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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine, stupefied

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

Before Qin Sheng could finish her sentence, Gong Mochen’s words interrupted her.

“Go and review your homework with Tingting. If you fail the monthly exam again, see how I’ll teach you a lesson. ”

“third brother, let’s go, or we’ll be late. ” Qin Zixian urged the man, not wanting to see the man and Qin Sheng say another word.

It was clearly a lesson for Qin Sheng, but no matter how she listened, it sounded so ambiguous.

Qin Sheng stomped her foot. That damned man, he actually said that his aunt didn’t miss him. If not, why did aunt Mao not go to work at the Qin Corporation after graduating from university, but instead went to work as Gong Mochen’s secretary.

“He’s already gone, why are you still looking? Are you going to revise your homework or not? If not, I’ll call my uncle and tell him! ” Qin Yunting knew what was the most effective way to threaten Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng rolled her eyes. “So what if I’m going to revise, who’s afraid of WHO? ”

She carried her backpack and walked into the study room. Her backpack was thrown onto the desk with a thud, and she also threw herself onto the swivel chair with her legs crossed on the desk.

Qin Yunting couldn’t stand Qin Sheng’s Ruffian look the most, and she couldn’t stand Qin Sheng’s t-shirt and jeans. She always wore a lace dress. She was as noble as a princess in a fairy tale book.

“Tsk Tsk, don’t say you’re my cousin when you go out. HOW EMBARRASSING! ” She said in disgust.

She could only blame the two of them because their birthdays were only two months apart. It was an insult for them to be in class one.

“Don’t review my homework if you think it’s embarrassing. GET LOST! ” Qin Sheng shouted.

Qin Yunting was so angry that she glared at her. “Who are you asking to get lost? Do you think I want to teach you? With your grades, my grandfather said that the Qin family has never had such bad grades since someone else’s Day. The iq of a sincere child follows its mother. Only your mother... ”

Suddenly, Qin Sheng jumped up from the swivel chair, picked up the wallpaper knife on the desk, and stabbed at Qin Yunting. “You dare to f * Cking say that again? ”

The eldest daughter, Qin Yunting, was so scared that she dodged backwards. The knife was aimed straight at her, and Qin Sheng had always been a person who dared to do anything.

“What did I say? I didn’t say anything. I just said that you follow your mother’s Iq. You went online and checked it out. It was developed by a scientist! ” She hurriedly explained.

Qin Sheng snorted coldly and put away the wallpaper knife. was she not good at her studies?

Hehe, that was because she did not want to do well in the exams. Her studies were all very good. However, Gong Mochen had gone abroad. She wanted to use all kinds of methods to force Gong Mochen to come back. In the end, she thought of this. Her academic results had plummeted from then on, and her uncle had finally returned.

She liked being carried and taught by her uncle. If she did well in the exams, would there be any benefits However, Qin Yunting, this sparrow, did not know her ambition!

What was the exam The key was to throw her uncle down.

“What are you studying for? Hurry up and say it! ” She asked.

Qin Yunting covered her heart with her hand. She wanted to kill Qin Sheng.

“reviewing is nothing more than writing and practicing, ” she said as she took out a few notebooks from the drawer of the desk and threw them on the table “copy the newly learned ‘Tianjingsha Qiusi’ five times. Also, do the English words and the math comprehensive exercises once. That’s all. I have something to do, so I’m going out. I’ll check your homework when I get back. ”

She raised her head proudly and walked out of the study. When she closed the door, she quietly locked the door. If she dared to attack her, she would see how Qin Sheng would be dealt with.

Her mother was the princess of the hotel, and her daughter was a SL * T in her bones!

Qin Sheng watched her cousin walk out of the room and knock her fingers on the table to help her with her homework?

It was obvious that she was asking her to help her with her homework. Moreover, she was sure that Qin Yunting had gone on a date with their school grass Husky.

Her eyes turned and flashed with a fox-like craftiness. She opened her notebook and began to write “autumn thoughts in the clear sky. “.

“withered vines, old trees, Faint Crows... ”

HAHAHA She wrote down the poem she had written and guaranteed that the teacher would be dumbfounded when he saw Qin Yunting’s homework tomorrow!

Time passed by under the tip of her pen.

At noon, she finished both of their homework and got up to go to the restaurant for lunch. Only then did she realize that she was locked by Qin Yunting!

Oh my God Did she mean to stop her from eating?

She did not ask anyone to open the door. In this house, her words were not as effective as those of a servant. Even if she did, no one would care about her.

Her stomach was growling. It was not good to be hungry. Mou Ran Thought of something. She stepped on the table to reach for the things in the ceiling light pool. As expected, she took out a lot of imported snacks.

In order to let her daughter have a bone-chilling figure, second aunt Zheng Min never let Qin yunting eat snacks. However, she once found that Qin Yunting hid the snacks here.

If she didn’t eat all the snacks on the table, how could she let her good cousin down The corners of her lips curved, and she guaranteed that Qin yunting would vomit blood when she found out!

Just when she was lying comfortably on the SOFA, chewing the imported potato chips, grabbing the imported chocolate, and licking the light cheese on the imported cake, the voices of her grandfather and grandmother came from outside the door.

“Why did you come back so late? Mo Chen brought Qin Sheng back today, ” he fen said.

It was indeed a dead silence. She could imagine the expression on her grandfather’s face. Her father had died in a car accident when he rushed to the hospital. Her grandfather thought that she had killed his eldest son.

The pain of losing her son made him not even allow her to call him by the name on the genealogy. According to the genealogy, she should be called Qin Yun Sheng.

However, she didn’t care if she didn’t have the word “Yun” because her uncle had named her Sheng. It was the meaning of life and also a kind of musical instrument. Her uncle said that Sheng had its own rhyme, and she didn’t need that word. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

After a while, her grandfather Qin Ze’s voice was heard, “come back if you’re back. ”

Qin Sheng pursed her lips and took a bite of the cake. Qin Ze’s tone was as if there was an additional servant or an unimportant person in the house.

“Qin Sheng doesn’t matter. We’ll just raise her for a few more years and get married. However, Mo Chen isn’t young anymore and it’s time for him to get married. What I mean is, tell Mo Chen to marry Ziyan to him. The scale of his company is getting bigger and bigger. We, the Qin family, have trained him. We can’t let outsiders benefit. ” He Fen held onto Qin Ze’s arm As she spoke, she walked.

Qin Sheng jumped up from the SOFA and rushed to the door. She pressed her ear against the door and wanted to hear her grandfather’s reply.

“It’s for the best... ”

What about the end What about the end Qin Sheng was almost stuck in the door, so she didn’t hear her grandfather’s words.

However, from the meaning of the words, it was clear that her grandfather had agreed to he fen’s suggestion to marry her aunt to Gong Mochen!

Qin Sheng kicked the door. Damn it, her aunt dared to steal her man!

“What’s that sound? ” Suddenly, Qin Ze’s voice came from the corridor.

“It’s me. Cousin locked me in the study. She won’t let me eat or go out. ” Qin Sheng said loudly from the door and quickly packed the empty food bags.

Damn it, she wanted to complain to Qin Yunting. She wanted to go to Gong MOCHEN TO STOP HIM FROM MARRYING HIS AUNT!

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