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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 218 Selvih’s Power!

The tornado quickly grew fiercer and larger, quickly turning into a giant tornado that was over a thousand meters high and 50 meters in diameter.

The tornado was so high that it passed through the area of influence of the Misty Lamp. it enveloped the entire Dark-Elf kingdom and crashed into the layers of mist above the sky.

Selvih stood in the eye of the tornado, her cloak fluttering behind her, her long hair also fluttering in the wind, at this moment, she was like a wind goddess as She manipulated the magic symbols that were interlinked together.

Outside the eye of the storm, when Savuo saw the powerful tornado, he immediately ordered: "Attack! Use all your magic to destroy that tornado."

Duranka who was standing next to Savuo was not idle, but he did not want to go near the tornado because it was too dangerous.

The tornado continued to destroy the buildings around the palace, the rubble from the destruction was caught in the tornado and moving around it at a tremendous speed.

The tornado turned ordinary stones into bullets with tremendous destructive power. Even if anyone wanted to get close to Selvih, they would be blocked and injured by the stones that were flying at such a tremendous speed.

The royal soldiers standing near the vortex were instantly hit by the stones that pierced their bodies like bullets. In just a few seconds, more than 100 royal soldiers had died from those seemingly innocuous stones.

Right now, countless magic spells and arrows were fired towards the tornadoe. They were Left with no choice, the tornado was like a shield that protected Selvih, if they didn't destroy it, they wouldn't be able to kill her.

However, that tornado was made up of void energy so any magic spells or weapon that approached it was immediately devoured by it.

"Savuo.." At this time, Duranka spoke up: "You should call the other 20 assassins to take action, currently, we have no way to attack her. That tornado is too powerful, if it continues like this, the stone in that tornado will kill us before we touch her."

When Savuo heard this, he shook his head: "No, Selvih still has a lot of energy, we don't know her limit yet. Just let the vassals and the royal army act as pawns and drain her energy."

Duranka frowned and replied, "Then I'm afraid the number of deaths will be very large."

"It's okay, they're just commoners, if they die someone else will take their place. Besides, just like Selvih said, they weren't loyal to me, we only had similar interests."

"In that case, I am borrowing Selvih's hand to kill them as well as cleaning up the potential dangers in the future."

When Duranka heard that he was so scared that he was startled, he looked at Savuo with eyes full of disbelief. After all, Duranka was only the King of a mid-level Kingdom, if Savuo wanted to, he would be killed and replaced by someone else.

At this moment, Duranka felt a little scared, no, he felt little regretful. Although he was indeed Savuo's lover, his relationship with Savuo had been exposed by Selvih, he feared that Savuo would kill him to prove that he had no connection with him.

Anyway, it was also difficult to accept an Elder who was in a same-sex relationship with another person. Savuo wanted to become the king of the Dark-Elf kingdom, so he would definitely find a way to clean up his past.

Duranka took a deep breath, he felt that if he survived today, he would need to escape from this place, and find a way to prevent Savuo from killing him.

Savuo glanced at Duranka with a smile and said, "Don't worry, I won't harm you. You know how much I love you, however…"

when Savuo reached here, he glanced at Duraxi, Duranka immediately understood what Savuo wanted, he said: "Hahaha… don't worry, Duraxi is now in the palm of your hand, you can do whatever you want."

Savuo smiled after hearing that, however, Duraxi felt as if someone was looking at his ass. Duraxi angrily scolded: 'What the hell is that? Is someone looking at my ass again? Wow! Don't you see how dangerous the current situation is? Do you still have time to look at other people's asses?'

"Everybody! Look at the tornado!"

At this moment, nobody knew who spoke up but everyone's attention was drawn to the tornado.


"Shall we run now?"

"Run? Do you think you can live after you run?"

"That's right, if Selvih doesn't die, we'll die too. You can run away but your kingdom, and your clan cannot run away."

"Yes, the arrow fired cannot be recovered, we can only kill Selvih. Don't forget that Savuo also has a trump card, also there are two people representing two Ancient Kingdoms in our midst, I don't believe we will lose."

Selvih who was standing at the eye of the tornado waved her arms, her long hair fluttering in the wind, the magic symbol instantly broke and turned into countless fireballs.

