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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 214 My Queen...

Savuo thought of many possibilities; however, he did not think that Selvih had pretended to be stabbed in the eye by Number 3.

Savuo was sure that his information was correct; there could be no mistake. Besides, even if Selvih became stronger, Savuo was not afraid because he had strengthened his plans.

He had asked Raven to bring 20 assassins. Just 3 assassins were enough to sweep the entire kingdom, so 20 assassins were overkill.

They were so powerful that they made other people feel despair.

At this point, Savuo had regained some confidence in his plan. Of course, not only did he ask Raven to bring 20 assassins, but he also had an ace behind him, so he believed that even the appearance of the young man named Hikaru could not ruin his plan.

Selvih proudly looked down at the guests present. She raised her arms, and purple light emitted from Selvih's crown as it engulfed the entire kingdom.

At this moment, the purple light suddenly broke and turned into countless purple light spots like meteor showers before disappearing. Although it only lasted for a few seconds, it also made the whole kingdom look mystical.

People could still see those lights hidden behind layers of fog from outside the kingdom.

At this moment, about 300 metres from the Dark-Elf Kingdom, Noroly, who was holding a Misty Lamp, looked towards the kingdom. She was wearing a black cloak, which covered her body and accentuated her curves.

When she saw the purple aura that enveloped the entire Dark-Elf Kingdom and turned into particles of light like a meteor shower, she immediately smiled and turned to leave, disappearing behind the mists.

Back in the Dark-Elf Kingdom, as the purple aura emanating from the crown gradually disappeared, her clear voice like a silver bell rang: "Welcome to the 2,500th anniversary celebration of my rule in this kingdom. As usual, before the ceremony is held, I will ask you a question.

Selvih then glanced at all the people sitting here, her gaze carrying murderous killing intent like a venomous snake looking at its prey.

Selvih said: "Everyone, anyone who opposes my continuation as Queen, please speak up."

That's right; this was the custom of the Dark-Elf Kingdom, a custom that had been around since the kingdom's founding.

In fact, the royal family of the Dark-Elf Kingdom was made up of many of the most powerful families of the Dark-Elf clans, who joined together and created the Dark-Elf Royal Family and the Dark-Elf Kingdom.

During each celebration, the Crown Prince would ask a question similar to what Selvih just asked. The purpose of that question was to see if other families in the royal family wanted to replace the King or Queen.

Of course, things were not as simple as people thought. When a person opposes the incumbent king, they need to present evidence that proves that the current ruler is unworthy of ruling the kingdom.

However, it was also extremely difficult. The protester must be a member of the Royal Family or the Senate, and the evidence he or she presents must also go through the assessment of the Senate; it is an extremely complicated process.

For the past 2,500 years, during any celebration, Selvih has asked this question. Of course, no one dared protest; after all, the day Selvih became queen was the day the blood of the protesters flowed like a river.

That day had become a nightmare for every resident of this kingdom; even the nobles or members of the Senate were extremely afraid of Selvih's cold blood.

This year too, before the ceremony started, she asked the same question. The crowd fell silent. Selvih then gazed towards Savuo, both of them locking gazes.

The two looked at each other intensely; Savuo's eyes were full of provocation, as if he were using his eyes to tell Selvih that today his plan would work.

Selvih stared at Savuo for a long time, then said, "If no one objects, then... I declare, the official celebration begins."

Right after that, Selvih sat on the throne, and music with a heroic melody started resounding throughout the kingdom. However, Selvih and the people in this place were not in the mood to enjoy the music.

Selvih also found it extremely difficult to understand. If Savuo wanted to rebel, he could start from the moment Selvih asked that question.

Anyway, that question was the best reason to start a rebellion.

Selvih knew that yesterday, the inhabitants of this kingdom had gathered at the tower of the Senate. Yes, Selvih knew that the inhabitants of this kingdom had been deceived by Savuo.

However, she also did not want to explain herself because this contradiction has lasted for 2,500 years. Right now, there was only one way to resolve the conflict between her and this kingdom, and that was to put an end to it.

Selvih also sat still and waited, her gaze filled with provocation at Savuo.

Bryen, who was sitting next to Raven, frowned. She angrily put her hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. Raven winced as he felt his shoulder blades about to be crushed.

