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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 221 Silutop...

"A trump card? What trump card do you have?" Raven frowned and asked, he was deeply saddened by the fact that the assassins he brought with him seemed to have lost their ability to fight. If they were hit by that tornado again, he was afraid that they would die.

When Duraxi heard Savuo talking about a trump card he was startled, Now, Selvih had currently lost her ability to fight, which is why she could only defend herself with the skill simulation card just now.

Duraxi began to hesitate, he wanted to be a hero and save the beauty, but he was too weak and cowardly. Duraxi wondered if he faced the 20 assassins, would he be able to defeat them?

The answer was no. 𝑖n𝚗𝘳e𝗮d. 𝒄𝐨𝗺

But Selvih could easily defeat the 20 assassins even though she was only a mage. Besides, Savuo still had other plans and he was extremely confident in his plan.

If he didn't save Selvih now, by the time Savuo put his other plans in action, he wouldn't stand a chance. However, when Duraxi looked towards the terrible fiery tornado that enveloped Selvih, he felt fear.

Currently, not to mention saving Selvih, Duraxi couldn't even get within 100 meters of her because of that horrible tornado.

Suddenly, Guhi's voice rang out: "Duraxi, this would be the last time I say this. If you risk your life to save that woman, then I'll find someone else to cooperate with."

"Ack!" Duraxi was startled, and for a brief second, his mind immediately compared whether saving Selvih would be beneficial or harmful. After thinking it through, he used his mind to communicate with Guhi: "Don't worry, I won't risk my life to save her. No matter how beautiful she is, she's just a woman. Later, when I'm at the top of the world, I can have as many women as I want."

Guhi sighed, "Haizz, I hope you won't go back on your words."

Guhi then fell silent, and Duraxi silently lamented his luck. That's right, after thinking about it, he knew that saving Selvih was almost impossible right now.

He was not capable of saving Selvih, besides, whether he could save Selvih or not, his actions would make him an enemy of the two Ancient Kingdoms, Savuo and even his father.

Not only that, Guhi would also leave him. It must be known that in order for Duraxi to become the lord of this world, he must have Guhi. If Guhi leaves him, then the road would take longer before he achieved his goal.

Although Duraxi had a system, his system could only help him kill players to level up. As for Guhi, she was a high-level Pharmacist Enchanter, not only that, but Guhi also possessed a huge repertoire of knowledge.

Therefore, Guhi could not only prepare medicinal herbs to help Duraxi quickly become stronger, she could also use that knowledge to help him collect more treasures.

It could be said that Guhi's value was greater than that of the System that Duraxi possessed.

After comparing the advantages, Duraxi decided to give up Selvih, in his heart he felt that Guhi was as beautiful as Selvih anyway, so it would be fine for Guhi to replace Selvih.

Guhi of course knew what Duraxi was thinking, she felt nauseated and disappointed by what he was thinking. Even at the most dangerous times, Duraxi only cared about matters of the opposite gender like an animal.

Returning to the present, Savuo was surprised by Selvih's strength. He didn't think that she could use her abilities as a mage to defeat 20 assassins.

It must be known that only 3 assassins were needed to destroy this entire Dark-Elf Kingdom.

Savuo was afraid that Selvih's powers had exceeded his expectations, so he asked Raven to bring in 20 assassins, but everything seemed to be useless.

Raven frowned and said, "Can your next plan defeat Selvih?"

Savuo smiled confidently and said, "That person can definitely defeat Selvih."

Duraxi, Duranka, and Raven all frowned in confusion. The 20 assassins Raven had brought couldn't defeat Selvih, so they wondered if there was someone strong enough to defeat Selvih.

Savuo also did not explain much, he continued to chant the incantation, clasped his hands and took out a small metal plate the size of two fingers combined. The eerie characters engraved on that piece of metal suddenly gave off a blinding aura.

Now, below the royal palace, in a cave that has not seen light for more than 10,000 years.

That's right, this place even existed before the appearance of fog.

The cave was not too big, it was only about 40 square meters wide, and more than 5 meters high, it was lit by energy stones that were mounted on the cave wall.

In the middle of the cave, there seemed to be a person sitting. However, because the light emitted from the energy stones was too weak, it was impossible to see who the person was.

Suddenly, countless magic characters appeared, they flew around the person and gave off a blinding light.

After that, those magic characters disappeared, and the mysterious person also disappeared; it was as if he was never there.

On the ground, Savuo smiled and muttered, "He's here."

Just as Savuo finished speaking, a person appeared floating in the sky, more than a hundred meters away from Selvih's tornado.

That person was an old Dark-Elf, but his body looked so emancipated, he was so thin that if anyone saw him, they would think he was a victim of famine.

