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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 311 - 311 Chapter 311 : Eighty percent

311 Chapter 311 : Eighty percent

Elric glanced at his beautiful mate laying unmoving on the cold stone slab and turned back to look at Gavin.

“And you are positive this will work?” He asked the alchemist. “I can really see her gain? Hold her in my arms?...” he walked to her body that was now cold and pale, and grazed her cheek with his finger tips, “I can see those beautiful amethyst eyes beaming with life again?”

“I am eighty percent sure of it,” Gavin responded honestly. “But time is of the essence, the longer she remains in this deceased state of hers, the harder it will be to transmigrate her soul. We must act fast before she permanently leaves this world.”

When Gavin was still young, he would hear his father and mother talk about the dark art of transmigration that was only done by the mages of the rocks, and the topic caught his attention.

The idea of using the art of magic to move one’s soul from one existence to another after death, intrigued him greatly. But when he brought it up with his father, Renly immediately shut it down and burnt all the literature his son had collected on the topic.

Gavin was warned that forbidden magic was forbidden for a reason, but that did not take away his curiosity to learn how it worked. So instead, he would study it secretly, using small animals like rats and other creaters to test it.

Gavin had failed countless times, Until the day his cat died. Before his father could burry Mittens, Gavin took him out into the woods and tried to transmigrate the cat’s soul, but to his dismay, nothing seemed to have happened.

Mittens was buried and Gavin gave up on transmigration, until one day a cat that looked a lot like his old cat jumped through his window and curled up on his bed.

When he called to the cat, it responded just like Mittens would. Even the cat’s antics where similar to his old cat, it was then that he picked his books back up and began to perfect his skill. And now, he was eighty percent sure he could perform it on a human soul.


“I’m positive that I will be able to reunite the two of you prince Elric,” Gavin repeated himself.

“Eighty percent?”

“Yes,” Gavin nodded. “The twenty is for my uncertainties. You see, I can and I will transmigrate princess Eira to life again, but the problem is, I don’t know which reality or timeline she will transmigrate to, hence the eighty percent.”

“What?” Elric gasped, “but you said you could make it possible that I see her, and now you’re saying she could be reborn in any timeline where I may or may not exist?!”

“Calm down prince Elric. Yes, I cannot guess the location or timeline of the princess’ rebirth,” Gavin explained to the disgruntled prince carefully. “But once she’s reborn, I can trace her aura and pinpoint it, making it possible for me to send you to where she will be.”

Elric’s face relaxed a little at the young wizard’s words, as long as there was a possibility of seeing his beloved again, he cared not where this ludicrous magic would hurl him to.

“Alright, let’s get to it then,” Elric replied anxiously. “You said time is of the essence didn’t you?”

“Yes I did, but a word of caution prince Elric,” Gavin warned the silver haired lycan. “Once you are transmigrated, it may not be possible to bring you back here. You may never see your friends, your family, or anyone you know ever again.”

The young wizard put his hand on Elric’s shoulder, “you’ll be as good as dead,” he explained, “is that something you’re willing to risk?”

Elric’s honey brown eyes fell on Eira, while his mind wondered to his family. He would have to say goodbye to his mother and break her heart all over again, his father would be devastated to lose an heir, and his brothers, well, they could live without him but he was still going to miss them.

But what was the life of a lycan without his mate? Even though surrounded by his family and hundreds of other friends? A miserable one, that’s what.

Elric had heard of people who had lost their mates, many of them were insane, and most dead, either from suicide or depression.

The lycan would rather die trying to be with Eira, than live a life of misery awaiting an imminent demise.

“My mind is made Gavin, I must be reunited with my mate.”

Gavin nodded, “alright, it will take me a day and a half to prepare everything for the ritual. Meet me the day after tomorrow at noon, in the uncharted forest near the waterfall.”


“And your grace, you must find a way to prevent princess Eira’s body from being buried, we need it for the ritual.”

Elric gulped but nodded in agreement. If they thought he was losing his mind before, the coming day and a half they were going to think he had lost all sanity. But it was a small price to pay to ensure everything went along smoothly, and he could go after the love of his life.

“You could also use the time to be with close friends and family,” Gavin advised Elric. “You may never see them again.


Ronda walked through the garden of flowers tending to her thoughts. That bastard Maxim had been quiet for far too long without giving any updates on the mission at hand.

Had he really gotten cold feet and abandoned the plan? No, that wasn’t possible, he knew what was at stake if he went against Ronda.

But then why had he been so quiet? Had he been caught or something of that sort? The young elven woman was a little anxious about the whole thing, what if the Gavarian royal guard were on their way to Ervelon to apprehend her right now?

She had to do something, before anyone caught word of her involvement in the plan. She turned around to run back to the palace, but was blocked by a large man dressed in armor.

When she took a step back, she realized that she was completely surrounded by huge guards who towered over her, and each of them holding a different kind of weapon.

“What’s going on here? Ronda asked the men who didn’t flinch. “What is this?”

“Ronda of Ervelon?” One of the guards mumbled in a deep baritone. “You are under arrest for crimes against Ervelon, and crimes against Meria!”

“What?! What in the world are you fools blabbering about?! I did nothing wrong...”

Completely ignoring her statement, the guard signaled the others. “Take her away.”

“What?! Don’t you dare touch me!” Ronda screamed, “do you have any idea who I am?! I’ll have all of you fired.”

The guards did not heed to her warning. They grabbed her arms and placed them firmly behind her back, before pinning her roughly on the ground.

“It would be wise not to struggle,” the guard mumbled. “If you do, we will be pushed to use force, and a delicate little elf like you would not appreciate that.”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 311 - 311 Chapter 311 : Eighty percent