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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 212 Trebun... Do You Want To Live?

In fact, from the moment the girl entered the village gate, everyone had seen her. However, when they saw all the wounds on her body, they did not dare to act rudely so they waited for her to speak.

Everyone here recognized her as a Half-Elf because her ears were shorter than normal Elves, and especially her skin which was neither white nor black, as it was only slightly tanned.

The special thing that made them know that this girl was a Half-Elf was the slave mark on her neck. Any slave in the Dark-Elf Kingdom was a mixed-blood.

Slaves would be marked by a heated seal made of metal, which would then be pressed on their necks. The metal leaves a circular burn, and inside the circle is a slave symbol. Thus, it was easy to differentiate a slave.

The girl tried to enter the village, although her body was covered with wounds, and her blood was still soaking the ragged clothes she was wearing she continued shouting.

After she finished shouting, the girl who seemed to have lost all her strength immediately fell down.

Fortunately, an old man suddenly appeared next to the girl and hugged her. The old man looked at the girl with a frown, he shouted: "what are you all Looking at? Bring my medicine box here. Call the Bakham kid, tell him to bring that girl here, hurry!"

The old man shouted loudly, this snapped everyone from their daze, and they quickly did as he said. At this time, a young man approached the old man and asked, "Elder, who is this person?"

That's right, the old man holding this girl was the village chief, he looked about 80 years old, his beard and hair had all turned white.

He had green skin like an Orc, and his face was full of wrinkles from old age. However, his eyes were still very bright, displaying a lucidity unlike that of an old man.

His name was Trebun, he was a Half-Orc, yes, he was the product of an Orc after raping a girl.

Back to the present matter, although this girl's face was covered with wounds and burns, Trebun knew who this girl was because she was once a member of this village. However, because she wanted to bring more Misty Lamps to the village, she volunteered to become a slave in the Dark-Elf Kingdom.

The only consolation was that she became the slave of one of the five members of the Senate, Onaro.

Suddenly, the girl grabbed Trebun's hand, she gathered all her strength to say: "Elder, don't waste resources for me, I know… I can't live longer, but I want to tell you that... The inhabitants of the Kingdom want to overthrow the Queen."

Hearing that, Trebun frowned, his face showing tension, he immediately asked: "What? Are you sure?"

The girl gasped, her voice a little weak but she still managed to say: "Yes, they killed the entirety of Onaro's clan and slandered that it was the mixed blood that did it. They want to use that reason to overthrow the Queen."

Trebun frowned upon hearing that, his face filled with anger. He knew the Queen was the one who helped them secure a place to live, however, the residents, no, to be more precise, those who claimed to be of pure blood thought that the mixed blood's soiled the kingdom.

That's why the pure-blooded people always wanted to destroy the entire group of mixed-blood people. However, thanks to the Queen, the pure-blooded people didn't dare to do that.

Now, they completely wanted to overthrow the queen, which meant that mixed-blooded people like him would also become fish on the cutting board. If the queen was overthrown, their fate would surely be extremely tragic.

The girl's breathing became weaker and weaker, however, she still managed to say: "Elder..."

The girl could only utter one word and then…

At this moment, the young man standing beside Trebun put his hand on his shoulder and said, "Elder, she's gone."

Trebun nodded and sighed. He was still looking at the girl who died with her eyes wide open and tears still flowing out of her eyes as if she had endured countless resentments.

He laid the girl on the ground and closed her eyes with his hands.

Trebun knew what the girl's last sentence meant, she wanted to say that she hoped she could save the Queen. Saving the queen meant saving themselves.

He turned his head and looked behind him. The villagers had also gathered here. They were all mixed-blood people from different races; their bodies were a bit weird; no, compared to normal people, they were extremely different; they were like mutants or people with disabilities.

As Trebun looked at them, they also looked at him. He desperately wanted to save the Queen, but he couldn't. Even though he was the village head, he was not the strongest; he was just a useless old man who had outlived countless people.

