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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 566 The Tiny Mortal World Is A Beautiful Place (3)

There were several young people at the back and they all had alchemy master badges on their chests.

At this moment, in the open alchemy room, flames were already rising under the pill furnace.

Han Muye waved his hand and told Qin Siyu not to disturb Qin Wuyuan's pill refinement. He stood behind and watched.

Those who knew Qin Siyu looked at her curiously.

In the alchemy room in front, the flames had already burned the pill cauldron.

In front of Qin Wuyuan, pills were thrown into the cauldron one by one. His actions were smooth and natural.

Han Muye stared intently as images flashed through his mind.

Fifth-grade pill, Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pill.

This was a type of medicinal pill used to heal injuries.

It was obvious that it could repair the damaged meridians and clear the blocked spiritual qi.

The medicinal effect of this pill was powerful. It could immediately break through those blocked meridians and dantian.

He heard the alchemist beside him whisper that refining these pills was a mission assigned by Marquis Wu's office.

With a million-strong army going out, they naturally could not lack medicinal pills.

All the alchemy houses in the Imperial City and under the rule of the Alchemy Division were in operation.

The medicinal pills that Qin Wuyuan refined today were relatively high-level and were prepared for the military school.

Ordinary soldiers did not have a high cultivation level. Even if they were injured, they would not be able to obtain precious fifth-grade pills to consume.

Only those generals who had reached the Earth Realm could take pills if their cultivation was damaged.

"Everyone, today, I used the Cloud Qi Core Formation technique to refine the pills. If it succeeds, it will be beneficial to the injured generals."

In the alchemy room, Qin Wuyuan said loudly.

Injured people's meridians were naturally weak.

With the awesome medicinal power of this Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pill, it was very easy for the person who swallowed the pill to not be able to withstand it.

In the past, many people had swallowed this pill and failed to survive.

Actually, the alchemists had come to observe Qin Wuyuan refining pills today to try to use the Cloud Pill technique to refine the pill.

This was a discussion between a few Grandmasters in the Alchemy Division two days ago. They were here to test it today.

Qin Wuyuan had also refined it in the Alchemy Division yesterday. He had refined two out of three furnaces.

Looking at the cauldron in front of him surrounded by flames and the clouds slowly condensing, Han Muye suddenly whispered, "This cauldron won't work."

His words stunned Qin Siyu.

The young alchemists beside him frowned.

If not for Qin Siyu, they would have scolded him.

What kind of person who did not even have an alchemist badge dared to casually judge a grandmaster's alchemy?


In front of him, the clouds on the cauldron exploded and turned into surging spiritual light.

Qin Wuyuan waved his hand and retracted all the spiritual light. A regretful expression appeared on his face.

This cauldron of pills had failed.

The young alchemists standing not far from Han Muye widened their eyes and looked at the pill furnace in front of them in surprise, then at Han Muye beside them.

Was this guy right?

"Grandmaster Wuyuan, you don't have to worry about it. Spirit-channeling pills are difficult to refine to begin with. They are famous for being brutal among fifth-grade pills."

A white-bearded old man chuckled.

"Indeed, it's already rare for half of the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pills to be completed."

Another martial grandmaster also spoke.

The people here were all alchemists with profound alchemy cultivation. Naturally, no one was an amateur.

Qin Wuyuan nodded. He took a deep breath and cleaned the cauldron in front of him. Then the flames rose again.

Fortunately, the spiritual herbs needed for the Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pills were not particularly precious. Qin Wuyuan did not lack spiritual herbs.

Watching Qin Wuyuan organize the spiritual herbs and prepare to refine pills again, Han Muye's eyes lit up.

When he observed and comprehended the refinement method of this pill just now, he had already made a deduction.

With Qin Wuyuan's refining technique, it was not that he could not produce pills, but the probability of success was very low.

Even he, a grandmaster, could not guarantee the success rate of producing pills. The other grandmasters and alchemy masters basically had no chance of forming pills.

"Miss Qin, give this spiritual herb to Grandmaster Wuyuan and replace the Zhuyuan Grass." Han Muye took out a green herb and handed it to Qin Siyu.

Switch to a spiritual herb?

Qin Siyu's eyes widened.

The surrounding young alchemists also looked at Han Muye in disbelief.

Is he crazy? they thought.

At this moment, an Alchemy Grandmaster is refining pills. You want to switch to a spiritual herb for him?

As long as Miss Qin Siyu is not stupid, she will not agree to such an unreasonable request.

Under everyone's gaze, Qin Siyu caught the spiritual herb and quickly walked to the alchemy room in front, whispering in Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan's ear.

Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan was surprised at first. Then he glanced outside and nodded.

Under everyone's watchful eyes, Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan had exchanged the grass for a spiritual herb.

The pill cauldron was opened, and spirit medicines were thrown into it.

Visible to the naked eye, the spiritual qi and medicinal power began to fuse, and the pill qi that was revealed kept intertwining.


The cauldron shook.

Two clouds rushed out of the cauldron and spun in the air like fish.

The clouds were lively and seemed to have a trace of water vapor.

"It's done!"

Someone exclaimed.

The alchemy grandmasters were delighted.

Observing Qin Wuyuan's pill refining process, there were no other fancy methods. In other words, with this pill refining technique, everyone could refine a fifth-grade pill in the cloud state.

Can it really succeed?

Behind, the young alchemists turned to look at Han Muye.

Who is this person? they wondered.

"Grandmaster Wuyuan, why would you replace the Zhuyuan Grass?" In front, someone asked the question that everyone wanted to know.

How was he able to refine pills so easily after switching to a spiritual herb at the last minute?

Qin Wuyuan revealed a look of admiration. He looked at the two clouds and said in a low voice, "At first, I didn't understand either. However, when the spiritual herbs entered the cauldron, I understood.

"This spiritual herb is similar to the Zhuyuan Herb, but it has its own water vapor. It's a specialty of Water Island.

"With the water vapor neutralizing the medicinal power, the medicinal power of this Spirit Channeling Meridian Replenishing Pill is even stronger than before."

A smile appeared on Qin Wuyuan's face. "Furthermore, because of the additional water vapor, it's even better for spiritual reconnection."

He raised his hand and pushed. Two medicinal pills flew out. Those sect grandmasters hurriedly probed them with their divine senses and investigated carefully.

? Qin Wuyuan cupped his hands and quietly retreated.

When the young alchemists came back to their senses and looked again, Han Muye was already gone.

In the backyard of the Qin family, Qin Wuyuan straightened his body and bowed to Han Muye. "Greetings, sir."

Han Muye waved his hand and looked at Qin Wuyuan. "Grandmaster Wuyuan, I want to know about Grandmaster Baili."

Grandmaster Baili?

Qin Wuyuan was slightly stunned.

"Grandmaster Baili is in charge of the Jade Rainbow Realm, which is extremely prosperous in alchemy. There is an Alchemy Sage backing her."

Qin Suyang's voice sounded.

Outer world?

A faint murderous aura rose from Han Muye.

He had always been wary of cultivators from outside the realm.

Can she be coming for me?

If that's the case, so what if there's a sage behind her?

"Grandmaster Mu Ye wants to know why Grandmaster Baili is so close to your junior sister, right?"

Qin Suyang looked at Han Muye and said softly, "Grandmaster Baili knew that you would be concerned about this matter, so she specially asked me to explain it to you."

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 566 The Tiny Mortal World Is A Beautiful Place (3)