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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 237 God Tier - Starpoint

Hikaru looked at the notice board and was startled, he asked Rika secretly: "What is God tier?"

[Master, legendary items all have a hidden attribute, if you meet someone who is most suitable or similar to it, it will create a bond with that person. If the link is strong enough then that legendary item will evolve.]

[ The 12-faced Dice is a legendary item related to luck; when it encountered Anno's hidden buff, it resonated with her and then bind itself to her.]

[Because Anno's luck was too strong, the dice evolved and became God tier. The ranks of these special items are divided into: Legendary, God, Lord, Creator.]

[These items have a great influence, and are able to break the law of normality.]

"Compared to the SSS level skill I currently possess, is it stronger or weaker?"

[Master, if you arrange them in ascending order, then it would be Tier SUR, then Legendary, God, SSS, Lord, and finally Creator.]

When Hikaru saw the tier arrangements he took a deep breath, he felt that his Maximum Evolution skill was too powerful, its tier was even higher than God level.

"So… Can I evolve anything to God level?"

[No, master, in fact, SUR is the highest tier the Maximum Evolution skill can evolve something to. After the SUR level, there are only a few things that can be evolved into the Legendary level.]

[However, from the Legendary tier onwards, in order to continue evolving them, there will be many special conditions in which the owner must match the item to someone, like in Anno's case. That's why most Legendary items cannot continue to evolve.]

Hikaru nodded, he thought in his mind that the SSS tier wasn't so terrible.

Rika seemed to know Hikaru's thoughts and said: [Master, you must know that just one SUR-class monster is capable of fighting across the universe. Look at Saraya and Fallean, they're both SUR-class monsters, and their power is terrifying.]

[If you possess an SSS tier skill like Maximum Evolution, you can possess countless Tier SUR monsters, so you can easily hold this universe in your hands.]

When Hikaru heard this, he nodded and said, "I understand."

Returning to the present, the dice suddenly glowed, and started emitting a blinding golden aura. Then, it suddenly disintegrated into countless tiny dust particles in front of the two.

Anno turned her head to look at Hikaru in fear, however, when she saw Hikaru, he was smiling, and fearlessly looking at the disintegrating dice.

Anno now realized that Hikaru seemed to know something, so she continued to stare at the dice.

After turning into a cloud of yellow dust and floating on the table, they fused together, to form a dice with only 6 golden faces.

The dice was yellow, and it was divided into 6 faces like a normal dice. However, the first display face was red with a yellow dot that was emitting a dazzling light.

The 6 dial was different, it was also red but without the 6 dots like a normal dice, instead there was a special character that was emitting a white light.

At this moment, an information board displayed in front of Hikaru.

Name: Lucky Dice

Tier: God

Linked: Anno

Description 1: The Lucky Dice has 6 faces, each face has a number from 2 - 5 corresponding to x20 to x50 times the number of resources in the resource bag or random number of items.

Description 2: The red face showing the number 1 of Lucky Dice can help the player get 1,000 times the random amount of resources.

Description 3: The red face shows a special character instead of the 6 dials which is the special face. If turned to this side, the quality of the random item inside will be increased by 100 times, and the quantity inside will also be increased by 1,000 times.

Description 4: Only someone associated with the Lucky Dice can have this special two-sided spin rate.

Description 5: Lucky Dice cannot be used continuously, it will absorb the luck of the person linked to it, when the luck is full, the person linked with it can use it.

After reading the description, Hikaru took a deep breath in his heart, he felt that the Lucky Dice's function was too powerful.

It must be known that not only the quantity was increased by 1,000 times, but the quality of the resources could also be increased by 100 times.

He didn't know what it would be like to increase the quality of a resource by 100 times, but Hikaru was sure that its value would increase greatly.

"Anno, use it." Hikaru urged.

Anno nodded at that, her chest showing a yellow light that was a bit blinding similar to the aura that the dice was emitting.

Anno took a deep breath, and held the dice in her hand. It seemed that there was a very special connection between the dice and her.

She took a deep breath and exhaled, then threw the dice. The dice rolled a few times and then stopped on the red face.

Not the red of the first display face, but the red of the face displaying the special characters. When Anno saw the dice showing a red face containing the special character, Anno was overjoyed. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

Because Anno and that dice had a special connection, all the information of the dice was displayed in her head. Therefore, Anno understood the Lucky Dice very well.

