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Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits
Chapter 108 Who Said Your Family Members Are Innocent?

"I surrender."

Seraphina spoke as she lowered her head in defeat.

She had already given up.

It was over, Dreamweave was found in her room, Anna could simply attest to everything she had done, heck, she could even claim things she hadn't done, and with Lily's words used as proof and Vaan's influence, she could be framed with anything and there would be nothing she could do get out of it.

There was no point in going against Vaan, her death was imminent and Seraphina had already resigned to her fate.

She did everything she could have done and actually did manage to raise the status of her family single-handedly, now, however, it was time that someone else took over her goal.

She may not be able to see it herself, however, Seraphina knew that one day, her Family would be able to come out on top and she was glad that she was the one who got to set the stage for it.


"Who said the Stormweaver Family had nothing to do with it? You are the part of the Stormweaver Family, aren't you?"

Vaan questioned and Seraphina, who had given up on everything and looked like she was half dead, reacted again.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Dreamweave was found in the room of a Stormweaver Family member, not in the room of Seraphina Stormweaver.

The entire Stormweaver Family would be implicated here."

Vaan spoke.

Seraphina, however, shook her head. She had prepared everything from the start, and when she did, she had considered the case where she failed and got caught as well.

She had done her fair share of study before taking such a risk, she would never do something that would put her family in trouble, her family was the reason she did whatever she did, how could she be the one who ends up destroying it?

"In accordance with the established guidelines of the Vesta Family, it is explicitly stipulated that any transgression committed by an individual shall not bear any implications for their respective Family members, provided that said Family members are not directly implicated in the aforementioned transgression, or in cases where the individual in question holds or has held, the position of Family head for a duration exceeding five years.

None of my Family members possess any knowledge pertaining to my actions, and obviously, I do not hold or have ever held the position of Family head.

So in strict accordance with these regulations, Young Master Vaan cannot take any actions against my family on the basis of my wrongdoings since they are all innocent."

Seraphina spoke as she looked at Vaan with a brave look on her face. She may have given up on herself, but her family, she would make sure nothing happened to it as long as she was alive.

"Who said your family members are innocent?" Vaan furrowed his brows in confusion.

"What are you talking abo-" Seraphina frowned in confusion, but then,

"Anna, what did you say to Anderson Stormweaver?"

Vaan questioned as he turned towards Anna.

Before Seraphina could make sense out of the situation, Anna bowed her head and answered,

"I reported how she wanted to buy Dreamweave to 'control' Young Master Vaan. Lord Anderson had full knowledge about her actions."

"See that? Your Father, Anderson Stormweaver knew about your actions and didn't do anything to stop you, that makes him an accomplice in your crime who will be receiving the same punishment as you.

And from the rule you just mentioned, since Anderson Stormweaver has been the head of the Stormweaver Family for more than 5 years, the entire Stormweaver Family is implacable for your crime.

Of course, don't even think about trying to hide it either, since you have committed a crime, the Vesta Family has full right to investigate your family members, and even the Mind Mages can be involved since, as you should know since you so well informed, we are extremely strict when the matter is related to the Dreamweave."

Vaan spoke, the evil smile on his face gave away his glee.

Now this was the situation he was familiar with, people lowering their heads, racking their brains, trying to figure out a solution to get out of a certain situation before finally realizing that they were utterly helpless and giving in.

Pushing people into hopelessness, Vaan had done it countless times, this was one of the many similar situations, but this time, Vaan truly felt happy.

Crushing people who thought they were better than everyone around him just felt that good, especially people who looked down on him and tried to fool him.

"This is not possible."

Suddenly, Seraphina spoke up.

She glanced at Vaan and,

"You are lying, if Father knew about what I was doing, his first thought would have been stopping me. My father is cautious by nature, he would have never allowed me to make a bold move such as this."

"Well, what if he was told that you have already made your move and that him taking action would increase the chances of you being caught?"

Vaan questioned and this time, Seraphina turned silent.

Anna was the one who reported everything to Anderson, logically speaking, she could have said practically anything, and manipulating her father using her name wasn't that difficult either, especially when the one trying to manipulate him was Seraphina's trusted maid.

"Of course, if you still do not believe my words, you can always have the Vesta Mages investigate everything on their own, but know this.

Once the Vesta Mages are involved, the Stormweaver Family is finished.

Everything you have worked for, everything you, your father, and the previous generations of your family have built,

It will all be destroyed."


Seraphina turned silent. Vaan's words echoed through her head. She failed and she failed horribly. Vaan's single call could destroy everything, he was holding her and her family's life in the palm of his hands.


In the end, Seraphina knelt down.

With her eyes moist, she glanced at Vaan, then, she placed her head on the ground.


Let my Family go."

She requested.

"And what would I get from that?" Vaan questioned.

"You can take my life, whatever I have done to you, you can take your revenge by doing whatever you want to me. I was the one who wronged you, my family had nothing to do with it."

"But your family was the one who benefitted from it, wasn't it?" Vaan questioned, he didn't even bother trying to hide the smile on his face.


Seraphina turned silent.

Seeing everything she built and worked hard for collapsing right in front of her eyes, she felt like her very heart was being squeezed by some force, her throat felt sour, and tears came out of her eyes as she started regretting her past actions.

She shouldn't have gone after Vaan. The Vesta Family was too strong for someone like her to try and mess with them.

Seraphina felt her world collapsing, her head started thinking about different scenarios, her entire body trembled as she despaired.

Seeing her kneeling on the ground, with her head on the floor, while her body trembled, a satisfied smile appeared on Vaan's face.

"As they say, even the most brightests of minds fail in front of true despair."

He commented.


Of course, Seraphina was in no state to reply. Heck, she didn't even react to Vaan's words and kept her head down.

"Everything is not yet over, Seraphina."

Suddenly, Vaan spoke up.

But again, Seraphina didn't react. By now, she could tell what kind of man Vaan was. He was a sadist, who took pleasure from other's pain, with a nasty personality like that, he must have planned more things for her. More things to push to an even darker cave of despair than she was already in.


"I would have simply called the Vesta Mages after finding Dreamweave here, that would have been the end of you.

There is a reason why I didn't do it."


Seeing that she still wasn't reacting, Vaan decided to be direct.

"Serve me, Seraphina."

Seraphina's body twitched and Vaan continued,

"Use that bright mind of yours to help me raise my influence, help me create my own independent connections, help me gather subordinates I can rely on in the future, help me gather resources I can use,

Devote your mind to me.

And in return, use my influence to help your family grow.

You may not have the chance to become the best, but the position of being the Second Best is always available, isn't it?" 

This time, Vaan finally got a reaction from Seraphina.

She raised her eyes, her tears hadn't even dried yet, with her eyes opened wide in shock, she glanced at Vaan,

A smile appeared on Vaan's face,

"So? What do you think? What is your answer, Seraphina Stormweaver?"

"I accept." Seraphina didn't even hesitate for a second.

"I swear that if you let me live and let my family go, I will devote myself to you. I will do everything in my power to build you the strongest connections available, I will strengthen your position to a level where even if your siblings are stronger than you,

The Position of the Family Head would still belong to you."

A satisfied smile appeared on Vaan's face.

Then, he took out a paper, passing it to Seraphina, he ordered.

"Sign this."

"W-What is this?"

"Something that ensures what you just said and prevents you from going back on your words and betraying me later."

Vaan had come prepared as well.

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Magic's Return: I Can See The Spirits Chapter 108 Who Said Your Family Members Are Innocent?