times as you want."

"You should remember, all of these are given to us by our master, we should be grateful to him. Besides, you guys have to work hard, or else… huh! Don't blame me for being cruel to you."

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