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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 312 - 312 Chapter 312 : What burial?

312 Chapter 312 : What burial?

Alpha Edron glanced at his wife who was pouting and looking outside the window. It was evident that she was still upset about the little argument they had had over her letting their son ride off to Gavaria.

She was wrong to let him go, those Gavarians, all they did was take and take and never gave anything back, regardless of what relationship Elric had with Gareth’s daughter, it was in his best intrest of he stayed away from that family.

But darn it all, he couldn’t stand not talking to his wife, on most long carraige rides she would be cuddled up in his arms, and especially in this cold wether.

Edron slowly moved from his side of the carriage and sat next to his wife, she glanced at him, rolled her eyes and turned back to the window.

“Darling aren’t you cold? Here let me warm you up..”

Before his hand could go over her shoulders, Layla stopped his attempt at cuddling her. “Don’t you dare Edron, you’re sitting here in this carraige on your way to break two people apart. You left your kingdom with an aim to take our son away from his mate, and you sit here trying to hold me? Have you no shame?”

The lycan sighed and placed his hands on his laps, “darling I’m doing this for the good of our son, there’s more to life than falling in love. Elric is a prince, he can draw fulfillment from many other things.”

“Easy coming from a man who murdered an entire pack for a woman!” Layla fired back. “You say Elric is impulsive in the way he handles matters of the heart, but you’re too blind to see that he gets it from you!”

Edron looked away feeling a little ashamed, it felt almost like his wife had held up a mirror to his face and he could finally see that his son was like him in more ways than one.


“Layla what do you want from me?”

“I want you to let our son choose for himself what he wants out of life! If he wants to pursue love then let him, that won’t make him any less of a prince!”

“I worry for him, you’ve seen what he’s been through in the name of pursuing love?”

He took his wife’s hands in his and rubbed them gently, “I’m not for the idea of Elric being involved with those people, it always ends in nothing but trouble, but if we get there and he proves to me that Eira truly is good for him, I will let them be together.”

Layla turned to look at her husband and for a brief moment her eyes sparkled.

“But she will have to return to the snowlands with us,” Edron added on, “I will not let my son stay away from home any longer.”

“It’s a start,” Layla mumbled and leaned into him.

Edron wrapped his arms around her and sighed in relief, this is all he had wanted, for his mate to be safely tucked away in his arms. But before Edron could fully embrace his beautiful wife, she suddenly jolted upright and clenched the blouse of her dress.


Beads of sweat littered her forehead and she began to gasp for air.

“Layla! Darling what’s wrong?”

Layla’s eyes looked up at her husband, and with quivering lips told him she had a feeling something very terrible had happened.

“What is it?! Is it our son?!”

The Luna shook her head as she tried hard to keep her composure long enough to formulate words. “His mate, something must have happened to Eira, it feels... so empty.”

Edron had a bad feeling about this, if indeed something was wrong with Eira, Elric would not hesitate to risk his life for her. He might end up losing his son all over again.

The alpha opened the small carraige window and screamed at the carraige man to move faster. They had no time to waste.


Elric sat close to Eira’s body as the maids cleaned and tended to it. It was painful to see her lay there motionless, with each passing hour looking less and less radiant.

“Your grace, we are finished,” one of the maids spoke with a curtsy.

The other held a dress out in front of Elric, a beautiful lilac gown that reminded him of her once beaming eyes. “His majesty picked this out as the dress the princess will wear for the burial.”

“Burial? What burial?”

The two maids glanced at each other.

“Your grace, princess Eira’s burial, it will be conducted later this evening-”

“It won’t,” Elric responded in a firm tone. “No one is taking Eira anywhere. In fact, get her a beautiful blue dress and a coat, I want her to look beautiful tonight.”

“But your grace princess Eira is dead-”

“She’s not!” Elric roared, a little more aggressive than he intended. “Eira... she’s not gone, so whatever plans any of you have of holding a burial should be canceled, I will get her back... I just need a bit more time.” His voice trailed off as he held back tears, non of them could understand.

“Of course your grace,” the two women spoke synonymously. “We will take our leave now and return with the gown you requested.”

It seemed the two women had forgotten that Elric had the sharp hearing of a lycan, because they had barely left the chapel morgue when they began whispering among themselves.

“How sad, he really hasn’t accepted the princess’ death yet.”

“I hear when a mate dies, the other plunges into madness, the poor prince, he must be taking it so hard.”

“And it’s such a shame too, he’s such a handsome man.”

Elric sighed and looked to Eira, it would not be easy to keep this up, he couldn’t keep postponing her burial without people questioning his sanity. He prayed Gavin completed whatever preparations he had quickly, he couldn’t keep this up for much longer.

He walked to his mate and stroked her cheek, seeing how her beautiful face was looking now made the prince steel his heart. If he would be called a mad man yet again for the sake of Eira, he would gladly take on that burden. After all, all this was so they could be together again, he just had to wait a little longer.

“I promise we’ll be reunited my love, and I won’t let anyone get in the way of that.” He gently pulled the blanket over her body and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Let me get you some clothes.”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 312 - 312 Chapter 312 : What burial?