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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 224 Negotiate (2)

Hearing this, Silutop frowned: "Kilonova? Supernova? What the hell are you talking about? Why are you still so confident when you are about to die?"

Silutop raised his hands, his beard, hair, and cloak fluttering in the wind. Even though his body was as thin as a stick, it radiated a huge amount of energy, that energy was like a blue mist that was centered around Silutop as it spread towards Hikaru.

Wherever Silutop's mana passed, the space seemed to be frozen, everything stood still, it was like Time had stopped.

The blue mist created by his mana quickly surrounded Hikaru, which meant that the space around Hikaru was sealed off.

Although it seemed slow everything was happening at an extremely fast pace, only 2-3 seconds had passed. The giant stone hand was currently about 10 meters away from Hikaru and Selvih.

At this moment, Hikaru was not afraid, the void hole that was in his hand suddenly started emitting a wide dome-shaped barrier, when it reached the diameter that covered the entire palace and the sky it stopped.

Suddenly, the approaching stone hand disintegrated into countless tiny dust particles and fell. Silutop's blue mist also quickly disappeared as if it was never summoned.

There weren't any monstrous explosions, and there weren't any magical symbols appearing. It was simply a barrier so small that it was hard to see with the naked eye. It was enveloping the surrounding space and radiating from the Void Hole.

Silutop was startled, he did not understand what had just happened, and even before he could react, all of his skills were disabled.

Silutop also realized that he was being held by a giant hand, even if he wanted to move, he couldn't.

At this moment, Silutop looked at Hikaru, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief. There were countless questions in his mind: "What just happened? How could that young man negate the mana and effects of the card I just used? How could that young man imprison me?"

Although Silutop didn't know the reason, he knew that the young man holding Selvih was much stronger than he was, he was so strong that it was frightening.

"You... who are you?" Silutop asked, his voice trembling as he spoke.

"I? I told you, I am the Void Lord." Hikaru said calmly, he spoke as if the person standing in front of him was not an ancient Dark-Elf but an ordinary person.

Silutop tried to use mana but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't use it, on the contrary, he felt the mana in his body slowly disappearing.

Selvih looked at Hikaru in surprise, she didn't think that he would be able to defeat Silutop so easily. The battle was so easy that Selvih thought that Silutop was weak.

However, reality had proven that Silutop was not weak, if he was weak, the ancient kingdoms would not be afraid of him. If Silutop was weak, his legends would not be widely known .

But... Everything was too simple. Hikaru didn't seem to have used any skills to stop Silutop.

However, reality was different. The skill that Hikaru used just now was [Void Judgment].


Description 3: [Void Judgment] When you use a skill that carries void energy to attack an enemy, it will destroy all magic used by the enemy. The skill is only totally effective against people of the same level as you, for each level that the enemy uses to surpass you, the effectiveness of the skill is reduced by 1%. If the enemy is destroyed by this skill, all information about the enemy including their past and future would be erased.


When combining the Void Judgment and Void Hole, Hikaru could create a special space. In this space he was like a god, he could negate any magic, energy or card effect he wants.

As long as the opponent's strength was not higher than him by much, to be more precise, the opponent's stats should not be much higher than his.

Although Silutop's level was 99, his stats were not much higher than Hikaru's, on the contrary, Silutop's stats seemed to be lower than Hikaru's.

It must be known that currently each item of Hikaru's stats was 21,000,000 points, his total stat was 63,000,000 points. In addition the [Bless] effect of his talent - The Lord, gave him a 500% increase in strength, and recovery speed in battle.

Not only that, the Void Energy also had the ability to destroy all other low-grade energy sources. After combining Void Energy and Void Judgment, it seemed that Hikaru would become an invincible existence in this particular dimension.

Besides, Void Energy continuously devoured Silutop's mana, so Silutop couldn't use his mana. Fortunately, Silutop was much weaker than when he was younger because his lifespan was nearing an end, so Hikaru could easily defeat him.

At this moment, Hikaru hugged Selvih tightly, and confidently said: "Don't worry, I will protect you."

Selvih was taken aback, but then her face turned red, which made her look very seductive. Selvih rested her head on his chest, nodded gently, and said as softly as a kitten: "Uhm! I trust you."

After Hikaru blocked Silutop from using his mana, Savuo, Duranka and Raven who were flying in the sky also breathed a sigh of relief for their safety.

