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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 213 Lily...

"What about how we have been chased or chased away? You should remember 2,500 years ago, the first mixed-blood people came here because they wanted to find a safe place to live."

"Now, you say you don't want to live anymore, are you not ashamed. don't you know that you are disrespecting those who tried to find a safe place for the mixed bloods?"

"Even the stupid monsters inside the fog want to live, you guys are not fools, you are not monsters, do you not want to live?"

As Trebun said this, his eyes were red as if he wanted to cry, but the tears didn't come out because his eyes were already dry.

After saying that, Trebun sat down on the ground, next to the body of the girl from earlier. The villagers who were stunned just looked at each other as they said nothing.

"Hurry up!"

Trebun suddenly shouted, startling them, the villagers immediately dispersed, as they started to gather what they would take with them.

In fact, they didn't have anything of great value, the only things they could take away were energy stones for the Misty Lamps that they had saved for a long time and a little food.

At this time, a 10-year-old kid who was of mixed blood from a lizard and a human was running and pushing a wheelchair made of extremely worn-out wood.

In the wheelchair, a girl who was about 20 years old was sitting; her body was wrapped in clothes that covered the entirety of her body, and the only part that could be seen was a single eye on the right side of her face.

If it weren't for her long hair, no one would have recognised that it was a girl, as her arms and legs were covered in poorly patched rags.

"Village chief, I have already brought her." The child was pushing the wheelchair towards the village chief as he spoke. He was panting as sweat continuously poured out of his body, yet he continued running.

"Bakham?" When Trebun saw the child and the girl in the wheelchair, his face showed a gentle expression and a rare smile.

Bakham pushed the wheelchair closer to Trebun, and the girl in the wheelchair looked at the girl's body lying on the ground with only her right eye.

Suddenly, a very pleasant voice rang out, a voice like the chirping of birds in spring or like the sound of silver bells on a summer afternoon.

"She's dead."

"Dead?!" Bakham frowned in confusion. He looked at the girl's body, which was lying on the ground, and startled, he exclaimed, "Hah?"

Bakham was so scared he sat on the ground; after all, he was only a 10-year-old boy. When he looked at the dead girl's body and saw her wounds, he was extremely frightened.

Trebun then spoke: "Bakham, Lily, you two leave quickly; this place is no longer safe."

Lily was the girl in a wheelchair wrapped in patchwork pieces of cloth. It seemed the girl was very special because Trebun looked at her with respect.

In fact, only Trebun knew Lily's identity; the people in the village had no idea who she was. The only thing they knew was that Trebun trusted Lily very much and that Lily had the ability to heal others' wounds.

Of course, her healing magic wasn't very powerful; it only helped with minor scratches or wounds. She could also stop bleeding and reduce the chance of an infection.

However, for the mixed-blood people who did not enjoy education or medical care, what Lily was doing exceeded their requirements many times over.

Because of that, the people in the mixed-blood village worshipped Lily fervently. Of course, Lily also didn't have to fight or participate in foraging because everyone in the village always gave her food.

Besides, Lily could not walk because her legs had lost the ability to function, so she could only sit in a wheelchair and ask Bakham to push her.

No one had seen Lily's real face because she was always covered by patchwork pieces of cloth, which only left the eye on her right side visible.

Lily glanced at Trebun, and she asked, "Is something terrible going to happen?" "Are the purebloods in the castle hunting?"

Trebun shook his head.

In fact, even though they were protected by the Dark-Elf Queen, the queen also gave orders not to kill the mixed-bloods around the kingdom.

However, Selvih could not always manage all the inhabitants of the kingdom, and she could not always take care of and protect them.

The purebloods inside the castle would sometimes "hunt" the mixed-bloods in the villages surrounding the kingdom.

They used the pretext of hunting monsters to kill the mixed-bloods; they usually said it happened by mistake, and of course they knew that Selvih would not oppose the entire noble class and inhabitants of the kingdom just for the deaths of a few mixed-bloods.

Even though there were occasional hunts by the pure bloods, compared to having nowhere to go and becoming food in the mouths of the mist monsters, it wasn't too big of a deal.

Of course, the mixed-blood slaves were also captured by pure-blooded people from within these villages.

Returning to the present, Trebun shook his head upon hearing that: "No, this time it's not a hunt but a purification."

Lily frowned and asked, "Is there something wrong with the Queen?"

