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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 233 The 4 Half-Elf Girls

Anno's voice interrupted Hikaru's thoughts again: "What do you think? Do you want to try it?"


Anno spoke as she continued stroking his 'thing' more intensely, as she was doing this, Hikaru let out a cry because Her small hand was intensely stimulating him.

"Okay! I hope you don't suffocate." Hikaru of course responded to Anno's challenge.

She smiled slyly, then crouched down.

Although the lake was about 1.2 meters deep, there were very wide steps from the lake shore, every 30cm there was a large step to sit and soak.

Hikaru and Anno sat on the first step, and leaned their backs against the lake. The walls and bottom of the lake were not made of stone, instead they were made from the fur of some kind of monster.

When Hikaru sat and rested his back on the edge of the lake, the monster's fur didn't bother him, on the contrary, it made him feel very soft and comfortable.

It was impossible not to say that Selvih and Anno really knew how to enjoy themselves. That's why the water only reached Hikaru's chest level from where he was sitting.

Anno knelt between Hikaru's legs, she lowered her head and sank into the water. Then she opened her mouth, and used her lovely little tongue to lightly touch his 'thing'.

Although the water of the lake was quite warm, he could still feel the heat coming from Anno's tongue.

Hikaru looked down, and he saw Anno also looking at him. It was as if Anno was telling him with her eyes: "Try to hold back!"

Then, Anno attacked fiercely. Because the water was so clear he could see what Anno was doing.

She used her small tongue to repeatedly lick the top of his 'thing', the way she was licking was a bit clumsy but her cuteness also made Hikaru feel extremely stimulated.

Anno repeatedly attacked the head then moved her small tongue around the body, then brought it back to the head. At this moment, Anno opened her mouth and swallowed the entire head.

Because her mouth was a bit small, she could barely swallow the 'head'. Anno's teeth brushed against the 'head', and this caused Hikaru to feel a bit of pain, but that didn't displease him.

On the contrary, the heat and humidity he was feeling made him feel extremely comfortable. Anno also tried to stimulate the 'head' with her tongue.

Pleasure tickled Hikaru's mind, as Anno sucked on it she glanced at him and this made him feel even more aroused.

Anno was a legal loli, which made him feel both happy and a little guilty.

After a while, it seemed that Anno had gotten better, she not only stimulated the head of the thing, but she also attacked the most sensitive places at the same time.

After a while, Hikaru couldn't hold it any longer, he knew that something was about to spill out. Anno seemed to notice this as well, she gripped its head tightly and sucked hard.

"Um… Anno." He could no longer control himself and held her head with both hands.

"…" Anno tried to swallow it all, she was sucking so hard as if she was trying to get the last drop.

Hikaru breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Anno emerged from the water, her face filled with a satisfied smile. Anno seemed to want to provoke him, so she opened her mouth and said: "Ah! Although it was a lot, I swallowed it all, hehehe… Thanks for the meal."

Anno licked her lips, and although it didn't make her look sexier, it made her more adorable.

Hikaru was also not angry, on the contrary, no matter how indifferent he was to Anno, she still loved him and tried to please him.

However, Anno now approached Hikaru and said, "You've lost, it hasn't even been 30 minutes yet."

Hikaru found it funny, in fact he could hold out longer, but he was worried that Anno would be unwell in the water for too long so he let her win.

"Anno, you're so cute."

Hikaru suddenly spoke up causing Anno to be startled, then she embarrassedly covered her face: "You… what are you talking about?"

Her embarrassed appearance made her even more adorable, he immediately pulled Anno into his lap, and whispered in her ear: "Yes, I lost but there is one thing I want to do first."

"Kiki… I…"

"What is it? Do you not want it?"

"It's not… I…" Anno blushed, then nodded slightly.

He let Anno sit on top of him, and they both sat in the lake and started passionately kissing.

"Um…" Anno groaned as she felt the thing slowly move inside her.

"Kiki… um…" Anno gripped Hikaru's tongue tightly as she felt a stinging pain underneath, however, she then released it.

Anno gasped and said, "Kiki…don't move."

"Why?" Hikaru asked a bit confused, he wondered if he was being too rough.

"Because I want to take the initiative to do this."

He was very surprised: "Are you telling the truth?"

Anno shyly nodded.

"May I know the reason why?"

Anno reached out to caress his face, her eyes which were full of passion looked at him: "Because you took the initiative with other women, I want to be different from them."

Hearing that, Hikaru felt both amused and a little sad for Anno: "Then… do what you want."