"Ack! Ack! Ack! Bryen, what the hell are you doing?" Raven cried as he asked angrily.

However, upon seeing Bryen's murderous gaze, Raven immediately shut his mouth, his body trembling involuntarily as sweat started pouring out of his body.

Raven stammered, "Bryen, you misunderstood; I was just enjoying the music."

"Raven." Bryen angrily said, "I know you like that viper, but now that you're my husband, you're not allowed to show that expression. If you continue to look at that venomous snake with greedy and lustful eyes, I will tie you up and beat you for three days straight."

Hearing that, Raven trembled even more violently as he started sweating profusely. He recalled past memories; he remembered the days when he had been tied up and tortured by Bryen to the point of almost going insane.

Raven quickly said, "Okay! Okay! Don't do it; I won't watch anymore."

After saying that, he lowered his head; however, Selvih was too beautiful, so that's why he still managed to glance at her. Bryen didn't say anything more; she looked at Selvih, her eyes filled with jealousy.

Bryen thought to herself, 'Why is she so beautiful? Why? Why can't I have the same beauty as her? Why does a poisonous snake like her have such great beauty?'

The more Bryen thought about it, the more angry and unfair she felt. Her hands were clenched so tightly that they turned white, and her whole body trembled a little, making the fat on her body tremble as well.

Selvih glanced in Bryen's direction, and she saw that Bryen alone had occupied four seats. Bryen was very fat, so she had to use a special pad to fit her huge body.

Selvih saw Bryen looking at her with angry eyes; however, Selvih only smiled because she knew why Bryen was angry.

Anyway, the story of Raven chasing Selvih and Bryen being a jealous pig was passed around by word of mouth; it was so well known that one could write the story into a novel.

After the music ended, at this moment, a well-dressed female Dark-Elf walked forward. She used magic so that everyone could hear her voice.

"I invite everyone to make offerings."

Everyone was silent; no one stood up, and no one thought of making an offering to Selvih.

The Dark-Elf woman frowned at this, and once more she said, "You are welcome to make offerings."

Everyone remained silent. Everyone sitting on the square didn't seem to hear what the Dark-Elf woman just said, as they remained silent.

In fact, today's celebration was being shown on a virtual screen for all the Dark-Elf residents in the kingdom to see, and apart from the inhabitants of this kingdom, many people from other lands, kingdoms, or organisations were watching.

Offering gifts was a way to show the respect of the guests who came here to see the queen. Not only that, it also showed the loyalty of the mid- and lower-level kingdoms that were dependent on the Dark-Elf Kingdom.

If no one offered an offering, it meant that the other kingdoms' respect for the current queen was zero.

Besides, it also showed that the kingdoms that were dependent on the Dark-Elf Kingdom want to rebel.

Selvih frowned; she didn't think Savuo would lower her honour first. However, Selvih was no ordinary girl after all; to rule the 2,500 Dark-Elf Kingdom, a small thing like this was not enough to make her angry.

But Selvih was not a weak person, and she would not keep quiet if someone went against her.

Suddenly, the atmosphere was cold; the cold came from the murderous aura that emanated from Selvih. She frowned and said, "Today is my anniversary; there are many people watching the ceremony today. What you are doing is not only trampling on my honor but also trampling on the honour of the Dark-Elf Kingdom."

"Are you... testing my patience?"

Selvih's voice was extremely cold; it was as if arrows were shot into the hearts of everyone sitting in this place.

Although Selvih was not an overpowering presence, the aura of a queen made everyone fear her.

Everyone here who heard Selvih's words also felt a little scared, as they all started sweating profusely. Although the people here all obeyed Savuo, they wanted to overthrow Selvih. However, the image from 2,500 years ago was still haunting them and making them afraid. π˜ͺ𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒢𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

At this moment, Duranka glanced at Duraxi and nodded slightly. When Duraxi saw Duranka's signal, he smiled and stood up. He took out a treasure chest the size of a basketball from his spatial bag.

Duraxi smiled wryly, looked at Selvih, and said with great sincerity, "My Queen, this is a gift that symbolises my respect for your beauty and strength."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 214 My Queen...