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Chapter 8: Cruelty

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Chu Lui gave a laugh filled with sarcasm. “Now who is the really cruel one?”

Another sarcastic laugh. “You paid a very high price for your naivety.” One would be completely fooled by her performance.

He took her body and plundered her heart both, at the same time.

She clutched the blanket tightly from under her body. Her lips were a ghastly sight for she had bitten so hard on them till they bled.

Chu Lui laughed with sarcasm once more. The real pain had only just begun. Could the pain that she was experiencing be compared to his or Yixuan’s? Yixuan was the one he had chosen to marry since his childhood. Yet, she had murdered her. She had murdered his love—Yixuan.

Xia Ruoxin reached out with her hands as if she was about to grab something. But, that kind of pain had pierced her heart, body, and soul.

It hurt so much: she was in complete agony.

Chu Lui pretended not to hear her. He kept laughing. His laughter filled with contempt. It sounded like the devil. “This is the price for being my wife. I want you to remember how I owned this body of yours. I want you to never forget: to always remember this pain.

“You are not worthy of my love. That is why I don’t have to treat you like a human being. You are not worthy of it.”

Xia Ruoxin bit hard on the back of her hand. She shook her head ever so often, her facial complexion white as snow. She simply looked at the man with her dull eyes. The man’s heartless gaze bore into her, directly at her soul.

“I want you to live as if you’re dead.” His words continued to ring in her ears. She merely lifted her eyes and stared at the wedding portrait that was still hanging on the wall.

Yixuan, was this what you wanted?

She clutched her hands tight and looked miserably at the man who was still torturing her.

What scattered on the newlyweds’ huge bed was the man’s ruthlessness and her pure and innocent soul.

She had not enjoyed her first sexual encounter. Instead, it was filled with pain. Gut-wrenching pain. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

It wasn’t until Chu Lui withdrew himself, without care and finished wearing his pants, did he looked at the already unconscious woman. He had decided that he would not show any compassion towards this kind of woman.

He walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. Then he closed his eyes. He could not bring himself to look at the body, the one he had violated so thoroughly.

Xia Ruoxin merely folded herself together. The blood stains on the bed were proof that someone had just violated and abused her body.

“Little brother...” She opened her eyes and she looked at the man in the photo with a dull and empty gaze.

“Why didn’t you recognize me? Why... didn’t you believe me? I did not harm Xia Yixuan. Why didn’t any of you believe me? Didn’t trust me?”

She reached out with her hands with the thought of grabbing something. In the end, she simply put the back of her hand against her lips and bit hard.

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