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Chapter 11: Chapter 11, too unruly

Author:?The first love of a rainy day?MACHINE TRANSLATION

Gong Mochen’s eyes focused on the little vixen beside him, who had an innocent look of concern on her face.

Qin Zixian also noticed Gong Mochen’s abnormality. “Yes, third brother, why is your face so red and you’re sweating? ”

“The weather is a little hot. I’ll just take off my suit. ” Gong Mochen stood up as he spoke, taking off his suit and Qin Sheng’s little feet.

Qin Zixian took the man’s suit and handed it to the servant beside her. WAS IT hot today?

“third brother, eat this. I asked my mother to make it for you on purpose. ” She scooped a bowl of Buddha jumps over the wall soup for the man. There was nothing to say about this nourishing function.

“Qin Sheng, you eat it too. ” Qin Yunting gave Qin Sheng some vegetables in a ostentatious manner. However, what was Sheng was not buddha jumps over the wall soup, but bitter melons. Moreover, it was a large pile of dark green bitter melons.

She looked at Qin Sheng with a smile. Qin Sheng had secretly eaten her snacks. She had not vented her anger yet!

“My tingting is still sensible and knows how to take care of my cousin. ” Zheng Min seized the opportunity and did not forget to praise her daughter in front of Qin Ze.

Qin Sheng’s brows furrowed into a knot. She had never been picky about her food, but there was one thing that she really did not like to eat. It was bitter melon. The Plate of Bitter Melon Fried Shrimp was only served with bitter melon by Qin Yunting. It was clear that she was deliberately looking for trouble with her.

Sure enough, Qin Yunting continued speaking “Eh, Qin Sheng, why aren’t you eating? Are you still angry with your cousin? Heaven and earth have a conscience. I locked you in your room for the sake of your studies. GRANDMA, I won’t care about Qin Sheng anymore. Look at her holding a grudge against me now! ”

Qin Sheng closed her eyes. Gosh, she hadn’t even said a word, but Qin Yunting had directed and acted out a bitter love scene for her grandparents!

She picked up a bitter melon and took a bite. “Why would I hate my cousin for locking me in the room? Next time, if cousin continues to lock me in, I’ll definitely not come out. It’s just that I’m so full now that I’ve decided not to eat. ”

Qin Yunting was choked back by Qin Sheng in one breath. How could she not be full after eating so many snacks That damned Qin Sheng still wanted to be locked up. She wouldn’t lock Qin Sheng even if she was beaten to death.

Qin Zixian looked like a saintess. “Our Qin family has never had the rule of leftovers. ”

She picked up a bitter melon and ate it elegantly. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

Hur Hur Hur. Qin Sheng lowered her eyes, obviously scolding her for not being worthy of being a Qin family. She had never cared about Qin!

She raised her hand and picked up the bitter melon in her bowl and gave it to Gong Mochen. She blinked her big eyes, looking as cute as a hamster.

“Uncle, I’ll give you your favorite bitter melon. ”

Gong Mochen glared at the little hamster. Now he remembered to act cute. How did she kick him just now?

After 18 years of being together, they ate and slept together. Their tastes were also strangely similar. She didn’t like to eat things that he didn’t like.

He picked up the half-eaten bitter melon from Qin Sheng and ate it.

Qin Zixian looked at Gong Mochen in surprise. She remembered that when they ordered lunch at noon, Nie Feng had told her that Gong Mochen didn’t have any other taboos other than bitter melon, as long as the taste was a little bland.

“Qin Sheng, aren’t you too unruly? Do you want third brother to give you the leftovers? ” Her tone carried her anger. How could Gong Mochen eat half of Qin Sheng’s remaining bitter melons?

Qin Sheng’s lips curved into a crescent moon “Auntie, how could such a well-bred family forget to respect their elders? Little uncle loves to eat bitter melons, and cousin gave me almost all the bitter melons in the plate. How could I eat them all by myself? Of course I have to show respect to little uncle. Little uncle, don’t you think so?”

Gong Mochen’s face turned green from eating the bitter melons. Damn little thing.

“Well, it’s rare for my niece to be filial to me. At least I didn’t raise her for so many years in vain. ”

“little uncle, you flatter me. Eat more. ” Qin Sheng smiled evilly and picked up the bitter melons on the plate for Gong Mochen to eat.

Gong Mochen picked up the last half of the bitter melons and gave it to Qin Sheng. “good niece, your heart aches when you see me eat all the bitter melons, right? Little uncle even left half for you. ”

He Fed the bitter melons to Qin Sheng. Let’s see if she still dares to cause trouble!

Qin Zixian’s eyebrows were almost raised. That half of the bitter Gourd was eaten by Gong Mochen. Her hand almost broke the chopsticks.

It was so bitter. Qin Sheng was so bitter that she cried. She didn’t dare to kick uncle anymore.

Qin Sheng only wanted to throw up after a meal. Nothing could cover the bitter taste in her mouth.

Gong Mochen got up and went back to the bedroom to take a shower. His mind was filled with the little girl’s aggrieved look while eating the bitter Gourd.

Qin Sheng quietly entered Gong Mochen’s room. Her mouth was full of bitterness. She wanted to settle the score with Gong Mochen.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was pushed open and the man walked out. His hand, which was holding a towel to dry his hair, stopped.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I arrange a guest room for you? ” He lowered his voice.

Qin Sheng came in front of the man, “who asked you to give me bitter melon to eat just now? My mouth is full of bitterness. You bully me, you have to be responsible! ”

She held the man’s hand and shook his arm.

Gong Mochen looked down at the girl, “if your mouth is bitter, go eat candy. ”

“No, eating candy will make you fat. I heard that a kiss won’t make you bitter. ” Qin Sheng raised her head and pouted.

“I eat more than you do. If I kiss you, you will suffer even more. Now go back to your room! ” Gong Mochen ordered.

Qin Sheng stood on her tiptoes and hooked her arms around the man’s neck. “Then I will help you relieve your pain! ”

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