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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 559 - 559 Library, Baili Xinglin (2)

559 Library, Baili Xinglin (2)

Only fifth-grade and above medicinal pill manuals were placed on the second floor.

After finding the grade of the medicinal pill she was looking for, Mu Wan began to search for books carefully and flipped through one from time to time.

“So there’s a third method to refine the Source Pill. No wonder Senior Brother said that there are cheaper Source Pills on the market.

“I understand now. The refining method of the Sealing Pill should be as Senior Brother said. It should focus on sealing, not isolating.”

The library was empty. There were two white-bearded elders flipping through the books, but neither of them spoke.


Mu Wan muttered softly, becoming the only voice on the first floor of the hall.

The combination of theory and practice, the wisdom of predecessors and the comprehension of future generations, would allow rapid progress.

When the sky gradually darkened, Mu Wan reluctantly put down her book.

“Did you get anything?”

At this moment, a voice sounded from behind Mu Wan.

Her voice was gentle.

Mu Wan turned around and saw a woman in her forties in a green robe standing there, smiling at her.

“Senior, I’ve read a lot of books and have a deep understanding. I have to slowly verify what I learned when I go back.”

In Mu Wan’s opinion, most of the people who could be in this library should be seniors in the Dao of Alchemy.

Moreover, the woman in front of her had an abyssal aura. She was clearly a great cultivator.

“Oh? Tell me what you comprehended today.” Hearing Mu Wan’s words, the woman chuckled and asked.

“Today, I saw a pill formula for the Su Spirit Pill. The medicinal power of the Martial Spirit Grass has to be neutralized first. I feel that if it’s activated, it should be feasible. I’m preparing to go back and explore further.

“Also, among the three pill formulas of the Channel Opening Pill, the ratio of purple to golden leaves is different, but the medicinal effects are almost the same. I think this must be related to the Three Flowers Essence Condensing Root.”

Mu Wan excitedly explained some of the pill formulas in the alchemy books she had read today.

Although she had been studying hard, she had never had much confidence because of the limitations of her talent and accumulation.

Today, when she looked at the ancient books, she suddenly realized that her comprehension of many alchemy techniques was actually in line with the writings of her predecessors.

She could understand many obscure alchemy books.

This, of course, made her happy.

Baili Xinglin’s gaze landed on Mu Wan, and a faint golden light flashed.

She didn’t expect that this little girl in front of her would really say a lot of things with just a few casual questions from her.

Moreover, from Mu Wan’s words, her accumulation and comprehension of alchemy were not inferior to those senior grandmasters.

Such a young Grandmaster?

Seeing through it, Baili Xinglin raised her eyebrows.

“Little girl, you’re not from the Imperial City, right?”

Mu Wan was slightly stunned before nodding.

“I, I came from the Western Frontier and opened a pill shop in the Imperial City.”

The two of them chatted in low voices as they walked out of the library.

It was not until they arrived in front of the library that Baili Xinglin smiled and let Mu Wan leave first.

Seeing Mu Wan walk out of the library, Baili Xinglin revealed a complicated expression.

“Senior Sister, I really didn’t expect to finally see your descendant…”

With a low voice, the divine light in her eyes disappeared. Then she slowly walked out with a smile.

At the door, Mu Wan looked at the alchemists surrounding her in a panic.

These people were shouting all kinds of questions. Some of them handed over books and jade slips.

This left her at a loss.

Fortunately, Baili Xinglin walked out from behind and helped her out.

“If you have any questions, I can stay for 15 minutes to answer them.”

As soon as Baili Xinglin spoke, the space beside Mu Wan instantly became empty.

Mu Wan turned her head and looked gratefully at Baili Xinglin. Coincidentally, Baili Xinglin also turned to look at her and nodded gently.

“Junior Sister, how was your harvest today?” At this moment, Han Muye’s gentle voice sounded.

Mu Wan had the urge to pounce on her senior brother and hug him.

She looked up and saw her senior brother looking at her with a smile.

Han Muye reached out and took Mu Wan’s hand, pulling her back.

Under a big tree not far away, dozens of alchemists stood up and bowed respectfully, watching Han Muye and Mu Wan leave.

“I don’t think I’ve seen these two seniors in the Alchemy Division before,” someone said in a low voice.

“Haha, there are so many seniors in the Alchemy Division in this world. How can they all be in the Alchemy Division? What this senior said today about the principles of alchemy really enlightened me.” Someone on the other side sighed with emotion.

“This is a true Alchemy Great Cultivator. With just a few words, he can immediately grasp the essence.” Shen Tang’s eyes lit up as he spoke in a low voice.

The others nodded.

Outside the library, Baili Xinglin, who was answering a group of alchemists’ questions, turned around and looked in the direction where Han Muye and Mu Wan had left.

Han Muye seemed to sense something, but he did not turn around.

It was not until they were outside the square of the library and got into the carriage that Mu Wan suddenly had the courage to throw herself into Han Muye’s arms.

Han Muye used a lot of his soul power to control his hands and gently hug Mu Wan’s waist.

“What happened?”

Mu Wan shook her head and buried her head in Han Muye’s chest.

“Senior Brother, if I read all the books in this library and refine all the pills, won’t I be very powerful…”

After a long time, Mu Wan looked up into Han Muye’s eyes.

Han Muye chuckled and moved Mu Wan closer. He whispered, “You’re already very powerful now.”

Hearing his words, Mu Wan laughed out loud even though she knew that her senior brother was comforting her.

The two of them played around and got closer.

Suddenly, Mu Wan’s body stiffened.

She just realized that she had unknowingly straddled her senior brother and was especially close to him.

It was so close that she could touch his lips if she moved a little closer.

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 559 - 559 Library, Baili Xinglin (2)