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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 220 My Trump Card

Selvih didn't understand why her heart hurt so much it felt like it was about to explode. She immediately realized that someone was using magic to curse her.

Although Selvih didn't know who was using the curse magic, she guessed that it was definitely Bryen.

Although Bryen was from the Ancient Kingdom, her magic ability was not as high as Selvih's, but Bryen had another kind of ability which was curse magic.

Yes, Bryen was very good at curse magic, as long as she had someone's hair or some other belonging of the person that could be cursed, Bryen could use high level curse magic to curse that person.

In this case, Bryen only needed a few strands of Selvih's hair to use her curse magic, Bryen's spell caused Selvih so much pain that She was unable to use magic.

Selvih furrowed her brows angrily, and said to herself, "Bryen, curse magic is most effective only when there's not too much difference in strength. But this time it's different, thanks to Kiki, my strength is many times higher than yours."

Selvih bit her lip so hard that it made her lips bleed, a drop of blood that was bright red as a rose petal rolled from the wound on her lip to her chin and onto the ground.

At this moment, Selvih seemed to be more awake, she clenched her fists and swung it forward, the scarlet robe on her back suddenly fluttered, and a terrible wind storm suddenly appeared and swept the attacking assassin's away.

Although everything seemed slow it actually happened very quickly, in less than a second, the twenty assassins were immediately blown away by a gust of wind.

Bryen's curse spell was destroyed and this made her spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Bryen's blood fell on the wooden board, and the light of the characters on the wooden board also instantly disappeared.

Before Bryen realized what was happening, a gust of wind swept over her.


The phantom of the monster enveloping Bryen roared, its body emitting a fish-green aura, countless strange magic characters suddenly appeared on its shell, the characters radiating purple light like neon lights.

As the gust of wind swept over that monster, countless wind blades slashed at it as the wind blades colided with the shell the clanging of iron and steel could be heard "Chang! Chang!".

The gust of wind spread around, and drew everything inside it. It crushed the things sucked in its vacuum like a giant grinder grinding human flesh.

Even the stones were crushed by that gust of wind, the people around it couldn't even survive it. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the storm.

It even blew away the wall separating the palace and the residential area, as it spread towards the residential area it destroyed everything in its path.

After engulfing more than 3,000 meters of its surrounding, the gust of wind gradually weakened and disappeared, leaving a leveled land.

Although the gust of wind swept over that monster in less than a second, it left behind countless terrible slashes on the monster's body.

The monster let out a painful howl then shattered into countless pieces like broken glass, which turned into particles of light then disappeared.

When Bryen saw the monster disappear, she looked around her surroundings. The entire surrounding area had turned into a vacant lot, the palace, the city wall, the neighboring residential area had all disappeared, nothing else remained.

That's right, everything was wiped clean, not a single brick was left intact.

Bryen was scared, she didn't think that Selvih would be this strong, her power could make people feel despair.

Bryen muttered, "No way! Why? Why is that bitch so strong? Why is this world so unfair! Why does such a person have beauty, strength, and love at the same time? Why don't I have any?"

While Bryen was muttering to herself, in the sky, a floating glass ball surrounded Savuo, Duraxi, Duranka, and Raven.

Fortunately, the storm that Selvih created only swept across everything on the ground, so it did not affect Savuo's group who were hovering more than 50 meters above the ground.

Upon seeing Selvih destroying Bryen's curse magic, Savuo quickly took out an item that could help them fly into the sky.

He didn't know if this item could protect him and the others, nor did he have any cards with the same protective effect as Bryen. Therefore, he bet on the item.

Of course he succeeded, however, he also felt extremely afraid. As he flew in the sky, he saw everything that happened clearly.

Selvih not only easily blew away the other 20 assassins, the hurricane she created also wiped out everything within a radius of 3,000 meters.

Savuo also muttered in fear: "No way! Why is Selvih this strong? Is someone really helping her?"

Duraxi, Duranka, and Raven were also frightened by Selvih's power. Duraxi alone felt a little disappointed, he thought that if Selvih was defeated, he could be a hero and save the beauty.

But now it seemed that Selvih didn't need any hero to save her,as she saved herself easily.