At this moment, the 150 giant soulpoint bags on the ground suddenly emitted a yellow light, which instantly turned into 150 light spots that floated in the office like stars in the sky.

Hikaru who was looking at them was confused, and suddenly, Rika's voice rang out.

[Master, that is the higher level of Soulpoint, Starpoint.]

"Heh?" Hikaru, who was confused, asked: "Starpoint?"

[Yes, its uses are quite a lot, it contains the energy of a higher universe, higher than the mana used by this world.]

[One Starpoint is worth 100 billion soul points.]

Hikaru was startled to hear that, but then delighted. One Starpoint was equivalent to 100 billion Soul Points, here 150 Starpoints was equivalent to 15,000 billion soul points.

This number was too huge, it was so much that he was afraid that there were not so many soul points in the Sanctuary's inventory.

The demand for Soul Points was never enough, it could not only be used as currency for the people of this world, but it could also be used as a raw material for making medicinal herbs and metallurgy.

Besides, for players, it was also a material used to level up and used as currency to buy and sell on the system.

Of course, it had many other uses, it was just that he and the other players hadn't discovered it yet.

Hikaru was overjoyed, but Anno was 10 times happier than him. She was so excited that she cried: "Kiki, I succeeded!"

"Um… you succeeded."

Hearing that, Anno hugged Hikaru tightly, a feeling of happiness and joy filled her little heart.

"From now on, this dice belongs to you."

Hearing Hikaru's words, Anno suddenly raised her head to look at him: "Kiki… this… is too important, I just borrowed it."

"Hahaha… don't worry." Hikaru generously said: "This dice can only be used effectively by you, so you are the most suitable person to use it."

"Besides..." When Hikaru spoke to here, he lowered his head, and brought his face close to Anno's, their noses touching: "You already belong to me, everything that's yours also belongs to me. , right?"

Anno blushed, her eyes were dazed. She took the initiative to offer her sweet lips for Hikaru to taste.

The two kissed, and their wet tongues which were meeting each other again, entwined with each other intensely.

After a long time, the two separated, Anno's face turned red and Hikaru found her cute. Anno said softly, "Kiki, thank you."

"Hahaha… for our relationship, don't be so polite." Hikaru said while smiling.

Anno gently nodded, her face full of happiness.

Hikaru said, "Do you know what that is?"

He pointed at the 150 Starpoints that were floating in the room as he spoke.

"I don't know, I just feel that the energy it gives off is terrible." Anno looked at the Starpoints and said.

"It's Starpoint." Hikaru explained: "One Starpoint is equivalent to 100 billion soul points."

"What?! 100 billion soul points?" Anno was startled, her eyes widened at this, when she looked at the floating Starpoints, her heart was filled with surprise.

If what Hikaru just said was true, one Starpoint was equivalent to 100 billion soul points, and here there were 150 Starpoints which was equivalent to… 15,000 billion soul points.

"Oh my God! 15,000 billion soul points, Kiki, this number is too much, even the Sanctuary or the Ancient Kingdoms are unlikely to have this many soul points."

Seeing Anno so amazed, Hikaru found her extremely adorable: "Yes, how do you intend to distribute these soul points?"

Anno took a deep breath, then tried to calm down. She rubbed her chin and thought for a moment before saying, "Kiki, I heard my mother say that you have a skill to evolve everything, right?"

Hikaru didn't hide it, he nodded and said: "Yes, however, to use this skill requires a lot of soul points."

"Then I only need 5 trillion soul points, so you can keep the rest."

"Is that okay?" Hikaru frowned and asked.

Anno shook her head and said, "Of course. At first, I estimated 20 billion because we will try to produce goods to exchange with other kingdoms."

"However, if we already have an excess of soul points then we will focus on smelting, producing weapons, and using them as rewards for other players."

"Besides, these soulpoints will also be used as currency for trading in the territory. Of course, we will control the quantity to avoid inflation." Anno said while winking at him as if she could easily control inflation.

Hearing that, Hikaru nodded. In fact, he didn't know anything about finances, nor did he know how to allocate resources properly.

He did not also pretend to be the most intelligent, on the contrary, he was very lazy. If someone else was better, he would naturally give the job to that person.

Anno was better and much smarter than him, besides, Anno was his woman, and she would not betray him even if she had the ability to use God tier items.

Those things were enough for Hikaru to safely hand over everything related to finance to Anno to manage.

Anno suddenly asked, "Kiki, can you split the soul points?"

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 237 God Tier - Starpoint