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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 238 Ah! Another Girl...

"Split?" Hearing that, Hikaru looked at the Starpoints floating in the room and replied, "Of course we have to split them up."

For someone who possessed the [Void Create] skill like him, it was extremely easy to split or separate any item.

Description 5: [Void Create] You can split and recreate any item with Tier SUR or lower. Note, the skill has no effect on living things. (Replacement for Sacrifice)

Although Starpoint had no tier, it was also a normal item, with no restrictions, so it could still be split into soul points.

Suddenly Anno shook her head, she said: "No, I meant that you should split the Soul Points into smaller units."

"split the Soul Points into smaller units?" Hikaru asked, confused.

Anno explained: "That's right. Like I said earlier, normal people and mixed-bloods don't have a chance to use Soul Points, they can only exchange goods with their own production."

"However, the number of mixed-blood people and normal people is very large. If they don't have the right to use soul points, it will be extremely limited in economic development."

Hikaru frowned when he heard that, suddenly he remembered something and asked: "Wait! Why were there many people in the auction room at the Pharmacist Tower who used currencies like gold and silver coins before?"

That's right, he remembered that at the Pharmacist Tower, there were people saying that 1 soulpoint could be exchanged for 100 gold coins. Lower than the gold coin was the silver coin.

Anno shook her head and said, "It is the currency that the Pharmacist Tower regulates by itself, it was created by the Alchemists. However, the quantity is not much and it is only circulated internally by the Pharmacist Tower."

"Besides, the process of converting Soulpoints into bronze or silver is extremely complicated, of course no one is willing to exchange soul points for those ordinary metal pieces."

"One more thing, gold and silver coins are very easy to counterfeit, so they are very limited in their use, so they cannot even manage all the money they generate."

Hearing that, Hikaru nodded. This was a world filled with magic and mysteries, so forging a coin was extremely simple.

Anno continued: "The current Soul Points value is too high, it can only be used to buy magic items. If you can divide a soulpoint into smaller pieces, the effect will be enormous."

"Everybody will have access to this currency including ordinary people and mixed-bloods. With that, we can get rid of all the currencies that other kingdoms or organizations created on their own."

"If they want to trade with us then they need to follow our monetary rule as we are the only Kingdom that owns a currency lower than Soul Points."

"Even if this currency infiltrates all other kingdoms or organizations, then we have the ability to manipulate the economics of those kingdoms and organizations."

Hikaru was a bit surprised to hear that. He didn't think that in such a short time Anno could come up with such a full proof plan.

Just like what Anno said, 1 soulpoint was currently the lowest unit of currency, but its value to commoners was too high.

1 soulpoint was like a 100 dollar bill, however, 1 kg of meat costs only 10 cents. The disparity in value between goods and money was so high that it was almost impossible for the poor to get their hands on money.

Soul Points must be broken down, so that everyone can use soul points to trade.

Besides, Hikaru was the only one who could split Soul points, thus, he had full control over the value of that currency if it entered the economic cycle of other kingdoms or organizations.

At this point, Hikaru realized that although he had rated Anno very highly, it was still not high enough for her intelligence.

It was a strange thing that although Anno was very smart, when she was around him, she was very stupid. Perhaps that was the endearment of Anno, no, of all his women.

No man wanted their woman to be too smart, because if they were too smart, the first person they would cheat is their man.

However, a woman who is smart when it comes to social problems, but act's goofy when she's with her man has a certain charm that makes her irresistible.

The same goes for Anno and Hikaru's women. They were all special existences, like Queens, Princesses, Dragons, Angels. They were existences that frightened others.

When they were with him, however, they were silly and adorable kittens, who were just begging for his love.

Back to the present, Hikaru completely agreed with what Anno said. He tried using the skill [Void Create] to split a Starpoint.

A Starpoint flew in front of Hikaru, it was the size of a Tennis ball, it was transparent like a glass ball, in the middle of it was a light yellow light like the light of a firefly.

Hikaru used the skill [Void Create] on it, and in an instant, an information board appeared in front of Hikaru.

[Ding! Do you want to split 1 Starpoint into 100 billion Soul Points?]