However, when they saw Selvih like a kitten nestled in Hikaru's lap, they were terrified. Just a few minutes ago, Selvih was like an arrogant black swan, a Black Queen who didn't fear death and possessed enough power to wipe out all her enemies.

But right now, she was like an extremely obedient kitten, she even blushed. Is that the Black Queen? Impossible! How can the Black Queen make such a cute expression!

Raven was both scared and envious. He had given a lot of resources, money, and treasures to Selvih but she never took anything from him. Raven was only able to see Selvih once, but the two sat nearly 10 meters apart.

Even when she saw Raven she kept a cold or disdainful expression on her face.

Now on the contrary, the Black Queen was so gentle that it made people doubt their senses

Raven couldn't believe it, he asked: "Is selvih... a twin?"

Savuo: "..."

Duranka: "..."

Even though Raven's question was silly, they could sympathize with that, anyway what was happening in front of them was just too unbelievable. Savuo had even asked himself the same question Raven just asked before he shook it off.

Duraxi was so jealous that he clenched his jaws so hard that his teeth almost cracked. In his heart he cursed continuously, but no one heard him apart from Guhi.

Guhi: "..."

Back to Hikaru, he wasn't in a hurry to kill Silutop, even though Silutop was a level 99 existence, he was too weak. Hikaru felt that Silutop was not even as strong as the Anacotha.

If Selvih hadn't been weakened by curse magic, perhaps She could have easily defeated Silutop.

At this moment, he realized how powerful the effects of the skills he possessed were. It could even help a level 50 person like him easily defeat a level 99 existence.

Hikaru glanced at the crystal ball, he didn't care if Savuo and the others escaped. After all, Hikaru's special dimension enveloped the entire place including Savuo and the others. i๏ฝŽ๐“ท๐“‡๐’†ฮฑ๐’…. ๐—ฐ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

Hikaru suddenly said to Silutop: "I will give you a chance, use all your power to kill me, or else you will die."

As soon as Hikaru said that, he released Silutop from his captivity.

Silutop thought that Hikaru was joking, however, when Silutop sensed that he could use mana normally, he was startled. He looked at Hikaru with disbelief, as he thought in his heart, is it possible that he is so much stronger than me, is that why he is so confident?

Silutop secretly thought of running away, but when he used his teleport skill, he realized that he couldn't run away.

Silutop said in fear, "You..."

Hikaru smiled and replied, "Yes, I sealed the entire space around this place, this space has been condensed, I do not use mana to do things like you."

That's right, Silutop didn't have the ability to condense space, he could only use mana to immobilize and imprison things. People who were imprisoned by Silutop's mana could not teleport if they were too weak, but if they were strong enough they would still be able to use skills to teleport.

As for Hikaru, his energy was Void Energy, combined with the Void Judgment, he could do almost everything, even disable skills like teleportation.

That's why Silutop couldn't use the teleport skill to run away.

Silutop was scared, at this moment, he was really out of his wits: "You... I..."

He wanted to apologize to Hikaru, he also wanted to run away, he felt that his life was being threatened. Anyway, he had been trying to survive since 10,000 years ago so he didn't want his efforts to be in vain.

However, he was a legend anyway, someone who once stood at the top of this world. Even though he was not what he used to be, he still had his arrogance.

Silutop tried to suppress his fear, he frowned and said: "Young man, now that you want to kill me, both sides will suffer. Although I am not as strong as you, I can afford to make you pay a heavy price."

"We can ignore it all, and pretend everything never happened. You can take Selvih away, and I won't pursue you or get involved in any other matter of this Kingdom."

Upon Hearing that, Hikaru felt amused, he scornfully said: "Silutop, do you think everything is so simple? If I am not capable of defeating you, will you forgive me and Selvih?"

"You won't! You will not spare me and Selvih. If I don't tell you the usage of my energy, you'll kill me, and torture my soul until I give you what you want, right?"

"Right now you are just trying to hold onto your last bit of pride and bullshit arrogance. Don't act like you're selfless in front of me."

Silutop could not refute his words. That's right, just like what Hikaru said, Silutop was just trying to hold on to the last bit of his arrogance. In addition, Silutop was also trying to negotiate with Hikaru so that he wouldn't kill him.

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 224 Negotiate (2)