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May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 302

302 Chapter 302 : Edron knows

The day had finally come, the day the entire kingdom had been eagerly waiting for. The day the princess was to choose a husband.

There were many people gathered outside the royal palace from all walks of life, each of them trying to get a glimpse of how exactly the selection would happen.

Ten men had been shortlisted, and each of them very handsome and of high nobility as well. It was almost impossible to choose between such fine and esteemed gentlemen. How on earth would princess Eira do it?

The crowds that had gathered at the gates roared in excitement as the carraiges carrying the noble men ferried passed them into the palace grounds. Among the excited screaming, came shouts of the names of suitors, different people voicing out who they wanted to end up with princess Eira.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and curiosity, because other than the royal family and a select few, no one knew how princess Eira would make her final decision.

Within one of the carraiges, Maxim sat across from Bertram looking very anxious and stressed. He still had not located the vial containing the poison anywhere, and the more time passed the more it bothered him. What if whoever had taken it planned on exposing him on an important day such as this one? If that happened, Maxim’s life would be over for sure.

“Getting cold feet now are we?” Bertram chuckled upon seeing the stress lines on the young elf’s forehead.

Maxim awoke from his stressful musing and glanced up at the man who was sitting across from him. “I am a little nervous about today,” Maxim admitted. But it was for a set of different reasons than what lord Bertram thought.

“I told you before son, you have nothing to worry about,” the elderly eleven man assured Maxim. “Princess Eira is very fond of you, you’ve got a good chance today, just keep your chin up alright.”


Maxim forced a smile before nodding. How he wished winning Eira’s heart was all that was on his mind this day, but alas, he had far more pressing matters at hand.

In another carraige within the convoy, Jacob sat comfortably in the carraige with his family, beaming from ear to ear.

His demeanor was unusually confident, and this worried Jacob’s family. He seemed to be so sure that all would go well, but what if it didn’t?

This delusional attitude where he felt that he was the best candidate made his family very uneasy, because in all honesty, among the ten men who were on their way to meet with the princess right now, Jacob may have had the least chances to end up with her. Even him being here on this day, was probably just a fluke.

“Is there perhaps something you know that we don’t brother?” Janis asked the man who was smiling and humming happily to himself. “You seem to be quite confident about today.”

“That is because I am my dear sweet little sister,” Jacob responded with a smile and a merry tone. “I am happy because by the end of today, I will be making wedding arrangements for me and my beautiful future wife Eira Burchard.”

Jacob’s response made everyone in the carraige tense up. Oh gods, none of them were looking forward to how today would end, not at all.

When the last of the carraiges entered the palace grounds, the gates were closed shut and the palace guards helped guide the guests to the training grounds, that had been lined with rows of seats. Overhead were tent like structures to keep out the snow, and besides the benches, were fire pits set alight to keep the guests warm.

“Why does this look like an arena for a gladiator match?” Janis whispered as her and her family sat down on some benches allocated to them.

“It does seem like a rather odd place to choose a husband doesn’t it,” Elena responded while inspecting her environment. “I thought all this would be done in the palace hall or ballroom.”

The guests all settled down before an average height man wearing armor announced the king and queen’s arrival.

All the guests stood up to welcome their host, and it didn’t take a speculator to see that they both looked oddly uncomfortable, as if they did not want to be here. The queen looked the most bothered, as if she was one wrong statement away from leaving.

After everyone had sat back down, the armored man stood in front of the crowd and made another announcement, this time, what he said sent shock waves across the masses, leaving everyone confused and dumbfounded.

“Each of the suitors,” the man cried out, “will have a chance to duel with the princess until either he, or the princess, admits defeat! The man who will defeat her grace, princess Eira, will be the man to be her husband!”

Gasps and loud whispers filled the atmosphere. Surely this had to be some sort of joke, who in their right mind would fight the princess?! This was absurd!

“Those who will refuse to fight,” the man added on, “will be disqualified indefinitely! So if you wish not to participate, I suggest you leave now! But if you do, step forward and arm yourselves, the princess will be arriving shortly!”


The snow was falling heavily as Elric, Alexander, Jonathan and some men raced across the white covered terrain towards the capital.

If it was not for the armor they were wearing, the icy wind would have chipped the men’s ears and fingers off.

Elric did not mind though, noting in this moment mattered more than to reach the capital where Eira was, not even his own appendages. He would gladly lose his fingers to frostbite, if it meant he would reach his mate before he lost her completely.

“How far to the capital?!” Elric’s voice was muffled against the blowing winds, but thanks to their heightened sense of hearing, the two brothers could hear him just fine.

“Do not worry! We should arrive there in a few hours!” Alexander yelled back.

“A few hours! In case you have forgotten, Eira is choosing a husband today! We don’t have that kind of time!”

With the cold wind whipping his hair wildly, Alexander turned to look at the lycan riding beside him and gave him a mischievous grin. “You are the guest of honor Elric, you need to make an entrance!”


Back in the snowlands, Edron paced the room angrily while mumbling incoherent words to himself. His Luna, Layla, was sat on a chair in front of him, mentally preparing got the earful she was about to get.

For the past few weeks, Layla had managed to keep her husband calm and unconcerned about their son’s whereabouts in her own feminine way. But unfortunately, Edron had overheard a conversation Layla had been having with one of the guards who was giving her a progress report of Elric’s journey.

And now here she was, sitting in front of her furious husband, waiting to be scolded.

“I should have known something was going on,” Edron finally spoke audibly. “I should have known you were up to something Layla! The sex, it was too good, I should have known you were trying to distract me. Layla do you have any idea what you have done?!”

With a straight face, the Luna nodded her head. Her silver eyes showing no hint of remorse whatsoever. “I do..” she replied.

Edron was in shock, had his beautiful wife just lost her bloody mind? They had almost lost their son because of those damn Burchards, and now she was driving Elric right back into their clutches.

“You realize if anything happens to our som Layla, this time his fate will be in your hands?!”

Layla nodded, “I am aware, but I do not regret my decision to let him pursue his mate. I will take responsibility for whatever happens..”

“You all have lost your bloody minds,” Edron growled before leaving for the door, “if I did not love you so, you wouldn’t be sitting there talking back to me, I would have had your beautiful deceitful little head up on a pike.”

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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 302