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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 230 Create My Own World?

While Hikaru returned to the territory, Selvih had a 'happy' talk with Bryen, meanwhile the mixed-blooded area around the Dark-Elf kingdom was not peaceful.

Although the fighting inside the palace didn't affect the mixed-blood villages located more than 2,000 meters away from the kingdom.

In the villages of the mixed-bloods, there was no one left, only the elderly or those who had lost their ability to work remained.

Trebun stood in the middle of the village gate, as he looked towards the palace, his eyes narrowed as if he were seeing something terrible.

"Village chief."

Someone called, Trebun turned his head to see the remaining people in this village kneeling on the ground and said: "Everyone, sorry for forcing you to stay here."

That's right, those who remained were the elderly, and the people who were seriously injured, and were no longer able to work or survive on their own.

"Don't say that, All of us have lost our ability to survive, it is our honor to use the last bit of our lives to buy the others more time to run away."

"That's right. At least we have some use, hahaha…"

"Don't worry, Trebun, we've lived long enough, it's time for us to end our lives with honor."

Trebun was touched when he heard what the remaining people said. As they had said, they had lived like slaves, and animals for so long, and it was time for them to rebel.


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, Trebun and the others looked towards the village gate and saw a group of Dark-Elves holding a Misty Lamp and approaching them.

Those Dark-Elves showed great anger and disdain when they saw Trebun and the others, who were wearing black robes chatting as they entered.

"So this is where the mixed-bloods live."

"Yes, this place is stinky and tattered."

"For animals like them, this is the best they can do."

"Okay, don't be lazy, catch those mixed-bloods, let them serve us."

When Trebun heard the disparaging words, he was extremely angry, but he still took a deep breath and calmly looked at the Dark-Elves.

At this time, there was no fear in his eyes, his eyes were only filled with determination, he said: "What are you doing here?"

"Heh? How dare a scumbag talk to me like that? Kneel."

The Dark-Elf shouted and took out a whip, he whipped Trebun, and the whip cut off one of Trebun's legs, causing him to kneel on the ground, as he bled continuously.

"Hahahaha… trash. Gather the mixed-bloods, then we will wait for Elder Savuo to win, before we enslave these mixed-bloods."

"Hahahaha…" Trebun suddenly cut off the Dark-Elf's words with a laugh. He turned to stare at Trebun: "What the hell are you laughing at?"

"Hahaha… I am laughing… because you won't live long either." As soon as Trebun said that, he clasped his hands together.

Not only Trebun, but everyone who stayed in the village performed the same action as him.

"What the hell?"

"Don't worry, these mixed-bloods only know low-level magic, they can't pose any danger to us."

"That's right, what can these mixed-bloods do but become slaves."

Suddenly, the Misty Lamps around the village were flashing, including the Misty Lamps in the hands of the Dark-Elves.

One of the Dark-Elves seemed to realize what Trebun was doing, and shouted: "Stop, hurry."

Trebun laughed and said, "Stop? Hahahaha, don't you consider yourself pure-blooded, nobles? Then get on your knees, and I'll stop."

"Damn it!" The Dark-Elf raised his hand, and severed Trebun's head. Trebun's head fell and rolled on the ground, however, there was no pain in his eyes, only relief.

However, even if Trebun died, the magic wouldn't stop.

"Damn it! Quickly, quickly kill all those mixed blood. They are trying to use magic to neutralize the entire Misty Lamp."

By the time the Dark-Elves realized what was happening, it was too late, all the Misty Lamps around were disabled, and the fog began to pour into the village.

"Take out the spare Misty Lamp. Don't worry, we still have a spare Misty Lamp."

"Hahaha… even the backup Misty Lamp won't work." One of the mixed-bloods said: "This magic has imprisoned the entire surrounding space, so using any Misty Lamp or Misty Compass is useless."

"You guys… be rest assured, you will become food for the monsters."

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd of mixed blood suddenly exploded. That's right, their bodies suddenly exploded into a mixture of blood and flesh that splattered on the ground, some of which splashed on the Dark-Elves who were standing in the distance.

