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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 239 Nekomaly - I Will Save All Of Them

That's right, when the summoning magic circle vanished, Hikaru could plainly make out a female who was about 160cm tall, with silver hair who was dressed in a black and white maid outfit.

She had a very beautiful face, but her beauty was like that of a peony, calm, gentle and clear.

On that face was a pair of eyeglasses that made her beauty more gentle like a housewife.

However, the most special thing about her was the two cat ears and the cat tail on her back.

Hikaru saw the girl and immediately fell in love with her. It was not actually love, but Hikaru liked the girl because she had all the elements that a man fancied.





Cat tail and cat ears.

Wife temperament.

Hikaru was dumbfounded for a moment when he saw that girl. Anno, who was sitting in his lap, pouted and thought, "Could it be that Kiki likes women like this?"

Name: Nekomaly

Rarity: SR

Class: Royal Chef

Description: Nekomaly is a Royal Chef from ancient times, she can cook any dish you ask. The food she prepares has some special effects.

When Hikaru saw the information board appear in front of him, he was startled, and he thought in his heart: "A chef from ancient times? However, her Rarity is only SR, perhaps her only purpose is cooking. But that's good, it's much better than eating monster meat or lightly processed food anyway."

Hikaru looked towards Nekomaly, she also looked towards Hikaru, suddenly, Nekomaly's face turned red. She hastily covered her face with her hands, however, she still glanced at him.

Anno looked at Nekomaly, then looked at Hikaru and sighed, and inwardly lamented: "Looks like Kiki's time for me will be less."

Hikaru did not know what she was thinking, when he saw Nekomaly blushing, he frowned, and thought in his heart: "Hm? Does the [Taming] effect also work on people I summon?"

[That's right.] Rika's voice suddenly resounded: [Anyone can be affected by the Taming effect as long as they satisfy the condition that their beauty score is above 90 points according to the system's scale and rating.]

Hikaru was a bit surprised to hear that, Nekomaly was indeed very beautiful, and she was unique. However, it was her aura that was worth paying attention to.

That's right, she exuded a gentle aura, like a newlywed wife, every gesture and action she made was very gentle. As Hikaru had thought before, Nekomaly was like a white peony, beautiful but not arrogant.

What surprised Hikaru was that the activation rate for unmarried girls was only about 20%, but the Royal chef that had just appeared was affected by it.

[Master, don't worry. Anyway, sooner or later Nekomaly would fall in love with you. Now that this has happened, it has saved a lot of time, right?]

Hikaru frowned and asked, "Why is that? Would everyone I summon love me?"

[Hm…actually only female monsters would love you, and male monsters would be loyal to you like Larry.]


[Because loyalty is a bit similar to love. When you sacrifice yourself and accept to die for someone else, is it any different from love?]

Hikaru: "..."

He could only keep quiet because he felt that Rika's words were quite reasonable. He didn't have too much experience in this anyway, so he didn't know whether Rika was wrong.

Okay, he didn't care about this anymore. After all, Rika had said that he would have many women in the future, and one more would be fine.

Besides, Nekomaly was exactly the kind of girl he liked, she was like what every man thinks their first love would be like.

Anno cupped her forehead, she felt Hikaru's gaze on Nekomaly was a bit… intense. However, Anno did not deny that the girl was very beautiful.

Although Nekomaly's beauty was not comparable to Anno or Selvih, her aura was completely different. She was extremely gentle and calm, like a gentle mother.

Nekomaly glanced at Hikaru and she felt extremely embarrassed, but then she managed to take a deep breath and said: "Master, I am Nekomaly, this is our first time meeting, I hope that you can guide me. ."

When she finished speaking, she immediately bowed her head 90 degrees to signify her loyalty and reverence.

When Hikaru heard what she said, he regained his senses, he looked at Nekomaly and said: "I am Hikaru, you can call me Master, or you can call me by my name."

When Nekomaly heard that, he stammered, "So… can I… call your name, master?"

Hikaru nodded generously, "It's possible."

He didn't care about what she called him, anyway, his women all called him by name including those he summoned like Tsuraguki, Saraya or Vuni… Besides, Anno and Selvih called him by the nickname that they gave him.

At this moment, Nekomaly's face suddenly turned red like an apple, with her snow-white skin it was easy for others to notice that her face was red.

Nekomaly quickly bowed her head and said, "Thank you, master."

"So… what ability do you have?" Even though Hikaru had read Nekomaly's description, he wanted to hear what she had to say. He felt that she might have some hidden attribute that the system couldn't show.

When Nekomaly heard that, she took a deep breath, and tried to calm down. However, when she looked towards Hikaru she was flustered, a feeling of shame like a tidal wave rose in her heart.