The fireball that merged into the tornado was not extinguished, on the contrary, it turned into a fire tornado. The stones that were rotating with the speed of bullets, were now burning fiercely, and the damage inflicted had increased by several folds.

From a distance, the fire tornado looked like a roaring monster that scared the crowd.

"Look! In the sky!"

"Damn it! Quickly use defensive magic."

"Hurry up, cover me!"

The crowd was once again frightened, and quickly used defensive magic. Savuo at this moment looked up at the sky and he also felt a little scared.

That's right, in the sky, the stones from earlier that were caught inside the falling tornado were all burning, and the sky was also shining the scene looked like a death sentence to Selvih's enemies.

Savuo mentally scolded: "Damn it! The venomous snake fused fire magic with the tornado to form a fire tornado, and then burned the stones inside the vortex. She also used the tornadoe to push them up and shoot them towards us."

"Selvih, you are truly the Black Queen, even though I have prepared a lot, your strength still makes me feel fear."

Savuo also did not dare to despair, he immediately sought shelter. Even though he was an Elder his strength was still lower than that of Selvih's former strength, now that Selvih was much stronger, Savuo would definitely not be able to resist her magic.

Savuo ran up to Bryen and Raven, who were the representatives of the Ancient Kingdom after all, it was certain that they would have a better defense than the other people.

Just as Savuo thought, Bryen had created a magic circle with a diameter of more than 10 meters that was floating above their heads, this magic was like a shield that could protect them.

Duraxi also quickly hid under Bryen's protective magic, he was defenseless anyway, so he thought it would be safe to do what Savuo was doing.

Savuo now clasped his hands in Bryen's direction and said, "The Queen..."

"I know!" Bryen said in an extremely annoyed voice.

Suddenly, a meteorite with a diameter of more than 3 meters rushed towards them with tremendous speed.

When Bryen saw this, she said with contempt: "Huh! It's just a low-level magic that combines natural elements, there's no need to worry."


The meteorite hit the magic symbol above Bryen group's, at this point Bryen scornfully said: "Like I said, it looks very powerful but it..."

Before Bryen finished speaking, the magic symbol on their heads suddenly cracked, Bryen was startled and shouted: "Don't worry, maybe it's because of its falling speed plus its weight that's why it cracked a little.

Bryen had just finished speaking when she started chanting spells, two more magic symbols appeared above their heads as if reinforcing the cracked magic symbol.

However, the next thing that happened frightened them. Although the magic symbol was not cracked anymore, it started dissolving.

That's right, the magic symbol was dissolving into countless dust particles that flew into space. Frightened Bryen tried to pump more mana into those magic symbols to maintain them, but she was startled when she realized that no matter how much mana she pumped, it wouldn't be enough.

Duraxi realized the situation wasn't right and ran away, the others did the same, they knew that Bryen's defensive magic was useless now.

Now, only Bryen remained, however, she stayed because she was too fat, and she would not be able to escape, moreover, Bryen didn't accept that Selvih defeated her.

That's right, although only one stone broke through Bryen's defensive magic, it was like Selvih was trampling on her arrogance.

"Damn it! I can't lose to that bastard." Bryen raised her voice as she tried to create other magical symbols for support.

However, no matter how hard Bryen tried, it was useless, the defensive magic Bryen created was like thin cloth, constantly appearing and constantly being turned into dust particles of light that disappeared.

Bryen didn't want to admit it, but she didn't want to die either. She shouted, "Save me!"

At this moment, the four assassins Raven brought along appeared and pulled Bryen out of the meteorite's sphere of influence.

When Bryen was pulled away, the magic symbols that were blocking the meteor disappeared, and the meteorite fell to the ground and caused a terrible explosion.

It wasn't just Bryen, everyone else here was experiencing the same predicament as her.


"AAA! Run, those stones can break through our defensive magic."

"Damn it! Run away!"

"Quickly use multi-layered defensive magic."

"it isn't still working, those stones seem to be able to pierce through our magic."

"Does that bitch have some skill or item that can help her magic bypass our defensive magic?"

"Run away! Don't care about it too much."

Like a meteor shower, the stone fired by Selvih with void energy both carried high damage and high penetration ability so it could easily bypass the defensive magic layers of her opponents.

Bryen who had just escaped death instantly went from being afraid to instant rage, she shouted: "All assassins obey my orders, attack that bitch!"

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 218 Selvih’s Power!