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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 303

303 Chapter 303 : I never deserved you

The palace training grounds were deathly quiet as Eira walked in, fully dressed in armor ready for battle.

some people were still waiting for someone, anyone, to say this was all nothing but a bad joke, but no one ever did. The princess would indeed use this strange and barbaric practice to choose a husband, and no one could stop her.

The announcer from earlier dramatically unrolled a parchment of paper when princess Eira was at the center of the field and called out the name of the first suitor.

All eyes turned to the man who was frozen in place not knowing exactly what do do. Was he really expected to fight the princess? Was such a thing even allowed? What if he ended up hurting her? He would be hanged for such a treacherous act.

The man took a step back and shook his head, indicating that he was not willing to fight the princess. There were other three men who did the same, refusing to take part in an act that involved them hurting a woman.

“We refuse to raise a sword against a woman!” One of the four suitors declared, “and a princess at that! Such a thing would be disgraceful and a blow to our pride as men! Forgive us, but we will not partake in this madness!”

Eira flipped open the visor of her helmet and took a few steps towards the four men who had refused to take part in the duel.

“If you cannot conquer me as a warrior on the battlefield, how do you expect to conquer me as your queen?!” The redhead yelled. “I will not let a man with such a weak constitution stand at the alter and call himself my husband, you four are disqualified!”

Gasps filled the training grounds when the crowds and participants realized that the princess was actually serious with her agenda. It was absurd but she seemed to actually want to fight these men.


“Call on the next suitor!” Eira commanded the announcer who bowed and called out the next name on the list.

This time the man did step forward, and princess Eira recognized him immediately. She watched him carefully as he put on some armor and grabbed a sword in a shaky hand, it was obvious the man was in doubt of what to do.

He was a nobleman from greenhill, and Eira knew him passively from her visits to her grandparents’ house, the man was no fighter that was for sure.

“Draw your sword!” Eira commanded him as she pulled out her own weapon, the dagger that Zhelimir had gifted her on her birthday.

The young man looked down at the dagger Eira was holding and gulped. Was she honestly going to go against him with that tiny weapon?!

Just before Eira could attack, the man dropped his sword to the ground and fell to his knees. He just couldn’t raise a sword to the woman he wanted to snuggle up against and take care of.

“I can’t do it , I just can’t bring myself to harm you princess....”

The man was expecting to be praised for his actions, or at the least padroned. But the princess merely dismissed him as weak and asked for the next suitor

Janis who was also shocked by this turn of events, rushed to where her brother was standing and pulled him by the shoulder.

“Jacob, what are you going to do? Are you seeing this madness unraveling before our very eyes? Where you aware this would happen?”

Jacob shook his head. “I too I’m shocked at Eira’s methods,” he responded as he grabbed some armor and put it on. “But if this is what she wants, then I have no choice but to oblige my future wife.”

Janice narrowed her eyes in shock, “are you insane? This is madness, you cannot duel a woman in front of all these people! It’s shameful!”

Jacob gave his sister a reassuring smile, “do not worry, there will be no need for me to fight the princess at all, I assure you that her love for me will make her surrender to me before our swords meet.”

“Jacob this is no time for your delusional nonsense!” Janis growled. “Can you not see that I am serious?!”

“And so am I,” Jacob responded firmly. “Just stand back and watch.”

Janis groaned in frustration, this entire fiasco was a mess. She had to find Zhelimir and ask him why Eira was doing all of this.


Isabella got to her feet when she saw Leonard walk up to her. She rushed to his side, but became worried when she saw the look on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Isabella asked the young elven man. “Is he not here yet?”

“I have searched every inch of the place, but I did not see prince Elric,” Leonard responded. “Zhelimir and Damien are keeping an eye out for him as well, but they say they have not seen or heard anything.”

“Oh gods,” the blue eyed young woman groaned. “Where could he be? This is his last chance, I can’t hold his place for much longer. Eira is already fighting the second suitor, that makes seven already out of the competition, Elric doesn’t have much time!”

Leonard took Isabella’s shaky hands and brought them to his lips, kissing them both gently. “If he cares for Eira even half as much as I care for you, then I have no doubt in my mind that he will be here, he may be just running a little late.”


The red haired princess leapt off the ground and kicked the man she was fighting against right in his chest, sending him flying across the field. He groaned and tried to stand but the pain pinned him down, declaring the princess the victor of that battle.

“You left yourself open to attack,” Eira spoke to the man on the ground. “Your an unstrategic warrior, and you would most likely be an unstrategic leader.” She then turned around and motioned for the announcer to call for the next suitor.

The spectators of the event were stuck between being horrified and astonished by the princess’ power and skills. Other than the five who she had not battled, she had defeated two of the suitors without breaking a single drop of sweat.

The announcer rolled out his parchment and called out Maxim’s name. And Eira smiled underneath her helmet. Battling Maxim would be tricky, she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to win or lose considering the circumstances.

Eira was aware that the only two who remained where Jacob anc Isabella who was standing in for Elric. Of course she did not want to end up with Jacob, but she was unsure if Elric would show up to this event. If he did not, it would have been wise to lose to Maxim, he would make a good stand in, and besides, he and her got along fairly well.

She watched the elven man walk to the center of the field while securing his headgear. He drew his sword and pointed it towards her, and she did the same.

She charged towards him ready to strike, but as she neared him he did something that she did not expect. The elven man lowered his hands and left his torso wide open for attack, and it was a little too late for Eira to stop. He was deliberately going to forfeit the fight, why would he do that?

When Eira made contact with him, they both went flying across the field, dust and debris lifting up into the air around them.

Before Maxim faked losing consciousness, he opened his visor and smiled at the woman who was now on top of him and whispered.

“I never deserved you...”

He winked at her and chuckled sadly before pretending to go limp.

His actions left Eira a little puzzled, why would he assume he did not deserve her? Had her cousins told him about Elric?

As she got off of the man, the announcer then called for Jacob’s name as her next contender. She cursed lightly as she watched some guards carry Maxim away, there went her backup plan.

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 303