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Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 211 The Village...

After seeing Selvih leave, Hikaru also gradually calmed down. Of course he knew where Selvih was going; after all, he had examined the entire kingdom the last time he teleported here.

Hikaru had many thoughts going through his mind as he lay in bed. At this moment, Rika's voice suddenly resounded in his head.

[Master, are you worried about Selvih?]

Hikaru didn't retort; he nodded and said: "Yes, there are many powerful beings in this kingdom, and although I have evolved Selvih, she can't still defeat them, but I can easily help her."

[Master, you don't intend to help her?]

Hikaru shook his head. "I know Selvih wants to solve this on her own. Of course, if I notice something dangerous, I will immediately intervene."

Yes, Hikaru used his skills to simulate fighting with the opposition, and thanks to his new skill, he was able to easily destroy all of those people.

Speaking of new skills, Hikaru suddenly showed a satisfied smile because he had created and perfected several new skills. Of course, those skills were all based on his void energy and the Void Hole; he just changed the way he used them.

Hikaru didn't want to destroy all of Selvih's enemies because he felt that Selvih was a bit like him.

Apart from Sherwin and Duraxi, Hikaru also had his enemies. While he was on Earth, he also had a few people he hated. However, all of those people didn't do anything excessive except for Raito and Naomi.

He wondered how Raito and Naomi were doing, and if they were still alive. However, he hoped that those two were still alive because he wanted to return what they did to him, a hundredfold.

"Rika, are Raito and Naomi still alive?"

[They are Alive, however, some things happened to them. I can't tell you what they went through but I can assure you that they are still alive and thriving.]

"Are they very powerful? Very well, hopefully the next time we meet, they can entertain us a little." Hikaru smiled and said, his voice extremely cold. It seemed that the cowardly Hikaru of the past had died, and was replaced by someone else.

Although Hikaru hadn't completely changed, his mindset had completely changed, especially the way he viewed his enemies.

He wanted to let Raito and Naomi reach their full potential, because the higher they climbed, the more painful their fall would be.

Hikaru also wasn't worried that they would surpass him, given the sheer amount of skill and strength of the people around him, his chances of failure was almost zero.

There might be a chance that Raito and Naomi could win against him, however, the odds of that happening were very low, it was almost zero and the reason there was a small chance was if some horrible existence from outside this world decided to save them.

However, with Fellea's involvement, he didn't think that he would fail, after all, Fellea was a god and Hikaru believed that with their bond, Fellea would help him.

Thanks to the Void Cloak's new function, he could enter the [Void] state, in which no one could see or feel him.

Void Cloak

Description 5: The player can enter the [Void] state, in which no one can see you. If you actively attack, this status will be immediately removed.

Unless he attacked someone else, he would be invisible forever. The energy consumed for this was void energy, which the void space continuously produced and this could power him without limit.

Hikaru wanted to see how Selvih would deal with those foolish and greedy people so he left.

At this moment, in a splendid and majestic palace, numerous servants were constantly on the move, leading the guests who had come to celebrate the ceremony to their seats in the main square.

In front of the palace, a platform of more than 10,000 square meters lined with an extremely sturdy stone appeared.

On the platform, many tables and cushions were arranged for guests and royals to attend the celebration.

It could be seen that numerous people from many different races came. Each person represented a kingdom, a race, a clan or a certain guild.

Of course, their status was extremely noble, only those who possess the same power as the king of a lower kingdom and above could sit in this place. Other people were not allowed to enter this area.

The entire palace and square were surrounded by a stone wall that was more than five meters high. Although the wall was not high, there were many magic characters on the wall that could both protect the wall and prevent others from entering without permission.

Outside the palace, countless people of the Dark-Elf kingdom were monitoring the situation inside through a giant illusion screen in the air.

The day of celebration was a happy day for the entire kingdom, however, the residents here carried faces filled with seriousness and anger.