[Ding! splitting has started.]

[Ding! Separation successful.]

At this moment, the Starpoint suddenly disintegrated, then turned into a pale blue marble floating in front of him.

Hikaru confusedly asked, "Is this 100 billion soul points?"

That's right, he thought that 100 billion soul points would be 100 billion marbles that filled this entire room, no, probably the entire main building.

However, right now, in front of him, there was only a ball the size of a thumb floating, emitting a pale blue light.

Rika's voice resounded in his head: [Master, Soul Point or Starpoint are not actual physical items, they are like virtual items.]

[Therefore, they can be stacked in a fixed space. Even though you can only see 1 marble, there are actually 100 billion marbles stacked on top of each other in a fixed area of space.]

Hikaru listened to Rika's explanation and nodded, he continued to use the skill [Void Create] on his soul point, then another information board appeared in front of him.

[Ding! Do you want to split 1 Soulpoint into 100 Tipoints?]

"Is it possible to split it even further?"

[Ding! Tipoint is the smallest unit that cannot be further decomposed.]

Hikaru nodded and said to Anno: "Anno, 1 soul point can be split into 100 Tipoints, is that okay?"

Anno was happy to hear that: "Of course! Very good! That can solve a lot of problems."

Hikaru smiled and said: "Then I will split 100 billion soul points first, the remaining Soul Points can be split when you need it."

Anno nodded: "Um! 100 billion soul points, if decomposed, it will be 10,000 billion Tipoints, that's more than enough, we can do a lot of things."

Hikaru didn't know much about finance, he didn't want to think too much, that's why it was fine to let Anno handle everything. He could safely stand behind her and support her, that was enough.

After dividing the Soul Points, Anno kept 50 Starpoints, Hikaru kept 100 Starpoints. Of course, he didn't think that these 100 Starpoints would last long.

At this time, Hikaru looked at the clock, it was already 3 pm outside, sunlight was also shining through the glass window behind them, illuminating the room.

Anno felt the warmth of the sun, and happily said, "I didn't think there would be a day when I would see such beautiful things."

Hikaru nodded. For the people of this world, sunshine, the sky, and sun were all luxuries because they had lived in the fog that had covered the entire world for more than 10,000 years.

Hikaru suddenly said, "If we hold afternoon tea now, it would be great."

"Afternoon tea?" Anno asked, confused.

"That's right, in my world, nobles or rich people often have hobbies of drinking tea, eating cakes and sunbathing, while watching the sunset."

Hearing Hikaru's words, Anno felt a bit confused: "Although I don't know what this tea and cake you're talking about is, it sounds interesting."

When Hikaru heard that, he looked at Anno, his eyes filled with pity, making Anno even more confused.

That's right, food in this world was extremely scarce, ordinary people could only eat fog monsters to live, and some of them don't even have clean water to drink, so they drink the blood of monsters.

For those with the ability to use mana, who only ate Power Potions to sustain their life, they had almost no need for food and they didn't want to eat mist monsters.

At this moment, Hikaru suddenly remembered the card he had received but hadn't used yet. That's right, it was the "Royal Chef" card.

He also hasn't eaten for a long time, anyway he could use energy to maintain his own life, so there was no need to eat or drink.

However, for Hikaru, enjoying delicious food and getting a good night's sleep were all things he wanted to enjoy.

If an immortal was living a life without eating delicious food, sleeping on a soft and warm bed then even immortality was meaningless.

Hikaru then took out that card; currently, he was qualified to summon the royal chef, and he also had enough food in stock for the royal chef to cook.

[Ding! Do you want to summon the "Royal Chef"?]


[Ding! Summon successful.]

At this moment, the card in Hikaru's hand suddenly disintegrated into countless particles of light dust and disappeared.

Anno who was sitting on Hikaru's lap saw it all, she knew Hikaru was summoning someone else, however, Anno somehow thought in her heart that the person who was about to appear was a woman.

A magic circle appeared in the middle of the room, it gave off a blinding blue light, then a girl appeared in the center of that magic circle.

Anno thought: "Ah! Another girl."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 238 Ah! Another Girl...