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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 219 Curse Magic

Raven was startled, he wanted to say something, but he suddenly felt that someone was staring at him with a powerful killing intent, it was as if the person wanted to tear him into a hundred pieces.

Yes, that killing intent came from Bryen.

Bryen was furious because when she used that magic spell, she had to maintain the connection of mana so she couldn't move.

Raven was different, he didn't need to do anything, besides, with his strength, he could easily take Bryen away even though she weighed more than 130 kg.

But Raven did not do that, he abandoned Bryen and ran away while Bryen used magic to protect him.

Raven shivered, he started sweating profusely. Due to the fact that their current situation was dangerous, Bryen let him go for the time being, however, after they returned to the Kingdom, he knew that she would definitely…

Raven didn't dare to think about it anymore, the more he thought about it, the more scared he felt. Even the 20 assassins he brought along obeyed Bryen's orders, but he did not dare to stop them because he did not have the courage to face Bryen.

At this point, Bryen was extremely angry, she just wanted to kill Selvih at all costs. However, Bryen found it difficult to understand how Selvih's elemental magic easily penetrated her defensive magic?

Bryen shook her head, she didn't want to think about it anymore, no matter how strange Selvih's magic was, in the face of absolute power, she would surely die.

The people on the square seemed to have all died, the palace and the square were engulfed in flames, and people's screams were heard everywhere.

Selvih not only targeted the representatives of the vassal kingdoms and clans, she also destroyed the royal army and the palace.

Selvih thought that since these people had betrayed her, she didn't need to hold back. The palace, the square and even the royal army were all things she once built.

If the royal army were left alive, they would become Savuo's pawn against Selvih. No, now they were already Savuo's pawn, that's why Selvih decided to destroy them all.

Even if Savuo became the king of this kingdom, he would not own anything, he would simply be a king of a destroyed kingdom.

Selvih decided to increase the void energy that she fused into the meteorites and tornado.

Currently, the tornado was massive, and the sky continued raining down more meteors.

They meteors had enough power that it could easily destroy any defensive magic, the meteorites not only wreaked havoc within the palace range, it also flew towards the resort area, this resulted in the people outside fearing for their life.

"Run away!"

"Damn it! The Queen is crazy, she wants to kill us!"

"Queen! You're crazy!"

"Quickly use defensive magic."

"Defensive magic doesn't work, those meteors are terrible."

The crowd shouted and cursed Selvih, they jostled and trampled on each other to escape. Just a few minutes ago, these residents wanted to rush in and to overthrow Selvih, they felt that as long as they united, Selvih would fear them.

However, the truth was exactly the opposite of what they thought.

Selvih was not afraid of them, on the contrary, she wanted to kill all the inhabitants of this place. That was the consequence of wanting to overthrow her, before someone plans to kill someone that person has to think about being killed by that person.

That's right, Selvih didn't hesitate to kill ungrateful people, who were willing to obey other people to overthrow her.

It must be known that Selvih had ruled this Kingdom for 2,500 years, during which the Dark-Elf Kingdom had transformed from a mid-level Kingdomto a high-class Kingdom, with numerous kingdoms and vassal clans.

The inhabitants of this Kingdom also had a comfortable life as they didn't need to worry about problems like food, as they lived safely in a castle ruled by Selvih.

However, it didn't seem like they needed to pay any price to enjoy that peace and security. Selvih gave them things so easily that they thought they were entitled to it .

Selvih stood within the tornado, her eyes filled with determination and murderous rage, her voice resounding throughout the Kingdom: "since you couldn't cherish the peace and safety I gave you, then you can die!"

"Selvih, you bastard!"

"Selvih, even if I die I will curse you."

"Do you think you can kill all of us?"

"Elder, where is Elder Savuo? Stop that crazy woman!"

At this point, Oynix who was wearing a black cloak tried to wriggle through the crowd and escape. Suddenly, a flash of light, no, to be more precise, a fire broke out in front of him.


The explosion created an influx of energy that sent everyone flying, Oynix included.

Ash covered his body, fortunately he was not seriously injured because the meteorite had fallen more than 20 meters in front of him. However, Oynix felt his legs tremble.

Oynix looked up at the sky, countless meteors fell like meteor showers, the buildings in the kingdom were collapsing, and the inhabitants of the kingdom were being crushed by meteorites.