If someone took a closer look, they would see that they were all carrying weapons as if a war was about to happen. It seemed that all the inhabitants of the Dark-Elf kingdom, no, to be more precise, the purebloods of the Dark-Elves were preparing for a terrible war.

Outside the Dark-Elf Kingdom, to be more precise, in the half-Elf settlements surrounding the Dark-Elf Kingdom.

This place was formed by small villages, each village was only about 100-300 meters apart. These villages were surrounded by a fence made of tree branches that were tied together.

Around the village, there were also temporarily erected pillars, on which hung Misty Lamps to prevent the fog from entering.

However, it was not difficult to see that the light of those Misty Lamps was very faint, it seemed that it would go out at any time. The appearance of those Misty Lamps was also not as beautiful as the Misty Lamps that the inhabitants of the Dark-Elf Kingdom were using.

The inhabitants of this place could not afford to buy Misty Lamps, so they could only pick up the Misty Lamps that the inhabitants of the Dark-Elf Kingdom had discarded.

As for the people in the Dark-Elf Kingdom, they thought that their status was noble so they couldn't use the faded or broken Misty Lamps.

Although these Misty Lamps were only slightly damaged or scratched, or the energy inside it was not as much as the others so the light was not as bright, however, since they claimed to be a pure race they didn't want to use them anymore, so they threw them away.

The Half-Elves enslaved within that Kingdom could collect them and bring them out to be used by the Half-Elves outside.

Even though they were all things that other people threw away, for the Half-Elves inside the villages around the Kingdom it was a priceless treasure.

Yes, they couldn't afford to buy a Misty Lamp and of course they couldn't get their hands on Misty Lamp manufacturing technology either. They could only collect usable Misty Lamps that were discarded by other nobles.

What was discarded by others was what helped them in maintaining their lives and fighting off the terrible monsters inside the fog.

The special thing was that the residents here did not consist of only Half-Elfs, as there were also different mixed race people living with them. Although they were not all of the same race, they all lived peacefully with each other.

Perhaps this was so because they were also victims of racism. In fact, not only Dark-elves, other races consider mixed-race people, with impure bloodlines as slaves and cattle.

They seemed to have nowhere to go and they could only wander around. However, everywhere was covered with fog, and they couldn't afford to buy a Misty Lamp, so they had only one option and that was to become a slave in the place where they were born.

There were a few people who escaped with the other mixed-bloods, they took a Misty Lamp and went to places where they could live, and established small villages to hide from those who claimed to be of pure blood.

However, since Selvih allowed mixed-bloods to live around the citadel, there have been many villages for mixed-bloods.

Although countless nobles and residents of the Dark-Elf Kingdom protested, Selvih ignored them, she just followed what she thought was right.

Because of this, the nobles and inhabitants of the Dark-Elf kingdom did not like Selvih, and even thought of overthrowing her.

Mixed-blooded people however were different, they saw Selvih as a God, a God who gives abandoned people like them a place where they could live.

Inside the village, the children were trying to train their fighting ability. For mixed-bloods, childhood was an extremely luxurious thing. To be able to survive in this harsh world, everyone must know how to fight, including men, women, the elderly and children.

If they didn't know how to fight, no one would protect them, as they could only save themselves. Therefore, from a young age, children had to learn to fight and endure harsh training from adults.

It's not that the parents of those children didn't love them, on the contrary, they loved these children, they wanted these children to be able to protect themselves from the horrors inside the fog and from those who claim to be of pure blood.

Here, without exception, there were no festivals at all. Everyone has their own duties, even the elderly have to work, otherwise they would become useless and be seen as a burden.

Anyway, food was too scarce in this place, so they had to learn how to hunt and find food. If one person in the family loses their ability to find food, the pressure would be on the rest of the family.

At this time, from outside the village gate, a woman slowly came in, her body was covered in wounds, and burns, and blood dyed her clothes red.

The girl walked unsteadily, she seemed to use all her strength to enter the village. she then shouted: "Everyone… The Queen… The purebloods want to overthrow the Queen."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 211 The Village...