Hikaru saw that Nekomaly was flustered, her cat ears were trembling, and the cat's tail on her back constantly moved. Seeing this he felt that she was really in love.

After a while, Nekomaly calmed down, although her face was still a little red, she was much calmer than before. Nekomaly said: "Master, I am capable of cooking any dish you like. As long as you ask, I will make it to your liking."

Hikaru was a bit disappointed hearing that, it seemed that Nekomaly didn't have any hidden attributes. However, that was enough, he didn't ask for more.

Hikaru suddenly remembered something, he said, "However, in this place there is only food, so there's no seasoning."

That's right, all the food he received from the food resource bag was just food, there was no seasoning. No chili sauce, no pepper, no soup...etc.

Besides, this world's agriculture was almost non-existent, the people of this world didn't even know how to cook, so spices in this world didn't exist either.

Nekomaly frowned upon hearing that, she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. While she was thinking, Hikaru noticed her tail wagging in a very cute circle.

Nekomaly then said, "If that's the case, then there's no problem."

"Hm? Can you cook without seasoning?"

She shook her head and replied, "No. I have an ability that can sense food."

"Sense food?" Hikaru frowned, his face showing a puzzled expression.

Nekomaly was also confused, as she did not know how to explain. At this point, Hikaru spoke up: "Okay, the best proof is to prepare an afternoon tea party for me consisting of cakes and tea. You can use the pantry as you please."

Nekomaly said happily, "Yes, thank you, master. Since this is my first time doing it, it will take about an hour to prepare. I hope master can be patient."

"No problem." Hikaru waved his hand.

Anno also spoke up at this point: "I told Amia to guide her to the kitchen and pantry, so you don't have to worry."


"One of the four Half-Elf girls I told you about."

Hearing that, Hikaru nodded. Nekomaly did not hesitate, and immediately left the room.

Currently, only Hikaru and Anno were left in the room, so the space belonged to the two of them. However, Hikaru was now thinking about Nekomaly.

Just now when he looked at Nekomaly's information, there was no display of her stats inside. He had seen something like this in Shala, Mika and Darnag.

It seems that people with classes that tend to support people don't display stats like the others.

Besides, because he was so focused on looking at Nekomaly he forgot to evolve her. Hikaru thought to himself that he would do that next time.

"You seem to like girls like Nekomaly, don't you?"

Hikaru listened to Anno and lowered his head, seeing Anno pouting he knew that she was jealous.

It was natural, anyway, if a girl's lover stared at another girl and developed feelings, the girl wouldn't be able to stand it.

Anno said: "I'm not jealous, don't get me wrong. It's just the way you were looking at her as if you wanted to 'eat' her right away."

" that so? It's just… I find her very cute."

"It seems you don't really hate mixed-blood girls at all." Anno said, with a hint of displeasure in her voice but there was also a hint of joy.

Although Hikaru said he didn't care about other people's backgrounds or whether they were mixed-blooded or not, Anno still felt worried.

Anyway, prejudice about mixed-blooded people had existed for a long time, some people even thought that treating mixed-blooded people as slaves has existed since ancient times.

Therefore, when Hikaru looked at Nekomaly, Anno realized that in Hikaru's eyes there was only praise as if he was enjoying a work of art, as there was no contempt in his eyes.

At that moment, Anno realized that Hikaru was telling the truth, he really didn't hate mixed blooded people.

"That's right, I don't hate mixed blood people… Wait! What do you say?" Hikaru who was talking suddenly stopped, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

"I said you don't seem to hate mixed-bloods." Anno confusedly repeated what she just said.

Hikaru looked at Anno with wide eyes and said, "Nekomaly is a mixed-blood?"

"That's right, is this the first time you've seen a mixed-blood?"

"Is any mixed-blood girl like Nekomaly? They all have the appearance of humans and have animal ears and tails?" Hikaru tried to hold himself back, as he asked Anno again.

Anno explained: "That's right. The Beasts are mostly like the Lizards in our territory, they can stand upright on two legs like humans, but their bodies are still beasts."

"But the mixed-blood is different. They are a result of a hybrid between the Beast race and Humanity. The result is the same as Nekomaly, they are like normal people, but they still have Beast race characteristics on their bodies."

"The most common are the ears and tail. Although they are very similar to humans, their ears and tails can't be hidden, so people still recognize them as mixed-blooded."

Hearing that, Hikaru took a deep breath and said, "Anno, I've made up my mind."

"Heh? Decide what?"

"I… will save all the mixed-blood girls."


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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 239 Nekomaly - I Will Save All Of Them