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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 226 Take It Easy...

Hearing Hikaru's words, Silutop laughed furiously, he didn't answer but shouted, causing more blood to flow from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.


At this time, the lava inside the ground began to rise rapidly. The ground where Hikaru was standing also cracked to reveal the lava below.

Hikaru frowned, he started using magic to fly: he was now able to use the Void Hole's gravity control to fly. He didn't worry about Selvih because she could use wind elemental magic to fly.

At this point, the ground had disappeared, and it was replaced by a giant lava lake that was emitting terrible heat. When Hikaru who was flying overhead saw the lava lake he was a bit surprised, he didn't think that Silutop would go this far just to create a lava lake.

Suddenly, the lava lake trembled, and countless snakes emerged from within the lava lake. They looked like they were created from lava, and they were over a hundred meters high.

Things didn't stop there, in the sky, a huge dome made up of countless circles and magic symbols appeared, imprisoning the space around Hikaru.

Silutop looked at the monsters that had just appeared, and his eyes were filled with satisfaction. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and said, "Kid, these Lava Snakes have immense strength and seem to be immortal. As long as the lava remains, they will continue regenerating."

"Hahaha… you were too confident, and foolish enough to allow me summon the lava lake. Now, even if you wanted to, you wouldn't be able to use your teleport skill since I have sealed this entire space."

"Don't think that this lava is ordinary. Inside the lava lake is my energy source, if I don't die it will last forever."

Hearing that, Hikaru frowned at Silutop, he sighed and said: "Haizzz, do you know that villains who talk too much die early?"

"What? What the hell are you talking about?"

Hikaru didn't answer him, he held the Void Hole in his hand and pointed it at Silutop, and softly said: "Kilonova."

As soon as he finished speaking, a tremendous amount of energy shot out from inside the Void Hole. It was like a beam of light with a diameter of about 50 centimeters, it traveled at a tremendous speed, approximately at the speed of light.

It was like a flash of lightning, only flashing for less than 1 second and then disappearing. Everything in the line of more than 10,000 meters was pierced by it;nothing seemed to be able to stop it.

Siluop suddenly shivered, he only saw a flash of light and then he noticed that his magic dome had a small hole in it.

However, that was not the important thing, the most important thing was that he felt his life slowly drifting away like a dried up spring.

"Impossible." Silutop thought in his heart, "I can maintain this state for 2 minutes. Less than a minute has passed, why do I have this feeling."

Silutop suddenly felt a little pain in his chest, he looked down and he was frightened.

There was a hole in his chest with a diameter of more than 50 cm, even Silutop could see the scenery behind him through that hole. The flesh around the hole seemed to have been burned, the smell of burnt flesh reaching his nose.

Silutop raised his head to look at Hikaru, his eyes beginning to dim after some seconds it completely turned dark.

Silutop's body then fell into the lava lake, and it was burned to the point that there were no ashes.

Hikaru said softly, "If you can't solve the problem, then just solve with the person who created the problem."

Selvih looked at the falling Silutop, then back at Hikaru, her face filled with pride and arrogance. At this point, Selvih said to Bryen: "How do you see my man? Isn't he great?"

Bryen was silent and just stared at Hikaru, however, her gaze was a bit strange.

Hikaru did not fix the lava lake, it was not his duty. This Kingdom wanted to overthrow Selvih, so they had to die, his woman could not be touched.

That's why, he didn't care about this Kingdom even if it was engulfed in lava, the only person he cared about was Selvih.

Even if there were any survivors here, he was afraid that they wouldn't live much longer. The Lava had spread near the city wall and on the main wall was the Misty Lamps, if the wall collapsed, this place would be covered in fog.

Hikaru flew close to Selvih, he glanced at Bryen who was kneeling in the energy cage he created to protect Selvih and frowned.

However, Hikaru then turned his attention to the glass ball floating in the air, and asked Rika, "Can I kill Duraxi now?"

[The odds are very small, master. However, after Duraxi's death, the world's will energy will transfer to another person, I don't know who that person is.]

When Hikaru heard this, his brows furrowed tighter. Suddenly, he had a crazy thought, Hikaru then immediately pointed the Void Hole towards Duraxi, and energy started to focus on it, it seemed that another Kilonova shot was about to appear.

Kilovoa was a skill that Hikaru created. He discovered that the Void Hole had two types of explosions. In the first form, if he compressed the energy into a mass and then let the Void Hole shoot it out, it would form a light similar to a Gamma ray.