The whole kingdom was engulfed in flames, the voices of people screaming and cursing were constantly resounding. They were cursing Selvih, as they cried out in pain.

They were angry but at the same time they were scared by Selvih's power.

Oynix too, he was scared and regretful. He regretted following Savuo's orders to kill his entire family and betray the queen.

If he didn't listen to Savuo's words, he would still be at home, eating delicious food that would be served by slaves.

Now it was different, everything was engulfed in flames. At this point, Oynix really realized why everyone was afraid of Selvih and called her the Black Queen.

The real Selvih would do things they thought she would never do. Yes, no one thought that Selvih would kill all the people, destroy the kingdom, and engulf the Dark-Elf Kingdom in flames.

"Hahahaha…" Oynix raised his head and started laughing hysterically.

In the sky, a meteorite more than 2 meters in diameter fell straight towards him.


With a terrible explosion, Oynix ceased to exist. The ground was covered in blood and pieces of flesh, the ferocious fire burning everything.

At this time, Bryen was being protected by 4 assassins, who were constantly moving to avoid meteorites. This place only had a few survivors who were trying to dodge the meteors.

Number 3 who was standing next to Bryen said: "Queen, we can't get close to Selvih, the magic she uses is indeed a normal natural type of magic, but her energy is very strange."

"What's so weird about her energy?" Bryen asked, frowning.

Number 3 replied: "Queen, her energy is corrosive, any magic or weapon that comes close to her will corrode very quickly."

Bryen looked at the giant tornado, and anger started to rise in her heart: "Damn it! Should I give in to this bastard?"

Number 3 continued: "Queen, we can hold out a little longer. After all, Selvih's energy isn't limitless, maintaining magic that is composed of various elements with a wide range of attacks requires a lot of mana. She certainly won't last long."

Bryen gritted her teeth, she looked at the sky that kept raining meteors for a while and hastily said: "No way! We don't know how long she can maintain this spell, in addition, we also don't know if she is using any items to replenish her mana. The best option is to destroy that tornado, and get close to her."

"But…" Number 3 wanted to say something but he was interrupted by Bryen.

"Don't worry, I will use curse magic to stop that poisonous snake for a short time. At that time, you should immediately use your strongest skills to kill her."

Number 3 nodded, "Yes, Queen."

Number 3 turned his head towards the remaining 3 assassins, then, all of them immediately moved closer to Selvih.

Bryen didn't have time either, she took out two cards, and silently said: "Selvih, you should be proud that you are the first to make me use these two."

Bryen waved a card in her hand, which instantly turned into countless lights and disappeared. Right now, the illusion of a monster that looked a bit like a giant turtle wrapped around Bryen's body.

The illusion of this monster protected Bryen from the meteors in the sky.

Bryen then used the remaining card left in her hand, it instantly turned into a small wooden board, with many strange characters on it. Bryen then took out a strand of hair from the space bag, the owner of the hair being Selvih.

Savuo went to great lengths to collect Selvih's hair through her servants. Of course those hairs were used to cast curse magic.

Bryen also received some hair from Savuo because Bryen was a magician who specialized in curse magic.

Bryen wrapped those strands of hair around her index finger. Selvih's hair was very long, but because Bryen was so fat, her fingers were also very large, so the strands of hair wrapped around Bryen's fingers were covered by chunks of fat.

However, that didn't affect Bryen's magic .

At this time, Bryen started chanting spells, the characters above the wooden board also glowed, the light becoming brighter and brighter.

Selvih seemed to realize that Bryen was up to something, so she controlled a meteor that was more than five meters in diameter to fall towards Bryen.


However, the meteor that landed on the illusion of the monster that was enveloping Bryen was stopped. However, the illusion of that monster was also much blurred compared to before

Bryen was startled when she saw what happened before, she continued chanting the spell faster.

Selvih frowned, she wanted to throw more meteors at Bryen but suddenly she felt a pain in her heart. Selvih immediately clutched her chest, her face contorted in pain.

The tornado, having lost its energy from Selvih, instantly disappeared, revealing Selvih who was clutching her chest and sitting on the ground.

"Kill her!"

Bryen shouted, 20 assassins who were hiding all over the shadows and wielding daggers, immediately shot at Selvih with lightning speed.

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 219 Curse Magic