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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 315 - 315 Chapter 315 : A cold winter

315 Chapter 315 : A cold winter

Elric and Gavin exchanged tense glances, as if asking each other what the hell they were going to do next.

The sliver haired lycan walked towards where his beloved’s body was laying so he could pick her up, but Gareth used his light magic to form a barrier abound her.

“Not another step Elric!” Gareth warned, “not until you tell me what you’re up to!”

Elric looked up, increasingly feeling frustrated. Couldn’t this man see that he was trying to reunite with his mate? All this questioning he was doing was wasting precious time.

“Gareth, step aside...”

The eleven king thickened the light barrier around his daughter and frowned.

“Eira is my daughter Elric, I’m not just going to hand her to you without an explanation...”

“In case you haven’t noticed ‘your majesty’, your daughter is dead!” Hearing himself say those words hurt Elric a little more than he anticipated. “All I’m trying to do, is it join her on the other side! If you waste any more time the transmigration spell won’t work! Now step aside!”

“Transmigration spell?...” Gareth gulped at the thought. Wasn’t that the forbidden magic that was used on them all those years ago? “You want to use black magic on my daughter?” He turned to Gavin and then back to Elric, “are you both mad?! Have you forgotten the hurdles we went through because of black magic?! All those wars, all that death and blood?!”


“Theres no other way Gareth!” Elric roared and slammed his fist against the light barrier Gareth had formed, slightly cracking it in the process.

The shock at how the lycan was able to crack his light barrier was short lived, as Gareth was focused on the lengths to which Elric would go just to be with his daughter. What if the spell failed and they ended up in some far away world in a far away land? Or worse, what if they both died, never to be reborn again?! Gareth couldn’t allow it, there had been enough chaos in his kingdom for one lifetime.

“Think Elric! Your emotions are draining you of all logic, you think a mage like Gavin can perform a spell as complex as that?! I will not allow you to get yourself killed and desecrate my daughter’s body in the process, forget it!”

The dark haired king tripled his barrier and frowned at the now growling lycan.

Elric’s animal instincts were beginning to rage, it was just matter of time untill Gareth became less of a man, and more of a thing standing between him and his mate, and once that happened, there would be blood.

Gavin could read what was happening to the lycan prince all too clearly, the rage of a wolf who had lost his mate was not something that they could afford to unleash right now, he had to do something quickly before that dark aura that was slowly sipping out from Elric chocked them all.

“Your majesty!”

Gareth shifted his gaze from Elric to Gavin who had called to him. The young man’s face had an indifferent look, which made Gareth instinctively look down at Gavin’s hand. And there, held firmly between Gavin’s middle and index finger was a small vial with a dark fluid.

“Gavin, stop!”

“Forgive me your majesty!”

Gaving threw the vial towards the elven king and turned to Elric.

“Your grace!” Gavin yelled and grabbed Elric’s attention. “Grab the princes and follow me! Hurry!”

Elric turned to look at Eira, and to his surprise, the barrier around her began to crumble. As he reached for his beloved, he caught glimpse of Gareth who was holding on to the wall and coughing hysterically, obviously a consequence of whatever Gavin had thrown at him.

“Prince Elric! We must go now!” Gavin yelled a second time.

It was just a matter of time before the guards came and arrested them both.

Elric carried Eira and bolted towards the door after Gavin, as he ran, he transformed into his lycan form. He grabbed Gavin by the cloak and threw him onto his back, urging him to hold on to Eira and give him directions to where they were to go. Gavin nodded and did likewise, the adrenaline of just having tranquilized the king still rushing through his veins.


“Your highness please,” Maria pleaded with Melissa who was stubbornly finishing up changing so she could leave. “The king gave strict instructions for you to stay in bed until he says otherwise!”

Melissa stood up straight and looked back at Maria with a cold stare. “Maria, my only child was just murdered...”

The way those words left her lips made Maria shudder. One could literally feel the pain in the redhead’s heart as she spoke, no mother should ever have to bury their child, it was cruel.

“I can’t just lay in bed and let my husband bare all of that on his own, I need to be by his side. I need to ensure that the people responsible for my daughter’s death are brought to book.”

Melissa grabbed her coat and walked out of the room with Maria following closely behind.

“Where’s my husband?”

“Last I saw him he was on the way to the chapel morgue your highness,” Maria responded in defeat, it was clear there was no convincing Melissa to stay in bed. “I hear he wanted to speak to the lycan prince, the poor man has not left the morgue since Eira was laid there.”

Melissa pulled her coat tighter as she walked out of the palace. She felt sorry for Elric, but at the end of the day, all of them would have to accept the fact that Eira was gone. The best they could do for her is to put her to rest and punish those responsible for her demise.

She walked briskly towards the chapel, the cold icy wind bitting her cheeks. This was easily the coldest day of winter, and she couldn’t spend it in bed while her husband was dealing with all this commotion.

She walked into the chapel corridor and immediately heard her husband’s voice, he was having a heated argument with Elric about Eira, what were they talking about? She inched closer and could hear them a little clearer. They were talking about a spell and black magic.

“In case you haven’t noticed ‘your majesty’, your daughter is dead! All I’m trying to do, is it join her on the other side! If you waste any more time the transmigration spell won’t work! Now step aside!”

Melissa covered her mouth and gasped. Elric was trying to use dark magic to be with Eira? Could he really do that?! If so, was there a way she too could be able to see her little girl just one more time?

Melissa was about to rush into the morgue when she heard the sound of something break, and before she could react, a large silver wolf burst out the door with Gavin and Eira on its back. There was no question about it, it was Elric.

“Wait! Elric!”

Melissa was about to run after Elric when she heard her husband coughing and yelling Elric’s name. She ran into the morgue and gasped when she saw Gareth on all fours on the floor, gasping for air.

She would have to go after Elric later, right now, her husband needed her.

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 315 - 315 Chapter 315 : A cold winter