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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 306 - 306 Chapter 306 : You monster!

306 Chapter 306 : You monster!

There was a ringing in he ears, and all the voices around him seemed to be getting more and more distant. Did Renly just say there was no antidote? What did he mean there was no antidote? Does this mean that Eira would....

Elric couldn’t even say the word in his thoughts, no, this couldn’t he happening, there had to be some way to save her, any way at all! He would do anything, go anywhere, just to find a way to save her.

He looked down at the woman in his arms, the woman he was more than sure at this point, that he loved dearly. Her beautiful eyes were darkening, and so were her lips and tongue. Who had done this to her? Whoever it was, Elric prayed for their sake he would never find them, because if he did, he was going to tear them to shreds with his bare claws and feed them to the wild animals till there was nothing left.

Gareth grabbed Renly by the shirt, desperation painting his face, “what do you mean there’s no antidote?! Every poison has an antidote! Check again!”

“I’m sorry your majesty,” Renly responded, “but this is barely even a poison. It’s black magic, the kind I have never encountered before. Even if there was someway to stop it, it would take me days to find out how, and as you can see, we don’t have that kind of time.”

Renly too felt disheartened, he had chosen to learn his father’s ways to help people, to better people’s lives. Like some form of penance for his father’s sins. But he had failed, he wasn’t able to save an innocent young woman who had such a long and beautiful life ahead of her. How could he call himself an alchemist when he couldn’t even save one life.

Melissa, who was now kneeling beside her daughter, was no longer throwing a fit. She merely knelt there as uncontrollable streams of tears ran down her face. She was literally watching her daughter die, watching a part of her getting ripped away and she could do nothing about it.

Her eyes moved from her daughter’s face to where her hand was interlinked with Elric’s and gasped. Was this all her fault? Were the gods somehow punishing her for trying to defy fate? Was it too late to take it all back? Because no grudge was worth losing her child.

Melissa looked up at Elric. He was not blinking, and his expressions kept transitioning from devastated to furious as tears trickled down his eyes. She had known Elric for years, and never had she seen him look so sorrowful before. Could it be that all this time he genuinely cared for her daughter?


Maybe if she had just let them be, if Melissa had just let Eira and Elric be together, there would have been no need to choose a suitor, and this day would have never come. This was all her fault...

“Save her..” Melissa mumbled in a strained voice. “Elric please, save my daughter..”

The silver haired prince looked to Melissa and frowned, was she becoming hysterical? How was he going to save Eira? If he could, he would have already done that by now, even if it meant taking her place and losing his own life in the process.

“You’re her blood half aren’t you?!” Melissa yelled deliriously. “Save her!”

Gareth relinquished Renly and pulled his wife back into his embrace, stroking her gently to try and soothe her, even when he too wanted nothing more than to wail in sorrow.

Elric pulled Eira into his arms and cradled her against his chest, at this point, she didn’t even have any strength left to hold on to him, so her arms just lifelessly dangled on her sides.

“Aren’t you a mage?!” He yelled to Renly, “use magic and save her!”

“Aye, I am a mage, but even I have my limits..”

“Then find another! Call the mages of the rocks! Call anyone! Just save her!... please...” the lyacn’s voice cracked as she held Eira closer, literally feeling her body going limp in his arms.

Everyone who was watching, burst into tears at the pain in Elric’s voice. Damien, Isabella, Maxim, and many others. Was Eira really going to die?

At a distance, watching the whole scene with a look of horror, Janis turned around and run towards the infirmary where her brother, Jacob, was being treated.

What had Jacob done? Janis thought fearfully. Eira had nit eaten or drunk anything all day, except the water Jacob had offered her. She knew this, she had been with Eira all morning.

That liquid she had seen him pouring into the canteen, was that poison?! Had Jacob really decided to poison Eira? Oh gods! Oh gods! She prayed that this was all a misunderstanding.

Janis rammed into the infirmary and found her brother sitting upright, indicating that he had recuperated.


The elven man turned to look at his sister, a little surprised at why she sounded like she wanted to strangle him.

“Jacob what have you done?!” Janis screamed as tears flowed down her rosy cheeks. “Jacob please tell me it’s not true!”

“What’s not true? Janis what are you going on about this time?”

“What did you put in the water you gave princess Eira Jacob! And don’t you dare lie to me!”

Jacob tensed up at his sister’s line of questioning. Had something happened while he was out? Had the love potion finally taken effect?

“What is it to you?! I told you to mind your business!”

Janis covered her mouth as more tears run down her face, why would Jacob do such a thing? Was he so affected by Eira’s rejection that he decided to have her killed?

“ it was you..” Janis mumbled incoherently, “it was you! You monster! You’re the reason Eira is going to die! You poisoned her!”

Before Jacob could respond, he saw someone enter the infirmary who brought a feeling of dread to his heart.

Zhelimir amidst all the chaos, had seen Janis running towards the infirmary. Worried that maybe she too had succumbed to something, he followed her and happened to walk in on the conversation they were having, and Now had identified the person who had hurt his little was Jacob!

“Zhelimir, no, it’s not what you think,” Jacob responded with fear as he slipped off the bed. “I didn’t poison Eira, I swear to you this was not what I intend to happen. I had no malicious-”

Jacob’s words were cut short when the hybrid moved like light and slammed him against a wall, his sword pinned dangerously against his throat.

“Tell why I should not slice your throat wide open right this second,” the hybrid hissed venomously. A small horn sprouting from the left side of his forehead. “Tell me why I shouldn’t paint this floor with your blood Jacob!”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 306 - 306 Chapter 306 : You monster!