When Raven saw the 20 assassins being blown away he was scared, he was afraid of Selvih's power but he was also afraid that the 20 assassins he brought had died.

In fact, those 20 assassins were lent to him by his father, if any of the assassins died, his father would surely skin him.

It must be known that each assassin's stats were a total of 5-7 million points, to cultivate such a loyal and high-status assassin a huge amount of resources was needed.

If these 20 assassins died, it would be equivalent to a high-ranking kingdom losing 200 years of resources.

When Raven saw that the other 20 assassins were just blown away, and that they fortunately dodged the hurricane, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Savuo now said: "Not good! It seems Selvih's power has surpassed our understanding."

everyone could naturally see this, however, they didn't know what to do. Raven said: "Don't worry, 20 assassins can defeat her, I don't believe mages can be stronger than assassins. Besides, she's still affected by Bryen's curse magic, now is the best time to attack her."

When Savuo heard that he looked towards Selvih, just like Raven said, after using the terrifying skill just now, Selvih was sitting on the ground panting, her face sweaty and pale.

Raven chanted his spells softly, as he ordered the assassins to attack from afar.

Although the assassins didn't die, the storm just now caused them to be seriously injured, some of them even lost an arm. They had slash marks so deep that their bones could be seen.

Despite the fact that they were heavily wounded, the assassins were fighting machines that knew no fear, fatigue, or pain. So They were still trying to get up and continue fighting.

When Selvih saw the assassins get up, she furrowed her brows. She tried to use magic, but when she used her energy, her heart ached. It was as if it was about to break into pieces.

"Ack!" Selvih held her chest, her face filled with an agonizing expression.

Although Bryen could no longer use curse magic, its effects persisted for a while. That was also the reason why Selvih couldn't use mana.

However, the current Bryen was no different from Selvih, because the curse magic was destroyed, Bryen suffered the same pain as Selvih.

Of course the assassins wouldn't give Selvih any time to rest, they were tireless and restless killing machines, they got up and rushed towards Selvih.

At this moment, Selvih took out a card from her space bag, when Savuo who was sitting in the floating glass ball in the sky saw the card in Selvih's hand she was immediately startled.

Savuo shouted: "Hurry up! Quickly stop her, don't let her use that card."

"What card is that?" Raven asked.

Savuo said fearfully: "That card can help her simulate a skill that she used in the last hour, she doesn't even need to use energy to maintain the skill to work. It will automatically replicate the skill. The duration and control are all exactly the same as when Selvih used the skill."

When everyone heard that they took a deep breath, a deep feeling of fear appeared in their minds. Duraxi, Duranka, Raven, and even Savuo all knew what skill Selvih would use, yes, it was definitely the tornado skill with meteor showers.

If Selvih used that skill again, Savuo was afraid that even if they flew in the sky, they wouldn't be able to escape the skill.

Raven increased the speed of his chanting, he was also urging the assassins to quickly attack Selvih. If Selvih were to use that card, he feared that he would die too, he believed that Selvih would surely kill him.

However, what he wished didn't come true, As Selvih immediately used the card.

At this time, another tornado appeared. The terrible wind caused the crushed stones on the ground to once again be swept inside the tornado.

Not only the crushed stones, even large rocks with a diameter of 1-3 meters were sucked inside the tornado's vortex.

As The tornado reappeared, Selvih sat in the center of it. she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and her face turned even paler, she gritted her teeth, and comforted herself: "Do your best, if I destroy the whole mob, I can be with Kiki again."

When Bryen saw the fire vortex that was carrying meteorites appear once again she despaired, she did not expect Selvih to possess such a terrible card.

"Damn it!" Bryen suddenly shouted: "Selvih, you cannot kill me. I am the princess of the Kingdom of Zumberos, the Queen of the Kingdom of Shareny, if you kill me, you will suffer the fury of two ancient kingdoms."

Apparently Selvih didn't care about Bryen's words, the meteorites once again lit up the sky and began to fall.

Savuo of course would not sit still and die, he muttered: "Fortunately I still have one more trump card, Selvih, no matter how strong you are, no matter how hard you try, you will surely diel."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 220 My Trump Card