His long white hair and beard were blowing in the wind, his face was thin and full of wrinkles, his eye sockets were deeply sunken, but his eyes still shone with a sharp light.

He stood suspended in the sky, his beard, hair, and cloak fluttering even though there was no wind.

When Raven saw the old man, he immediately felt a tremendous pressure coming from him that made him sweat.

He quickly asked: "Who is he...?"

Savuo laughed and said: "An existence from ancient times, he has existed before the founding of this Kingdom and before the fog appeared. It is said that if he ruled the Dark-Elf Kingdom, this Kingdom would not be inferior to any Sanctuary in this world."

"He is the ancient Dark-Elf, Silutop."

The people who heard that looked at Silutop in fear, just like the nickname 'Ancient Dark-Elf' that Savuo said, everyone felt fear as they looked at Silutop.

"Can he fly?" Duraxi asked fearfully.

Savuo nodded: "Yes, when your level exceeds level 90, you can freely use mana to help you fly, besides, the quality of the mana in your body is also much higher than usual. "

"So… why isn't he ruling the Kingdom but hiding?"

Savuo shook his head: "I don't know. However, I guess he couldn't continue leveling up so he decided to go into hibernation, and wait for his chance."

"How do you know him? Why does he want to help you defeat Selvih?" Duraxi continued to ask.

However, Savuo just responded by gazing at him fiercely. At this point, Duranka patted Duraxi's shoulder, signaling him not to ask any more questions. Yes, there were many things one shouldn't ask, if a person knew too much, not only was it not helpful, on the contrary, the knowledge would harm the person.

Duraxi glanced at Duranka then back at Savuo, sighing silently. However, in his heart he silently asked Guhi, and Guhi angrily shouted: "Why do you ask me everything? Can't you figure out the answer by yourself?"

Duraxi was angry and embarrassed: "I don't know that's why I asked you, if everything is so easy to deduce, I wouldn't need to ask you."

Guhi sighed and said I don't know, this is his secret, I don't care either.

Duraxi gritted his teeth, and thought in his heart: 'Huh! I will quickly find a body to revive you then rape you until you kneel at my feet. You Think you're special because you're a Pharmacist Enchanter, let's see how long you remain arrogant.'

Guhi: "…"

She really had no words to describe how she felt right now. Guhi now thoroughly regretted cooperating with Duraxi.

Returning to the present, Silutop flew in the sky, and looked around silently: "I Didn't think that the Kingdom that had existed for more than 10,000 years would be destroyed by its ruler."

Silutop sighed, and used his thin arm to stroke his fluttering beard. He looked towards the whirlpool of fire roaring in the distance, and the meteors that were swooping down like the apocalypse.

When Silutop saw that tornado, his eyes showed disdain, but a second later it turned to surprise, he muttered: "It's not Mana, but another source of energy. It's powerful , if I can absorb that energy, I will definitely break through my current limit."

Greed appeared in Silutop's eyes, he turned to the vortex and said, his voice so loud that everyone in the kingdom could hear: "You are Selvih, aren't you? I respect that you have ruled this kingdom for 2,500 years so I will not kill you. If you hand over the current energy you are using, not only will I not kill you, but I can also help you destroy all your enemies."

When Savuo heard this, he was stunned, then angry, he shouted: "Silutop, you promised me that..."

"Huh!" Silutop scorned, he waved his hand and fired a beam of light that instantly pierced the crystal ball and severed Savuo's arm.

"AAAA!" Savuo screamed in pain, the people inside the glass sphere were also scared.

Especially Duraxi, he was afraid to ask Guhi: "What the hell just happened? I didn't even see that damned old man use magic symbols."

Guhi sighed and said, "Haizz, beyond level 90, magicians almost don't need to use spells or magic symbols to use skills. They only need one movement to use the skill in the blink of an eye."

"At this level, the difference between classes is almost nonexistent. Everyone will fight based on battle experience, skill level, class, and race level."

When Duraxi heard that he felt scared but he also dreamt that one day he would reach level over 90.

At this time, when Selvih who was in the eye of the storm heard what Silutop had said she was startled, she immediately remembered a legend that had been passed on for a long time.

"Could it be… that person is Silutop." Selvih muttered.

However, now was not the time to recall the past. When she heard that Silutop wanted to know the source of the energy she was using, she didn't want to tell him because it would certainly endanger Kiki.

Selvih shouted: "Dream on! Even if I die here, you will never achieve your goal."

Silutopl shook his head and sighed: "Haizz, it's okay, if you didn't say it, I will kill you, then use magic to torture your soul until you say it."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 221 Silutop...