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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 316 - 16 Chapter 316 : That idiot

16 Chapter 316 : That idiot

Layla squeezed her stomach and groaned, it was churning painfully the closer they got to the Gavarian royal palace, this definitely was not a good sign, a Luna’s instincts were never wrong.

As she watched the gaurds inspect their carraige and open the palace gates, she said a silent prayer. She beseeched the gods to do everything within their power to ensure her son and his mate was were okay, but something within her kept telling her things were already heading south.

When their carraige came to a halt, Edron reached for his Luna’s hand and stroked it gently.

“Don’t worry so much,” he uttered softly, “nothing is wrong I promise you my love. Besides, Gavaria is the most secure place in the continent, what harm could possibly come to our son and his mate?”

Layla nodded and watched her husband step out of the carraige before he reached for her. Hesitantly she took his hand and stepped out into the paved courtyard of the palace, she soon realized she was not very fond of the place. There was no moment she had come here and all was well, each time she stepped foot in this palace, there was always something that went tragically wrong.

Edron tightened his hold on Layla’s hand and glanced around skeptically, wondering why no one was coming to welcom them, it was rather odd.

But before long, Edron and Layla heard shouting and screaming coming from the inside of the palace. The silver haired alpha was about to walk towards the palace doors so as to get a better view of what was going on, but as soon as he took a step forward, a large silver wolf, one he recognized almost instantly as his son, leapt through.

On the back of the large beast, was a young man holding a woman who seemed unconscious.



The wolf’s ears perked up at the sound of his mother’s voice calling to him. He landed a few feet away, breathing heavily and watched his parents intently.

Layla broke free from her husband’s grip and ran towards her son, as she inched closer to him, her eyes fell on the young man and the woman on his back.

The Luna’s eyes circled when she recognized the young woman, that was princess Eira! But why was Elric carrying her like that? And why did she look

so deathly pale?

No, could it be that.....

Layla gulped at the thought and stopped in her tracks. “Elric, what’s going on? Why does the princess look this way?”

This silver wolf made a whimpering sound and took a step back, that sound alone was more that enough to let Layla know that her thoughts were right.

The Luna gasped and covered her mouth before shaking her head in disbelief.

“No, no it can’t be...” Layla’s eyes began to water, for she knew the consequences of losing a mate to the cruel hands of death. “What... what are you planning to do Elric?”

When she saw the look in her son’s honey brown eyes, she knew.

“Elric no!”

She reached for him but he moved away and turned for the palace gate.

“Elric wait! There has to be another way!”

When the sound of the yelling gaurds drew nearer, the silver wolf broke into a run towards the palace gates, leaving his mother screaming after him.

It broke Elric’s heart to put his parents through this yet again, but he really did not have a choice. He had a chance to be with Eira, and he had sworn to himself that he would not let anyone get in the way of that.

As they broke through the palace gates, shoving the four guards who were stationed there aside, Gavin developed a new found sense of respect and admiration for the lycan prince. He was literally sacrificing everything for Eira, his family, his friends, and quite possibly his own life.

Gavin held on tightly to Eira and made a vow, he was going to unite them no matter what it would take, He swore this upon his grandfather’s grave.

Layla watched helplessly as her son run off to his possible demise, she wanted to scream, cry and laugh all at once, why was the world always so cruel to her boy?

Edron grabbed Layla’s shoulder and swiftly turned her around.

“What is he doing?! What happened to the princess?!”

A group of guards emerged from the palace yelling after Elric.

“Get the horses! We can’t let him escape!”

Edron held both his wife’s shoulders and shook them. “Gods Layla! Say something!”

The Luna looked up at her husband with eyes that lacked all emotion and uttered three words, “Eira is dead.”

Edron didn’t need anything more, he knew what was to come. If the princess had died, he knew perfectly well that his son would not think twice about joining her in the afterlife.

“That idiot!”

Edron transformed into his wolf and dashed after his love deranged son. He had to catch him before it was too late. Damn these bloody kids!

Layla stood by the carriage feeling helpless as she watched her husband disappear into the horizon ahead. The truth of the matter was that, even if they somehow stopped Elric from ending his own life, without his mate, he would ultimately pass in due time.

That was the law of mates, and it was bigger than all of them.


Melissa closed the door to her chambers and turned to Maria who was pacing the hallway nervously. When she saw the queen emerge from the room, she rushed to her and clasped her hands together.

“Please your majesty, tell me, is the king alright?”

Melissa nodded, earning a long sigh of relief from Maria.

“He is alright, he is merely unconscious,” Melissa spoke. “The mage Gavin must have tranquilized him so he and Elric could get away with Eira’s body.”

“But why in the Gods’ good names would they want to do that?!” Maria exclaimed. “I understand the lycan is still in denial but what will he gain from stealing the princess?!”

“A second chance with her,” Melissa mumbled and squeezed her chest. She looked up at Maria who was clearly buffled by her response and gave her a serious look, “you must summon Renly immediately, he may know what Elric and his son are up to.”

“But your majesty-”

“Now Maria, go!”

As the queen watched maria scamper away to do as she was told, she caught sight of a familiar face she had not seen in years. She walked slowly towards the beautiful woman and curtsied before her.

“Luna, what... why are you here? How did you-”

“You know what my son is planning to do don’t you?” Layla spoke in a voice laced with grief. “You must tell me everything.”

Melissa nodded and gestured her unexpected guest towards the library, “I’ll tell you everything I know.”


Tauriel walked to where her grandson was saddling up his horse and cleared her throat to get his attention.


The young hybrid turned to look at his grandmother and proceeded to bowing slightly. “I am about to ride for Ervelon grandmother, is there something you needed?”

Damien’s face was still as dark as the pits of hell, his anger and need to avenge his cousin had consumed him so deeply that he was almost unrecognizable.

Tauriel handed him a satchel, “I packed you a few things for the road.”

Damien took the satchel and bowed thankfully before mounting his steed.

“Damien, I worry about you,” Tauriel mumbled, “don’t you think you should be accompanied on this journey?”

“I will be fine grandmother,” Damien responded coldly, “I assure you that I can take care of myself.”

He kicked the horse’s sides and sped off, leaving his grandmother downcast.

“It’s not you i worry about Damien,” Tauriel whispered to herself as she watched her grandson speed away. “It is whoever will cross your path.”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 316 - 16 Chapter 316 : That idiot