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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 305

305 Chapter 305 : Black magic

Eira’s emotions were all over the place, she felt sick, she felt happy, she felt anxious, and she also felt a little angry. She was happy that Elric had come for her, happy to see see him standing in front of her, happy that he had not abandoned her. But at the same time, she felt a little angry because he had made her wait till the very last minute, she had waited for so long that she had almost lost hope.

The princess opened her mouth to speak but her words failed her. There was just so much running through her mind, and the feeling of sickness kept getting worse little by little. Was it all the emotions she was feeling that was causing all of this?

“I’m sorry I took so long,” Elric spoke sweetly, his voice made her skin tingle ever so slightly. Oh how she had missed his voice. “I didn’t mean to worry you.” The lycan took a step forward, trying so hard not to reach for her and embrace her in his arms. Gods, he didn’t realize how much he had missed her presence until now. “Why don’t we get this over and done with shall we? So I can get you out of here.”

A tear left Eira’s eye, she was so relieved that Elric had showed up, so much had happened for her to get to this moment, and the relief was overwhelming. She wiped her tear away and nodded, “you’re going to have to make it up to me, you had me worried sick you prick.”

“Of corse I will,” Elric responded with a relieved smile, “right after we put an end to this fiasco.”

Sitting in the reserved seats far from the gasping crowd, Melissa got to her feet and pinched her eyebrows together. This was outrageous! Elric was not suppose to make it to the palace, what the bloody hell was going on?! Where were her guards?!

She turned around, ready to have Elric escorted off the property and locked up with immediate effect, but her husband grabbed her hand and stopped her.


“Mel please!”


The queen was shocked to hear her husband use that tone of voice on her. “Gareth what has gotten into you?! Are you honestly going to stand there and let this happen?!”

“The rules are the rules Mel!” The king spoke firmly. “Isabella was listed as one of the suitors to participate in today’s battle, if she agrees that someone takes her place, there is no one who has the right to stop them.”

King Gareth looked up at his beautiful wife and softened his hold on her, “please sit down my queen, do not cause a scene and risk pushing our daughter away even more.”

Melissa narrowed her blue eyes suspiciously at her husband. “You knew this would happen, didn’t you? You knew Isabella was just a stand in for Elric and you allowed it.” She pulled her had away and walked past Gareth. “If you won’t do something about this then I will, I’d be utterly mad to let my daughter wed that madman!”

Gareth sighed heavily as he watched his wife make her way to the battlefield. He knew Melissa was stubborn, but never did he think it was this bad. Would she really carry out her agenda at the expense of their daughter’s happiness?

Back on the battlefield, Eira tightened the dagger in her hand and pointed it towards Elric in readiness to duel with him. She told herself that she would put on a little show for a few minutes, and then pretend to lose her dagger and surrender to Elric, that would be enough to legitimize his victory as her future husband.

Eira got ready to charge when the lycan prince drew his own weapon, but all of a sudden her vision slowly began to blur. Maybe she was a little more tired than she thought she was. After all, she had just battled over six skilled men back to back.

She blinked several times to readjust her vision, but ended up feeling incredibly dizzy. The redhead dropped her dagger as the ground beneath her spun violently. She heard Elric scream her name when she vomited and dropped to her knees.


Everything around her began to move in slow motion, and her stomach hurt badly. With a fuzzy vision she looked to the ground and noticed she had vomited blood, what was going on? Was she dying?

Elric reached the princess and cupped her face in his palms, his eyes were filled with dread and worry, and the tone of his voice indicated fear.

“Eira! Eira stay with me!”

He looked down and gasped at the blood she had vomited, he became even more petrified when he saw her eyes darkening and her face turning purple. There was only one thing that could do this to a person.

The silver haired prince scooped Eira into his arms and turned to where Gareth was sitting. With a loud fearful voice, he screamed “Eira has been poisoned! Send for a physician! Now!”

With those few words, panic erupted in the palace training grounds. Gareth got to his feet, his heart beating wildly, and ran to where his daughter was, arriving right at the same time as his wife.

Zhelimir who had been worried about Janis, heard what Elric had yelled and felt his entire face go numb. His limbs, just like Damien’s and Maxim’s, moved on their own to where Elric was holding Eira. No, that couldn’t be, poisoned? This had to be some sort of a joke.

“Eira! Eira!” Melissa screamed when she saw her daughter’s face that was now etched with veins. “What have you done to her you monster! Let go of her!” Fangs sprung and Melissa’s eyes flashed red, ready to attack Elric. But her husband grabbed her by the arms and pulled her into his embrace.

“Mel! Melissa stop!” He held his wife tightly as she clawed at him and screamed hysterically. He turned to the guards who were trying to control the now panicking masses and ordered them to call the doctor immediately, while all the while calming his wide down.

Elric held on to Eira like his very life depended on it, because lord knows it did. His entire constitution was crumbling as he listened to her gasp for air, never in his life had he ever felt so afraid, so helpless, and so useless. He was supposed to protect her, he should have been here earlier, he should have put in a little more effort, and maybe all this wouldn’t have happened.

A tall man with raven black hair pushed through the crowds towards Elric, with a younger man who looked like his son, following close behind. When Renly reached the princess and inspected her face, horror coursed thorough his viens. “Gavin! A healing bubble! Now!”

“Yes father!” The tall young man responded before placing his hands together and muttering an incantation.

Renly reached for princess Eira, but Elric growled and snapped his now razor sharp teeth at him. “Don’t you dare touch her!” He growled.

“The poison is extremely potent!” Renly yelled in urgency. “If we don’t do anything now, she’ll die!”

Eira would die? The thought made Elric feel like vomiting, if that happened, it would be the end of him. He slowly placed Eira on the ground, but before he could back away, she grabbed his sleeve with the little strength she had left. At this point she could no longer speak, but Elric could read her lips, she was asking him not to leave her.

He held her hand with both of his and kissed it tenderly before speaking, “I would rather die than leave your side ever again.”

Gavin finished his incantation, and a field of white light encased Eira.

“This will slow down the poison while we prepare an antidote,” Renly explained while pulling out different vials and small containers from his bag. “Gavin, bring me a sample.”

The young man pulled out a small hallow glass contraption on which he placed a thin needle at the tip.

“What are you planning on doing with that?!” Gareth questioned. Even though he was trying hard to keep his composure, the elven king was losing his mind seeing his daughter in such a state. Whoever had done this to her, was going to burn at the stake.

“I suggest you look away your majesties,” Gavin apologized, “I have to take a bit of blood from the princess to identify what poison has been administered. This is not something you’ll want to watch..” he got down on his knees and looked up at Elric who was holding on to her, just from the look on his face, Gavin could tell that this man Ares deeply for the princeads. “I suggest you look away as well..”

The lycan tuned his head away slowly, but when he heard Eira groan in pain, he couldn’t stop his fangs from sharpening and his eyes from glowing in rage. Luckily, by the time he turned back, Gavin was already bandaging the spot he had taken his ‘sample’ from.

Renly quickly mixed different liquids in multiple small vials, and in each added a drop of Eira’s blood. Everyone around waited impatiently for the man to say something... to say anything. It was frustrating not knowing what was going on, especially for Elric.

Suddenly, one of the vials turned pitch black and Renly gasped in horror. “Oh gods...”

The look on Gavin’s face also showed the same amount of fear. What in the world was going on?

“Well?!” Elric roared, “are you going to just sit there gasping, or are you going to save Eira?!”

Renly shook his head, “this isn’t just an ordinary poison,” he muttered in a devastated tone. “This is black magic, and I’m afraid there is no antidote.”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 305