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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 314 - 314 Chapter 314 : What spell?!

314 Chapter 314 : What spell?!

“Let’s see... let’s see...” Gavin rushed to the other

end of the lab and grabbed several potions and bottles that he stuffed in his satchel with much haste. The reincarnation circle was almost ready, all he needed was a few more things and he and Elric could get started.

“Glowstone dust.... spider eyes... and...” he glanced at the shelves near the door and snapped his fingers, cussing slightly that he had almost forgotten the most important ingredients.

Gavin rushed across the many piles of books, passed the narrow pass way littered with papers that had scribbled formuli on them, and dashed towards the shelves where he and his father kept the rarest and most potent artifacts known to alchemy.

“There you are,” he muttered in relief. He reached for the bottle and blew on it, holding it at eye’s view before allowing a small smile to tug his lips. “Eye of newt, a spell cannot be complete without you.”

Gavin quickly threw the bottle into his satchel with the rest of his ingredients and turned around ready to leave. He suddenly paused when he saw his father Renly, standing at the door looking askance at his son.

“Do we have a job today?” Renly spoke with careful notation as he walked into the room. “I was under the impression that our services were restricted to the king and his family until the princess is buried.”

Renly stood mere inches from Gavin and studied his every reaction to the words he was uttering to him. He knew his son was up to something, he just needed to figure out what.

“Father, I didn’t hear you come in,” Gavin responded as casually as he possibly could. “Umm yes... the king, that is exactly what I intent to do. You see, we cannot know what other calamities lie ahead, so I thought if I practice my alchemy a little more, I may be of better help to his majesty.”


“Is that so?” Renly nodded in response and pretended to turn around, and just when Gavin lowered his guard for a second, he grabbed his satchel and peered into it. “Gavin!”

The dark haired man knew the ingredients within well, he had banned his son from using them several times in the past.

Renly looked into his son’s eyes, “you’re not planning to do what I think you’re planning to do, now are you?...”

Gavin reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial that he tossed to the ground. Upon impact, the vial created a screen of smoke that allowed him to grab his satchel from his father and run out the room.

“Gavin!” Renly yelled while trying to cover his nose and mouth. “You can’t do this it’s too dangerous!” The smoke was making his eyes water and his throat hurt, it took a lot out of him to walk towards the door his son had exited. “Gavin!”

Renly was now coughing uncontrollably and eventually his knees weakened, impelling him onto the ground. He looked up and noticed his vision blurring, and he cursed upon realizing what Gavin had infused him with.

“Hemlock...” Renly coughed as the ground beneath him drew closer. “I taught you too well.”

Gavin rushed out the door and towards the stables.

“Midnight!” He called as he secured his ingredients and winter coat. He had to get to Elric and the princess immediately. Once his father regained consciousness, the first thing he would do would be to tell the king of his plan and ruin everything.

And in a split second, the stable door burst open, revealing a large majestic black horse that galloped powerfully towards him. He grabbed the reins and hoisted himself onto his steed.

“Come on boy, let’s go!”


Elric stood up when the door to the chapel morgue flew open. He was expecting the guards of the palace to march in and arrest him for refusing Eira’s burial, but instead, Gareth walked in and closed the door behind him.

His face didn’t show any emotion Elric was expecting either, he was not angry or agitated, but instead he looked worried and concerned, something Elric never thought he’d ever see from Gareth.

“May I?” The elven king asked while pointing at an empty concrete slab.

“This is your palace, I don’t know why you have to ask me for permission to sit in your own morgue.”

Elric narrowed his eyes when the corner of Gareth’s mouth tugged ever so slightly. Had his response amused him somehow?. The elven king sighed and sat down on the slab, his eyes sweeped over his daughter who lay motionless in front of him, before making their way back to the lycan prince who stood over her like a guard.

“I thought by now your hostility towards me would have receded.”

Elric scoffed, “I suppose old habits die hard.”

A brief moment of silence filled the room as the two men processed their current predicament. Who would have though that they would go from wanting each other dead, to mourning someone they both loved dearly.

“How are you holding up?” Gareth muttered, to which he received silence as an answer as expected. Of course Elric was not holding up well, his mate had just died after all, it was utterly shocking that he was still standing there right now without attempting to take his own life.

“Parting with her is something none of us want to do Elric, but at this point in time there’s not much we can do about it.” Upon receiving no response yet again, Gareth got to his feet and walked to the slab where Eira lay. He noticed that she looked clean and groomed, most likely a doing of Elric’s.

“This place can only keep her looking this beautiful for so long Elric, in time, less than you think, you’ll have no choice but to part with her. I personally would not want to watch her beauty rot away, so I’ll give you till the day after tomorrow to let go.” The elf turned to look at Elric who seemed unphased with the words he had just uttered. “After that we burry her.”

Elric scoffed again, this time earning a furrowed set of eyebrows from the elven king.

“I respect you as my daughter’s mate Elric, but I won’t be able to stand for you when you’re accused of madness by the masses.”

“I couldn’t give less of a fuck about the masses Gareth,” Elric responded flatly. “Let them say whatever they please, I know what I’m doing. And since no one else wants to take the initiative, I’ll have to bring her back myself.”

Gareth quickly glanced at Elric, doubting if he had heard him right. Did he just say he would bring Eira back? Was it a possibility that she could be brought back to life? Was there something the lycan knew that Gareth did not?

Gareth was about to march towards the silver haired lycan and demanded for answers, when the door of the morgue flew open and Gavin rushed in shouting.

“Carry the princess! We need to start the spell now!”

Gavin looked up and met Gareth’s gaze, almost immediately a silent ‘fuck’ and a sigh left his lips.

Gareth shifted his gaze between the two men, his mind going in circles trying to connect the dots. “What spell?” He asked “Elric?! What the hell are you and Gavin planing on doing to my daughter?!”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 314 - 314 Chapter 314 : What spell?!