The two entwined together inside the lake, Anno's moans echoed continuously like a melody with high and low notes.


After more than 30 minutes, Anno couldn't hold it anymore, she felt very comfortable when Hikaru released, a large amount of milk filled her inside.

The warm and sticky feeling inside her made Anno fall in love. Hikaru was going to hug her but Anno continued the fight, he knew Anno was releasing all of her pent up emotions so he also cooperated with her intensely.

The fight went on for more than 30 minutes and then stopped, at this point, Anno was panting on his chest.

After a 10 minute break, Anno said: "Kiki… I want more… this time take the initiative with me."

Hikaru was a little scared, he wasn't afraid that he himself would be exhausted, he was just afraid that Anno couldn't stand it.

Anno knew what he was going to say and used healing magic to restore her stamina. Hikaru sighed and said, "Anno, don't try too hard. We will have many more opportunities in the future, I will not be indifferent to you anymore. Whenever you need me, I'll be there."

Anno shook her head and said, "No, I'm just being selfish. Kiki, please… love me more."


"Kiki, I know you will have many women, your time for me will be very little. But I also don't want to ask for too much, I just want us to have times like this, I hope that you'll love me more."

Anno's voice was filled with pleas that made him feel extremely guilty.

Anno stroked his face and said, "Sorry for my selfishness..."

"No… Anno, I love you too."

When Anno heard that, tears welled up in her eyes.

Among his women, he thought that Anno and Selvih's feelings were least affected by his skills. Therefore, he needed to appreciate them more, and not be indifferent.

No, not just Selvih and Anno, everyone needed to be cherished and pampered by him.

As Hikaru hugged Anno, he stroked her hair, and said: "I want to do this more with you too but I'm afraid your body won't take it."

"Don't worry, I can use healing magic." Anno wiped her tears, then confidently spoke.

Hikaru shook his head, the problem here was that Anno's mana was limited, and when doing this, his stamina was limitless.

Currently, he wanted to help Anno evolve her class level and help her level up, but Rika's voice immediately rang out: [Master, you can't do that.]

"Why?" Hikaru used his mind to communicate with Rika.

[Because Anno is quite special. Anno's hidden talent has helped her to walk her destined path, if you change her class level or race, that hidden talent will be nullified.]

[Let Anno develop normally, she has a very important destiny for the development of the world and you.]

Hikaru was startled, it seemed that Anno's role in this world was also extremely important, and it was not even inferior to Duraxi.

Fortunately, Hikaru gave Anno the effect of 'The Summoner Medal', which increased all of her stats by 3 times.

Because of this, Anno's physical strength had increased by a lot. If not, Hikaru was afraid that she would have passed out after two times just like before.

Hikaru advised: "Okay, just one more time, tomorrow if you want, we'll continue, okay?"

"Are you telling the truth? Will you still see me tomorrow?" Anno asked happily, as if she was asking Hikaru to confirm it once more.

Hikaru gently nodded: "Yes, I won't lie to you."

"Hehehe… you have to come see me." As soon as Anno finished speaking, he kissed him on the lips, and the two continued to indulge in a sweet kiss.

After a while, the two parted, Anno shyly said: "Kiki, go ahead, don't worry about me… be as rough with me as you want. I want to go crazy with you in these moments."

Hikaru felt amused: "Hahaha… you seem to understand men's desires very well, don't you?"

"Hehehe… I did a lot of research to make you happier."

After that, the two continued to 'fight'. However, Hikaru was not rough with Anno, on the contrary, he was very gentle with her.

Anno's groans and gasps echoed throughout the room. From the lake, the two were like two snakes entwined with each other.

More than an hour later, the two were lying in the lake, hugging each other. Anno was lying on his chest, her face showing fatigue but it was also satisfied, her eyes were also filled with love.

Hikaru gently stroked Anno's back, feeling her soft skin.

Anno said with a smile: "Why are you so gentle with me? I told you not to worry, and be as rough with me as you want."

He shook his head: "I can't be rough with you."

After saying that, he kissed Anno's hair, Anno felt his warmth, the smile on her face showed even more happiness.

Suddenly, Anno changed the tone of her voice, her voice from gentle to sly: "Kiki, what do you think of my four servants?"

"Your four servants?" Hikaru frowned, he felt like Anno was preparing to carry out some bad plan.

Anno looked up at him, smiled and said: "Yes, the 4 Half-Elf girls who followed me, do you want them to serve you?"

Hikaru: "..."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 233 The 4 Half-Elf Girls