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When Selvih saw Duraxi, she felt amused; she didn't think that he would still lust after her even though he couldn't use his crotch. πš’π’π“ƒπ“»eπ‘Žπ™™. π™˜ο½π‘š

However, she did not feel uncomfortable; on the contrary, she found it interesting. because Duraxi was like a clown to her.

But when she saw the chest that he was holding in his hand, Selvih suddenly felt that maybe Duraxi and Savuo had cooperated.

She found it extremely difficult to understand because she was sure that Savuo and Duraxi did not know each other, and she also did not think that a careful person like Savuo would quickly cooperate with someone he did not know.

Selvih thought to herself, "Is the world's will helping Duraxi?"

At this moment, Rika's voice resounded in Selvih's head: ["In this event, Duraxi will be the main character." It's only natural that Savuo trusts Duraxi, since the will of the world has arranged everything.]

Selvih frowned upon hearing that, and she used her mind to communicate with Rika: "Is the will of the world so strong that it can change people's minds?"

[That's right. If Master hadn't helped you, you'd be lying on Duraxi's bed by now. Not only you, but also Anno.]

Selvih shivered upon hearing that; she shivered not because she was scared, but because she felt disgusted and unclean. Without Hikaru, her mind would have been changed by the will of the world, and she would have taken the initiative to climb into bed with that dirty clown.

Thinking of this, her cheeks suddenly turned red, and Selvih's face, which was already extremely beautiful and seductive, became even more beautiful.

"Kiki, you are my guardian angel." She thought she felt very sweet; it was as if she were wrapped in Kiki's love.

If Hikaru knew what Selvih was feeling, he would be dumbfounded since he hadn't done anything.

When Duraxi, who was below, saw Selvih blush, he thought she felt glad and happy to see him.

Duraxi thought in his heart: "Hahaha... I guess I'm right; Selvih definitely likes me; she's wearing so much makeup today because of me.

Duraxi thought of this and felt extremely excited and proud; he deliberately raised his head and smiled confidently.

When Savuo saw Selvih's expression, he also couldn't wrap his head around it. He glanced at Duraxi, then back at Selvih, and an unbelievable thought appeared in his heart.

When Raven saw Selvih's expression, he immediately looked at Duraxi in surprise, his eyes flashing with murderous intent. In his heart, he had decided that Duraxi would die.

Bryen was different; when she saw Selvih blush, she didn't think that Selvih liked Duraxi because Bryen had noticed that Selvih was looking into the distance.

Yes, a woman's intuition was frightening; Bryen could infer from this that Selvih was thinking of someone else, perhaps her lover.

Bryen felt extremely surprised; she thought, "No way! Even that poisonous snake knows about love. Who is he? Who can make that viper accept love?"

Bryen realised that Selvih was in love with someone, so even if they dethroned Selvih, she would still be happy, and her life would still be the same.

This meant that Selvih could comfortably live with the person she loves without caring about other things like power or rebellion.

The jealousy in Bryen's heart was suddenly stronger than ever. At this moment, she did not want to allow Selvih to continue living.

How could a venomous snake like Selvih find happiness while someone like Bryen couldn't?

The more Bryen thought about it, the angrier she felt. She looked at Raven, her eyes filled with anger and killing intent. Bryen kept asking herself how Selvih had found a lover in her heart while Raven, her husband, was always directing his gaze and lust towards Selvih.

Raven suddenly felt that his life was in danger, and he immediately shivered. He immediately closed his eyes because he knew where the feeling was coming from.

At this moment, Selvih suddenly felt that the situation was extremely unfair. She thought to Rika, "Why is such a clown protected by the will of the world, while someone like Kiki is not?"

[I don't know either; maybe the will of the world has some sort of arrangement, or it was just a random choice.]

When Selvih heard that, she immediately asked, "So... Kiki has no way of being protected or chosen by the will of the world."


Selvih decided in her heart that if she left here alive today, she would kill all the people protected by the will of the world.

That's right; she would make her man the head of this world. No matter how many people were protected by the will of the world, she would kill them all.

Selvih did not believe that the energy of the will of the world was limitless; if it were continuously eroded, it would surely run out of energy and disappear.

Back in the present, Selvih looked towards Duraxi; although she was very restrained, her gaze still carried a hint of anger.

Duraxi was startled because Selvih's gaze changed so quickly. It was filled with love at first, but three seconds later it turned into anger.