The horrible sight made the pureblood Dark-elves feel nauseous. The smell of blood that hit their noses, caused them to cover their noses and frown.

Suddenly, from within the mist, countless eyes appeared, staring at them.

"Not good, the smell of blood has attracted the fog monsters."

"Quick, run!"

"No, it's like there's a glass blocking the exit."

"Use magic, quickly use magic."


"Don't come near me!"

"I Can't use magic."

"Damn it! This place is sealed off, the magic of those bloody bastards has trapped us in this place."

"Calm down, we're locked in but those monsters can't enter this place either, right?"

"Oh no! They can still come in."

Then… not long after that. The screams lasted only for a moment and then disappeared, the air filled with the sounds of chewing, swallowing, and breaking of bones.

A moment later, a girl holding a Misty Lamp came over, the light from the Misty Lamp radiated, causing the fog to disperse, revealing countless monsters with strange shapes.

However, the light from the Misty Lamp seemed to be burning, causing their bodies to burn. The monsters kept moving backwards, but they didn't know that there were people behind them.

More than 100 people wearing black robes, holding Misty Lamp surrounded this place, the monsters surrounded by Misty Lamp's seemed to be burning as they screamed continuously, but very quickly the smell of burning flesh covered the entire space.

At this time, the girl holding the Misty Lamp took off her hat, revealing a beautiful face, however, on that face, there was no emotion like a porcelain doll.

That's right, that person was Noroly.

She looked around and asked, "Are there any survivors?"

Those in black robes all shook their heads. Noroly frowned and said, "Let's Look for the mixed-bloods who just left, they certainly haven't gone far."

At this point, Hikaru returned to his office and sighed, he thought to himself: "Looks like Selvih's problem has been solved, now I just need to attract other players and develop my territory. "

At this moment, Rika's voice resounded in his head: [Looks like you will have a lot of free time soon, right?]

Hikaru nodded, "Perhaps so."

[I don't think so.]

Hikaru: "..."

He sensed something terrible was coming, he asked: "Rika, do you know what's going to happen?"

[No, does master have any plans for the future? Right now, your enemy Duraxi is under our control, it's only Sherwin that we don't have any news on.]

Hikaru frowned at that: "Yes, however, what I'm more interested in are the players from other worlds."

[Are you worried that they will infiltrate this world?]

"That's right. Rika, have you ever thought that we're just animals trapped in a cage made by other players?"

[Why do you think so?]

"Just now I was thinking about raising a large number of players to help me level up. You also know that in order to advance a level 4 territory to a level 5, you need to destroy 20 tier 4 territories."

"Currently, the other players are severely lacking in resources so it's hard for them to level up their territories. Because of that, I had an idea. The idea was that I would act as the Void Lord, and provide resources for them to level up their territory."

"However, when I had this thought, I also thought of something else. What happens after the players level up their territory to a level where it is impossible to continue leveling up?"

"For example, everyone reaches the maximum level of 10, but the number of players that have reached that level is not much. That way, in order for them to continue leveling up, they can't attack players of the same level."

"When they reach the maximum level, their power will also be equal, if they start a war, the war will bring a lot of damage, and they might not even be able to defeat their opponent."

"When the damage is too great, they will fall prey to other players of the same level. That's why, I think they won't attack each other but come up with a solution."

"And that solution is cultivating a group of players from the start, getting them to a high level similar to raising animals, then harvesting them when needed."

[Master, your guess is correct, however, with your current level, you should not care about it too much. But I can tell you something about the higher levels.]

[From level 0 - 99, which is equivalent to a level 8 territory, players can only operate inside this world. However, after the territory develops to level 9 then you need to create your own world.]

"Create my own world?" i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

[That's right, that world must meet all the elements to live in as well as the rules necessary to survive.]

"Have any players successfully achieved this yet?"

[There are currently no successful players, however, they are looking for a way to do this by sneaking into other worlds.]

[Like you said, they will start cultivating new players in another world, then turn those players into animals in a giant cage.]

[However, the method of leveling up by killing other players only works when your territory is promoted to level 7. In order to level up to level 8, there are other conditions that need to be met, you will find out about it later.]

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 230 Create My Own World?