Kilonova had tremendous speed and destructive power, if Hikaru did not control it, he was afraid that it could destroy everything over a distance of more than 100 kilometers.

Seeing the number of messages of monsters that were destroyed by the Kilonova, Hikaru knew that no monster could stop the Kilonova.

Savuo and the rest of his colleagues had seen when Hikaru had used one move to defeat Silutop easily.

When Savuo saw the young man holding the black ball towards him, he knew that the young man wanted to use the same skill as before.

However, Savuo no longer wanted to run away. He had lost his arm, and the entire Kingdom was destroyed, without the Kingdom he could not be King.

At this point, Savuo was completely desperate. He had tried everything but he had still failed.

Selvih looked towards Savuo and said, "Desperate?"

Hearing that, Savuo gritted his teeth and nodded: "That's right. I used everything but I still failed. Why? Why are the gods so unfair to me?"

"Unfair?" Selvih sneered: "Hahaha… Savuo, I feel that the despair you're feeling is affecting you. If the gods weren't unfair, would they create mixed-blooded humans to become your slaves?"

"If the gods were not unfair then would you have become an Elder that didn't need to worry about anything?"

"Savuo, people often don't appreciate what they have, until they lose it, when they lose it, that's when they realize how precious it is."

Savuo could only bow his head in silence, he didn't say anything because what Selvih said was right. If he hadn't rebelled, he would still be able to lie on a soft bed and sleep well without worrying about tomorrow. 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

If he hadn't rebelled, he would still be an Elder who was revered and respected by many.

But everything was just 'if', in this world there was no medicine for regret.

At this time, Hikaru said: "Duraxi, how long are you going to hide?"

That's right, Duraxi was also silent at this time, he wanted Guhi to teleport him to another place but she refused. The reason was very simple: Hikaru had locked the entire space around them, so Guhi couldn't help Duraxi teleport.

Duraxi trembled, now he was really scared. Suddenly, Raven spoke up: "I… I am the prince of the Ancient Kingdom of Shareny, if you let me go, I will…"

Yes, Raven was also extremely frightened. Even Silutop was easily killed by the young man in front of him so he was just like an ant in front of the young man.

He wanted to use the influence of his kingdom, and his wealth to survive. However,before he finished his sentence, Hikaru's voice rang out.

"Selvih, do you want me to kill these people?" Hikaru wanted to give Selvih the power to decide, he wanted them to realize that the person they wanted to kill now had the power to decide if they could live or not.

Selvih coldly said: "Kiki, you can kill everyone apart from Raven. He is the prince of an ancient kingdom after all, if he dies here there will be a lot of trouble."

Selvih of course also wanted to kill Raven, however, when she thought of Hikaru, she also thought of his domain.

Perhaps Hikaru had the ability to face the King of an Ancient Kingdom. However, Hikaru's territory was different, it was still in its beginning phase, if it was attacked, the territory would easily crumble.

Hikaru knew what Selvih was thinking, however, he was not angry, he just smiled and said, "Okay."

Raven was delighted to hear that, but then he suddenly couldn't feel his right hand, he looked down and he saw his right hand fall into the lava below.


The pain made him cry out: "AAA! Why? Why? Why?"

"Selvih didn't want me to kill you but she didn't say I couldn't cut off some part of your body." Hikaru's cold voice resounded and Raven fell silent.

Although he was in great pain, he was afraid that Hikaru would kill him if he continued screaming.

"Ah! But I don't want to let you live either."

Raven was scared when he heard that, but suddenly he felt a little dizzy. Then he saw his body and he realized he was falling.

Finally, he saw the lava and everything turned black.

Duraxi, who was sitting next to Raven, almost pissed himself. He didn't see what Hikaru did, Hikaru just stood motionless and suddenly Raven's head fell.

Raven's neck seemed to have been cut by an extremely sharp guillotine, as fresh blood sprayed from his neck and onto Duraxi's body and face.

Duraxi wanted to dodge Raven's blood spilling on him, but the space inside the crystal ball was too tight for him to move.

Hikaru said coldly, "Selvih let you live, but I won't allow it. Anyone who wants to touch my woman must die."

Selvih now felt both happy and worried at the same time. She took Hikaru's hand and said, "Kiki..."

"Do not worry." Hikaru reassured, "If I do something, then it means I'm prepared for the worst-case scenario."

When Selvih heard that she nodded, her eyes filled with trust, it seemed that whatever Hikaru said, no matter how absurd it was, Selvih would believe it.

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 226 Take It Easy...