Duraxi frowned, but he immediately realised why Selvih's gaze changed so quickly.

He thought to himself: 'Hahaha, I know, she must be mad at me because I'm with Savuo. Hahaha... It's okay, my lady, wait a bit if anything happens; I'll still protect you.'

Duraxi didn't seem to be afraid; on the contrary, he was more confident.

Selvih then finally spoke, her voice containing a hint of coldness: "Duraxi? Long time no see. Since you showed up here, your engagement should be settled now."

When Duranka, who was sitting below, heard this, he immediately got angry. He clenched his hands so tightly that they turned white. Of course, he understood the meaning behind Selvih's words.

There were a lot of people watching today's ceremony. Selvih said that was like saying that Duraxi was a useless person, so she decided to annul Duraxi's engagement to Anno.

This was the same as Selvih trampling on Duraxi's honor; no, to be precise, she was trampling on the honour of the Catheryne Kingdom.

However, Duraxi didn't seem to notice that Selvih was insulting him. To him, Selvih was just jealous of Anno because Anno was engaged to him.

Duraxi sighed in his heart: 'Haizzz, women, because I'm too attractive, both Selvih and Anno fell in love with me. Now I have to deal with the consequences. Haizzz, it's okay, I will make you both live in harmony, hahahaha...'

Duranka looked at Duraxi, who was still calm, and with joy in his heart, he thought, 'My son has grown up. Even if he is insulted by others, he does not get angry; he just remains calm.'

Duranka inwardly felt proud of Duraxi's composure. However, if he knew what Duraxi was thinking right now, he would probably dig a hole and bury himself.

Duraxi was still immersed in his thoughts. He did not rush to answer, but took out the Fire Lotus and said, "Queen, I can now prove to you that I am worthy of Anno. I hope the Queen will not break the engagement; of course, this has been agreed by the Senate."

Selvih glanced at Savuo for a second, then looked at Duraxi again. Savuo was a bit annoyed now because he had never heard Duraxi talk to him about any engagement issue.

Duraxi continued: "However, since it's the time of the celebration right now, I certainly won't waste the Queen's time."

"This is my gift to the Queen; I hope you like it."

Selvih frowned and motioned for a servant to come forward and receive the gift.

The servant took the chest from Duraxi's hand and checked it with a magic tool. Seeing that there was no danger, the man brought his chest towards Selvih.

However, Selvih didn't look at the chest but only at Savuo; she tried to see what Savuo was thinking. But Savuo's expression didn't seem to change; his face was like a mask made of stone, as he didn't display his true feelings.

When the chest was in front of Selvih, she did not rush to open it.

She used her own magic to examine the chest once more. But Selvih didn't seem to feel any danger either, so her brows furrowed even further.

She knew for sure that this chest had a problem, but she couldn't figure out what the problem was with it.

Selvih waved her hand and signalled the servant to take it somewhere else.

At this moment, Duraxi said, "Queen, why don't you open the chest?"

Selvih frowned and said, "You want me to open it here?"

At this time, Savuo said: "Queen, please forgive me for interfering in this matter, but as a rule, you must open all the gifts that everyone offers." It also proves that you appreciate the gift."

"Could it be that you don't respect the gift giver, or are you afraid?"

Savuo's words made Selvih even more convinced that the chest Duraxi offered was problematic. However, even though she had used magic to check, she still didn't find anything unusual.

Therefore, Selvih also had no evidence to expose Savuo's conspiracy. She couldn't say that Savuo wanted to harm her because that was her speculation.

Selvih nodded and said, "Okay, I'll open it."

The servant holding the chest in her hand brought it closer to Selvih. She took a deep breath, glanced at Savuo and Duraxi, then slowly opened the chest.

Selvih nervously prepared herself to fight at any moment. When the chest was opened, nothing extraordinary happened; inside the chest was a glass ball, and inside it was a delicately sculpted doll.

Selvih realised that the doll was sculpted into her shape. and that the glass ball was a harmless decoration.

Selvih frowned; she felt confused; she was wondering when Savuo's plan would start.

Suddenly, the servant holding the chest seemed to be saying something in a low voice, but even though Selvih stood across from her, all she could see was her lips moving.

Right now, the doll that simulated Selvih's figure inside the glass ball was suddenly bound by countless chains. Selvih was startled; she wanted to fight, but she realised she couldn't move herself.

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