The young man standing beside him said, "Elder, what happened?"

Trebun shook his head, stood up, and turned to everyone in the village and shouted: "Listen well, those who claim to be of pure blood want to overthrow the Queen, who gave us a place to live."

"We have no other choice; all the young people, women, and children should take the misty lamp and find another place to live. The old people will remain here."

Everyone was confused by what Trebun was saying, and one of the crowd shouted, "Elder, what the hell are you talking about? We will never run away; we have lived like animals for too long; even if we die, we will die heroically."

"Yes, this time we will counterattack." Another person shouted.

"Yes, we will not run away; we will fight."

"Elder, we will risk our lives, at least to make the purebloods in the castle bleed."

"Kill them all, save the Queen."

"Save the Queen."

"Save the Queen."

Everyone spoke up, for the mixed-blooded people in this place, the Queen was the god who gave them a place to live, the Queen protected them from the pursuit of the pure-bloods so they worshipped her.

They, like Trebun, know that if the queen is overthrown, their fate would be extremely tragic.

Therefore, they wanted to rebel and save the queen.

Trebun got angry and shouted, "You want to save the Queen? You fools!"

"What can you do? You can't even break through the wall."

"You think you're strong? Wrong! You're wrong!"

? "You have only a little power; a 10-year-old pureblood can easily kill 10 adult mixed-bloods."

"Can you fight the royal army? No! Even the army guarding the city gates cannot defeat you."

"Tell me, how do you want to save the Queen?"


Trebun spoke so much that the crowd fell silent; they looked at each other and then at Trebun, then bowed their heads and said nothing.

That's right; how could they save the queen when they couldn't even take care of their own lives? The people here didn't even have enough food to eat, nor any clean water to drink; they couldn't even afford to own a brand new Misty Lamp for themselves.

They had no way to save the Queen when they couldn't even save their own kidneys.

What Trebun said was true, so there was no way they could refute it. At this point, one person said: "Now, what do we do?"

Trebun said, "Do as I say. The purebloods inside the Kingdom will surely use this opportunity to destroy us with their army."

"Army? Only the Queen can control the army; how can anyone else control the army?"

"Yes, Elder, you are thinking too much."

"I think so too. The army can only obey the Queen's orders."

Everyone here didn't seem to believe what Trebun said, so he angrily shouted, "Stupid!"

The people who heard it fell silent.

"Do you think things are that simple? If they can't control the army, will the purebloods inside the castle intend to overthrow the Queen?"

"You should know that this girl is a slave of a member of the Senate. The purebloods inside the castle are ready to kill a member of the Senate to slander us, as an excuse to rebel and overthrow the Queen."

"A member of the Senate has been sacrificed, so do you think you can get away with this?"

"Stupid! You guys are so stupid!"

"Like I said, women, children, and young people have to leave this place. You will be the new blood needed to continue creating new generations. "The old people without the ability to fight and work will stay; if they follow you, they will be a great burden for you."

The crowd was startled when they heard this, and they started whispering to each other. At this time, another person said: "Elder, we are just mixed-bloods; no matter where we go, we will be chased by others. If everyone fights together and we die, it will also be considered a form of liberation."

Everyone who heard this agreed with what the person had just said. Yes, no matter where they went, they would face countless dangers. Even if they left the village, they wouldn't have enough energy for the Misty Lamps to work, and they would also become a meal for the monsters in the fog.

Even if they found another place to live, they would not be safe; perhaps the self-proclaimed purebloods would continue chasing them away, or worse, they would kill them.

Because of that, there was no point in running away from this place, and their end was the same as choosing to stay here.

Trebun was so angry after he heard this that he shouted, "Shut up! Do you think that the last 2,500 years we have lived was in vain? In that case, have the people who have protected this place for the past 2,500 years done this in vain?"

"Do you think that mixed-blooded people cannot live? Do you also think that you have no right to live? If you do, then even if you are alive, you are no different from the dead."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 212 Trebun... Do You Want To Live?