Trebun made no secret of his intentions; he nodded and said, "Yes, the residents, the nobles, and the Senate want to overthrow the Queen."

Although the dead girl didn't say it clearly, Trebun was smart enough to know that this rebellion was backed by the Senate.


Think about it carefully: without the permission or intervention of the members of the Senate, how could a member of that body die? And how could that person's entire clan be killed?

Upon hearing that, Lily sighed: "Haizz, we're not actually the main reason why the inhabitants of the Dark-Elf Kingdom want to overthrow the Queen."

"You mean…"

"Yes, I think this is a plot to overthrow the Queen and seize the throne." "After all, the conflict between the Senate and the Queen has existed since Selvih became queen."

Lily explained.

"We are only a small inconvenience, but even though it is a small inconvenience, it is enough for the Senate to manipulate the people to rebel."

Trebun sighed and nodded, agreeing with Lily's explanation.

Lily continued: "Perhaps the Queen will have a hard time going against the Senate's plan this time."

After saying that, Lily looked towards the fog—or, to be more precise, towards the Dark-Elf Kingdom. She didn't go out much, but thanks to the inhabitants of this village, she knew the basics.

Although the amount of information was not much, it was enough to help Lily deduce more information.

Trebun now said, "Lily, you and the others run away."

"And you?"

"I will stay."

Lily, who heard that, stared at Trebun for a long time, then sighed. She then looked at Bakham and said, "Bakham, let's go."

Bakham, who was still sitting on the ground, had not yet calmed down after seeing the dead body of the other girl. The boy stammered, "Go.. where to?"

"Follow the villagers."

Bakham also found it difficult to understand what Lily said, but his duty was to obey Lily's orders, so he did not ask any more questions.

Bakham struggled to his feet, then hurriedly pushed Lily's wheelchair away.

Lily suddenly said, "Stop!"

"Heh?" The startled Bakham immediately stood still.

Trebun, Bakham, and Lily were all silent, and after a while, Lily spoke up: "Trebun, thank you for all this time." Goodbye."

Trebun smiled and replied, "Goodbye."

In the castle, in the square.

By this time, the seats that had been arranged were already filled with people. In the top row, Savuo, Duraxi, Duranka, Raven, and Bryen were sitting. Beside them, Selvian—or, to be more precise, the masked Lavian—was also sitting here with two other members of the Senate.

As for Onaro, of course he was dead, so his seat was still vacant.

Everyone was looking towards the great hall of the palace, waiting for the protagonist of today's ceremony.

The palace gate suddenly opened, and a chair exquisitely sculpted from an unnamed metal appeared. The yellow chair gave off an aura as dazzling as the sun.

That aura gradually weakened and then disappeared. At this moment, everyone saw a woman sitting on a throne, wearing the distinctive black dress of the Dark-Elf Queen, with a face so beautiful that no words could describe it.

On her body were seductive curves that were hidden behind the black skirt; her long hair fell on her back; and on her head was a purple crown floating about 5 centimetres from her head.

That's right, it was Selvih. She was now like a black swan, haughtily looking down at the people sitting on the square.

Although her mouth was still smiling, her gaze carried a coldness that made others feel cold.

However, it was impossible not to say that the people sitting in this place were all captivated by Selvih's beauty. Whether male or female, they could not resist Selvih's beauty.

When Duraxi saw Selvih, he took a deep breath; his heart beat continuously like a battle drum; his face showed greed; and in his heart he continuously shouted: "That's my woman. Mine. Mine."

Raven was also staring at Selvih, his eyes glued to her seductive body as drool leaked from his mouth.

Bryen, who was sitting next to Raven, also widened her eyes. She was surprised by Selvih's beauty, and she mentally scolded: "Damn it!" That venomous snake seemed to be much more beautiful than before. Why why?!'

However, there was only one person who was sitting in this place who was a bit surprised by her beauty, and yes, that was Savuo.

When he saw Selvih, he was only slightly surprised to see that she was a little more beautiful than before; however, what surprised him more was the wound on her eye.

That's right; at this point, Selvih's eyes were perfectly normal; there was no sign that her eyes had ever been injured.

However, Savuo clearly remembered Number 3 stabbing Selvih in the eye yesterday, and even using healing magic couldn't help her heal so quickly.

Savuo thought, "Does Selvih have a 'Regenerative' card?" Or maybe she's using magic to cover her wound?

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 213 Lily...