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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 309 - 309 Chapter 309 : I can help you

309 Chapter 309 : I can help you




Jacob dropped to his knees and wept, angry and hurt by everything that had happened. He had been thrown into jail, possibly would be sentenced to death, and worst of all; he had a hand in the death of the woman he loved.

“Eira!” Jacob screamed and slammed the ground with his fists, bruises riddling his knuckles, but he did not care. His Eira, his beautiful Eira was gone.

In the corner of the same cell that held Jacob, Maxim was sitting with his face leaning into his knees. To say he was sad was an understatement, the green eyed elf was devastated. All this was his fault, he deserved to die, not Eira.

Jacob got to his feet and turned to look at Maxim, a new found rage sipping into his blood at the sight of the man who was responsible for Eira’s demise. He marched to where Maxim was sitting and grabbed his collar, dragging him to his feet and punching him right in the face.

Maxim tumbled backwards and hit into the wall. Before he could recompense himself, Jacob grabbed him again and landed another blow right on his nose, causing blood to flow profusely from it.

After several seconds of waiting for the next punch, Maxim looked up at Jacob, he was glaring daggers at him, growling like a rabied dog with his knuckles tainted in blood.


“Why did you stop?” Maxim mumbled. “Hit me again, break my nose, gouge my eyes out, render me unconscious!” Tears trickled down Maxim’s face as he gnashed his teeth together in anguish, “if not for me, princess Eira would still be alive, I don’t deserve to fill my lungs with air.” He slowly got up and took a few wobbly steps towards Jacob. “Kill me, hit me as much as you can and end my life! Please!”

Jacob pushed Maxim away and spat at his feet. “Death would be too easy a punishment for you,” he growled angrily. “You deserve to stay alive and live through what you’ve done, you don’t deserve the escape that is death, that would be mercy to the likes of you.”

Maxim bowed his head in dejection, wishing he had never accepted Ronda’s deal. He wished his sister had never found work at the royal palace, and above all, in this moment, he wished he had never been born.

Jacob walked to the other end of the cell and sat down, his mind fighting suicidal thoughts. If he could, he would slit his throat right now and join his beloved wherever she was.


Zhelimir sighed as he watched Elric sitting next to Eira’s body, that had been placed on a stone bed in the chapel morgue. The lycan prince had her hand in his, stroking it gently while speaking softly to her.

This was how strong the bond of mates was, when one succumbed to the cold hands of underworld, the other would succumb to madness and eventually follow. It was a sad reality, but it was just how things were.

Zhelimir turned to leave so he could go and help with the commotion that was obviously sweeping the kingdom, when he bumped into Gavin.

“Oh, you’re the human hybrid aren’t you?”

“I prefer to referred to as an alchemist in training,” Gavin responded while trying to look over Zhelimir’s shoulder. “How is he doing?”

“Take a guess, his mate just died...” Zhelimir leaned against the door post and shook his head. “I fear he may be running mad. It’s an incredibly sad and pitiful sight in there, if you’re faint hearted, I’d advise you to stay out here.”

“I see, is it possible for me to speak with him for a moment?”

Zhel glanced back to Elric and raised his shoulders, “you could try, but the poor man really isn’t in the right state of mind right now.”

Gavin pat Zhelimir’s shoulder and approached the morgue door, “I think he may be interested in the few words I have for him... umm words of comfort that is.”

Zhelimir knew he should have been weary of what Gavin had just said, but he really did not have the mental constitution for all of that. He gave the human hybrid a wave and slowly walked down the hall towards the exit.

“Do whatever it is you want,” Zhelimir mumbled, “just don’t upset him, I can’t promise that he won’t tear you limb from limb.”

When Zhelimir left the chapel, Gavin drew a quick breath and walked into the morgue towards where Elric was sitting. Zhelimir was right, the sight of Elric stroking Eira’s hand and speaking to her was heartbreaking, he needed to help this poor man, that after all, was the work of an alchemist.

“Sorry, may I interrupt your conversation you two,” Gavin mumbled sheepishly as he pulled a chair and sat across from Elric.

The lycan had a serious face on, and was glaring at Gavin skeptically. “Who are you?”

“You don’t know me,” he replied as calmly as possible. “I’m Gavin, Renly’s son.”

“Oh, you’re the young wizard...”

“I go by ‘alchemist’ but anyway, that is not why I’m here.” Gavin inched closer to Elric and gave him a hopeful look. “I think I can be able to help you prince Elric, I may be able to help you see princess Eira again.”

Something happened in the lycan’s mind, and it made him rise to his feet abruptly. That’s right, Eira, his mate, had left this earth, and he might never see her again.

“You can?...”

“I’m not one hundred percent certain,” Gavin admitted, “but what kind of alchemist would I be if I didn’t try. I can see how life has been unfair to you, and it is my job to help make life fair for every being I come across, so please, allow me to try and help.”

That was all it took, that little glimmer of hope was all Elric needed. Yes, Eira had left this world, but he had seen crazier things being achieved with the use of magic. If this young wizard was willing to help in anyway, Elric would gladly accept the offer.

“I can’t do this without your help prince Elric,” Gavin explained, “and I must make mention that this will be a difficult and very dangerous spell, but if you’re willing to-”

“I accept!” Elric responded without a second thought.

“Hold on prince Elric, I have not told you the risks of this spell. You could die.”

“Without Eira I am lifeless, I am as good as those corpses rotting out in the graveyard,” Elric responded sternly. “I’d rather die trying to be with my mate, than to sit by and endure a miserable life without her.”

Gavin nodded before getting up, “alright then, this is what we have to do...”


This chapter is dedicated to my dear reader Rachelmytorment. Happiest birthday and thank you so much for your interactions and supporting the book!

If you wish to reach out to me dear readers, I have an Instagram @author_bee1429. I’d love to hear what you have to say <3 much love < p>

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 309 - 309 Chapter 309 : I can help you