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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 23 Level 6 Terrory?

Hikaru saw the card information and knew why Rika said this card had great potential. However, the problem is that Hikaru currently has no information on anyone, especially Sherwin.

Hikaru relied on the knowledge he had received, thought for a long time, and then ordered: "Evolve the Scrutiny skill."

[Ding! To evolve the skill "Scrutiny", you need to spend 10,000,000 Soul Points; 500 Space Stones.]

"Need to consume Space Stones?" Hikaru thought to himself, "Normal evolution only requires Soul Points. But if you need to pay for Space stones, it means that this skill definitely has more potential than I thought."

"Accept payments."

[Ding! Payment successful.]

[Ding! The Scrutiny skill has evolved successfully.]

Name: Scrutiny

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: You can see all

the information of the players or monsters you have encountered.

Description 2: If that player is alive, their information will be updated continuously without you having to meet that player (or monster).

Description 3: You can see the information of that player (or monster) past and present and past.

Hikaru smiled, then used the

Scrutiny skill to see Sherwin's information.

After choosing to use the Scrutiny skill, an electronic board appeared in front of Hikaru. There were many names on the board. It contained the players and monsters Hikaru, Vuni, and Saraya killed.

Although Hikaru may have information about monsters he has killed in the past, Hikaru did not receive information even after killing them.

Scrutiny skills can classify according to different types, such as: monsters, players, Level, and Rarity ... so finding information is highly convenient.

Suddenly, Hikaru's attention was drawn to a name at the top of the Rarity section of the Monster tag. Hikaru also guessed which monster he had encountered.

That's right, and it's the monster guarding the UR Treasure Chest. Hikaru still remembered that monster's gaze until now. Hikaru chose to review the monster's information.

Name: Gravity Catfish

Rarity: UR

Level: 10

Agility: 10,000

Strength: 5,000

Intelligence: 22,000

Description 1: Gravity Catfish

has the ability to move anywhere. Basically, the Gravity Catfish can swim in space

thanks to the ability to manipulate gravity.

Description 2: Gravity Catfish can control gravity exceedingly terribly.

Description 3: Gravity Catfish…

Description 4:

Description 5:

"The ability to control gravity?" Hikaru recalled the feeling of being crushed by ten elephants while running away. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, unable to move nor run away.

"I Hope to see you again one day." Hikaru thought to himself.

Although Hikaru couldn't see the following descriptions, that was enough. The Scrutiny skill is an SSR Skill, and Gravity Catfish is a UR Monster, so Hikaru cannot see its complete information.

According to Hikaru, the Gravity Catfish can not level up because it is a unique monster. Therefore, he can catch up with it quickly with Hikaru's current strength and the Copy Cat skill.

Hikaru ignored the Gravity Catfish, looking for the name Sherwin. Soon, Hikaru saw Sherwin's name among thousands of players. Sherwin is level 20, meaning his territory is already Level 01.

Before looking at Sherwin's information, Hikaru wanted to see Sherwin's stats when he encountered him at the Dungeon Gate. At that time, Sherwin could go toe to toe with Vuni without losing. On the contrary, Sherwin overpowered her.

That made Hikaru curious about Sherwin's stats and strengths at that time.


Name: Sherwin

Level: 10/10

Agility: 200

Strength: 300

Intelligence: 200


- Legend Hero (UR):

Description 1: When fighting,

Hero's power will be activated; all stats will be x 10 times.

Description 2: When killing another player, Sherwin can steal 1 skill or 1 Talent of that player.

Description 3: The player killed by Sherwin becomes his slave. Those players will continue to live like Zombies but still retain their consciousness. However, they will be utterly loyal to Sherwin. Those players will last for 7 days, after which they will die.

Description 4: When Sherwin's life is in danger, he will activate his defensive ability. That ability allows Sherwin to consume all of her current levels to respawn once.

Description 5: ...

Description 6: …

"UR? Sherwin's talent is

UR?" Hikaru is surprised that Sherwin's Talent is UR because Rika said that

The talent of Job Hero owners is SSR.


"It's okay, I understand." Rika was about to explain, but Hikaru interrupted. He said: "Normally, Hero's Talent is SSR, but Sherwin's Talent is Legend Hero, not a normal Hero. It's normal for you to guess wrong."

[Thank you, Master, for your forgiveness.]

"Rika, you're misunderstanding." Hikaru explained, "I don't blame you, so you don't have to say that."

Hikaru continued, "With such a high stat, it's only natural that Sherwin can overwhelm Vuni with x 10 times."

[That's right, Master er. In addition, Sherwin at that time killed quite a few other players, so he may have many different skills and Talents that we don't know about.]

Hikaru nodded, agreeing with what Rika had just said. Next, Hikaru looked at Sherwin's current information.

