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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 576 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, The Imperial City’s Gongsun Is Invincible

Back then, the ancient cultivator, Daoist Chongyun had used a secret technique to reincarnate and even brought Lin Chongxiao along.

When Han Muye was in the Western Frontier, he had gone to look for them.

However, no one could find any traces of their reincarnation.

He did not expect to see the reincarnation of Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun in this sword today.

Han Muye could tell at a glance that these two children looked similar. They were Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun, who had reincarnated back then.

However, the two of them were still confused.

In the end, they still had the foundation of their previous life's cultivation. The two children displayed decent talent.

They were proficient in cultivation and sword techniques the moment they came into contact with them.

Bi Wuhe and his dao companion were extremely happy that their two children had such cultivation talent.

The neighbors tried to persuade them to send their children to a large sect in the middle city, but the two of them refused.

From the sword's memories, Han Muye could tell the origins of Bi Wuhe and his Dao companion.

The two of them were originally disciples of a sword sect in Fengyu County.

Bi Wuhe's Dao Companion, Jin Yunmei, was the daughter of the sect master.

Decades ago, this sect was attacked by an external sect and the experts of the sect died.

Jin Tianfeng, the sect master who was at the second level of the Heaven Realm Nascent Soul, was killed, and the other disciples were abducted.

Jin Yunmei and Bi Wuhe were lucky enough to escape. They left Fengyu County and lived in seclusion in the Imperial City.

With their limited strength, there was no hope of revenge or rebuilding the sect in this life.

Jin Yunmei's foundation had been damaged, and her cultivation was slowly declining.

The two of them wanted a child when Jin Yunmei's cultivation level had fallen below the Foundation Establishment realm and she did not have much lifespan left.

After giving birth to a pair of boys, Jin Yunmei's cultivation level was only at the third level of Qi Condensation, and her lifespan was less than 20 years.

Bi Wuhe was originally looking for healing pills everywhere, as well as pills that could replenish her lifespan.

Unfortunately, although his cultivation level was at the Golden Core realm and his combat strength was not weak, the medicinal pills he found could not treat Jin Yunmei's injuries.

In addition, he was attacked and caught by his enemies several times.

Jin Yunmei did not allow him to look for any more medicine. Instead, after discovering that the two children had cultivation talent, she asked Bi Wuhe to nurture them with all his might.

As Jin Yunmei had said, when the children grew up and her sect's inheritance was passed on to them, she would be able to rest in peace.

Releasing the hilt, Han Muye shook his head gently.

He did not expect to find Lin Chongxiao and Daoist Chongyun like this.

Back then, Daoist Chongyun had given his jade bone to Instructor Lin.

This senior had a good temperament.

When Mu Wan refined a few pills and walked into the shop, Han Muye told her that she needed to refine Bright Sword Pills.

Mu Wan had never refined Bright Sword Pills before. Han Muye explained the pill formula to her, how to concoct spiritual herbs, and what to pay attention to when refining the pills.

"Hehe, I didn't disturb you, right?" Mu Wan was engrossed in listening. She looked up and saw a white-haired old man standing at the door, smiling as he spoke.

Mu Wan blushed and hurriedly bowed.

Han Muye also raised his hand. "Greetings, Senior Yan."

He said it softly.

Half-Sage Confucianism, Deputy Head of the Imperial City Academy.

He led Yan Zhenqing to the small courtyard to have a seat. Mu Wan personally brought tea over, and Han Muye sat at the stone table opposite him.

Yan Zhenqing looked around and smiled. "Old Lu thinks highly of his own courtyard but it's not as good as yours. Although it's small, it's elegant."

Han Muye's small courtyard did not lack flowers and plants. It was even built with wood and stone from various places, and is quiet and peaceful.

Of course, it was incomparable to Lu Yuzhou's courtyard that was filled with high-grade flowers and plants.

The Great Confucians of the Imperial City Academy had lived for countless years and their foundations were unfathomable.

Playing with flowers and plants was just for fun.

Cultivating the Confucian Dao was more important than studying hard.

Not many people could become a great scholar purely by studying hard.

"By the way, the Jade Epiphyllum is about to bloom."

Yan Zhenqing placed a simple and elegant invitation on the table.

"The Jade Epiphyllum only blooms once every three to five years. This year happens to be the flowering year.

"More than a hundred years ago, whenever the Jade Epiphyllum flower bloomed, we would all hold a literary conference. Old Lu had been in seclusion for more than a hundred years, so the literary conference stopped."

Yan Zhenqing sighed.

If not for Han Muye, Lu Yuzhou would have really died with the dead stars.

When one's cultivation reached the Heaven Realm, one looked indestructible, but in fact, most people would not live for more than 10 million years.

As time passed, there were always some surprises.

If there were really people who hid in a safe place and wanted to live for a long time, accidents might happen first.

The world was unpredictable. It was not a joke.

"Old Lu has returned. That Jade Epiphyllum is tended to carefully. This is the first time it has bloomed this year. We're preparing to hold another literary conference.

"You should come too.

"It's rare."

After saying that, Yan Zhenqing looked at Han Muye.

When the Pill Destiny Pavilion opened, many Confucians came, but there were more Confucians in the Imperial City.

Many scholars were also very curious about Han Muye.

Jade Epiphyllum, literary conference?

Han Muye's gaze fell on the invitation in front of him.

The markings on the Cloud Brocade Immortal Ship were very clear.

Moreover, didn't he move this Jade Epiphyllum over from his own courtyard?

The Cloud Brocade Immortal Ship was a land of the mortal world.

He was a man with a family.

"Senior Brother, is it the Jade Epiphyllum that Sister Yunjin took?" Mu Wan's voice sounded from behind Han Muye.

He nodded.

"Cloud Brocade Immortal Ship. The literary event is on the Cloud Brocade Immortal Ship, right?"

There was a hint of curiosity in Mu Wan's voice. "Then we have to take a look. I heard that the Cloud Brocade Immortal Ship is paradise on earth."

Han Muye could only nod again.

Yan Zhenqing laughed.

After five days, only those who had received the invitation card were qualified to participate.

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 576 A Single Sword Move Subdues All, The Imperial City’s Gongsun Is Invincible