Name: Sherwin

Level: 20/20

Agility: 4,000

Strength: 12,000

Intelligence: 6,000


- Legend Hero (UR)

- Dragon Rider (UR)

[Can't show more information because the opponent has UR talent.]

The current Sherwin's information startled Hikaru. Although Sherwin's entire stats x 10 in battle is still not equal to Hikaru's stats, Sherwin's growth rate is too fast.

In addition, Sherwin has a new Talent, and that talent is also UR-Class. Sherwin has 2 UR Talents and has promoted the territory to level 1. His level is also 20. Sherin is like a tiger, given wings that make it both a jungle ruler and a fierce god in the air.

Hikaru feels lucky to have the Scrutiny skill. Otherwise, he would underestimate the enemy.

Hikaru originally intended to use the Copy Cat skill to simulate Sherwin, but after thinking about it, he decided to stop. Although this cave is vast, it is not large enough to withstand the fight between Him and Sherwin. Hikaru didn't want to destroy this place either.

Hikaru continued to look at the second card that Rika kept. This time, Hikaru directly spent 10,000,000 Soul Points to upgrade this card from SR to SSR. Thus, Hikaru was left with just over 1,000,000 Soul Points left.

Originally, Hikaru had 21,000,000 Soul Points. He thought this was a big number, but after evolving 2 cards, Hikaru only had 1,000,000 Soul Points left.

[Ding! Successful evolution.]

Name: Follow

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: Continuously

update the situation and status of players (or monsters) that you have ever

encountered. You can Follow 0/5 players (or monsters)

Description 2: To increase the number of players (or monsters) you want to follow, you need to pay 10,000,000 Soul Points/player (or monster).

Hikaru showed interest in this Follow skill. This was no different from having the ability to track any body's actions. No matter what that person did, the situation, where he was hiding,... Hikaru could know.

Hikaru used the Follow skill, the first person Hikaru Followed was Sherwin.

[Sherwin has entered the Hard

difficulty Dungeon.]

[Sherwin killed 37 other players and enslaved them.]

[Sherwin has met Ratia.]

[Sherwin finds the remains of Dragon Rider.]

[Sherwin successfully overcame Dragon Rider Hero's challenge.]

[Sherwin inherited Dragon Rider's will and obtained UR Talent.]

[Sherwin has become the leader of the (deceased) Royal Army.]

[Sherwin has promoted the territory to level 1.]

[Sherwin has reached level 20.]

[Sherwin threatened Ratia to find information about Hikaru.]

[Sherwin has escaped from the Dungeon.]

[Sherwin defeated Dogish and Petran. However, Dogish and Petran managed to escape.]

Hikaru saw Sherwin's status and felt a little uneasy in his heart. If this is a novel , then Sherwin is the main character.

Hikaru, who passed the Hell-level Dungeon, didn't get as much harvest as Sherwin. And Sherwin not only passed the Hard-level Dungeon but harvested many things in which the most valuable thing was the UR Talent.

With a luck stat like Sherwin, Hikaru is sure that Sherwin is the main character of this world.

What about Hikaru?

Hikaru is against the main character. He is definitely the villain. When confronting the main character, the end of the villains is highly tragic.

"Luckily, I have Follow, Scrutiny, and the Copy Cat skills. Otherwise, I don't know how I would die if I meet Sherwin. No, to be more precise, I wouldn't realize it." Hikaru thought to himself.

Come to think of it. If He didn't have the Follow and Scrutiny skills, he wouldn't know anything about Sherwin. When it was time to meet Sherwin, Hikaru will surely be killed easily.

Later, Hikaru noticed the news that Sherwin had defeated Dogish and Petran. Hikaru doesn't know who Dogish and Petran are. However, they were defeated by Sherwin without being enslaved. Otherwise, they can not successfully escape. These two are not simple.

Hikaru used his Scrunity skill to examine Petran and Dogish's information. The Scrutiny skill showed the person's Avatar, so Hikaru immediately recognized Dogish and Petran.

Dogish is a muscular man, and Petran is the young man who has ridden a falcon. The two encountered each other before the Dungeon Gate, but why team up now?

Although it was difficult to understand, Hikaru didn't pay much attention and continued looking at the two's information.

Name: Petran

Level: 10/10

Agility: 400

Strength: 200

Intelligence: 700


- Sky Rider (SR): Can summon bird-type monsters or monsters that can fly. Summoned monsters have Rarity SR or lower depending on the number of Soul Points a person pays to summon.

Name: Dogish (fake name)

Level: 70/70

Agility: 42,000

Strength: 255,000

Intelligence: 21,000

Talent: ???

Description: A member of the Windthorst guild….

"What?" Hikaru was startled when he saw Dogish's information: "Is there anyone who has promoted their territory to level 6 at this time?"

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 23 Level 6 Terrory?