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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 60: Ting, I’m Back IV

Chapter 60: Ting, I’m Back IV

Zuo Weiyi admitted she had no talent in this sport.

No matter how many times Shi Yuting taught her, she couldn’t hit the ball. It always went awry.

Shi Yuting was getting impatient!

Zuo Weiyi’s face darkened and she gave up learning!

Anyway, what was the use of learning this?

“I quit!” She let go of the golf club grumpily and walked toward the resting area by the side.

Under the scorching sun, she would rather sit there to look at the scenic view than stand in the sun to play golf. She would be much happier.

Seeing her leave, Shi Yuting tossed the golf club aside and walked toward the resting area too.

Upon arriving at the resting area and when she was just about to pick up a glass of fruit juice, she saw that woman. Zuo Weiyi’s look turned dull.

“Hi, pretty!” A man sitting by the side stared at Zuo Weiyi’s pretty face and couldn’t help but greet her with a smile.

Zuo Weiyi turned and realized that he was the man who had greeted Shi Yuting just now.

She forced a nod and a smile.

When the man saw her face, he frowned slightly.

“Xinlei, don’t you think Ting’s woman looks like you?”

Jing Xinlei’s gaze had never left Zuo Weiyi the minute she appeared.

When she heard what the man said, she was astonished.

She looked carefully. They did look very much alike indeed.

So, Ting kept this woman by his side because she looked like her?

If this was true, did it mean he had not forgotten her over these five years?

The thought of this brought joy to Jing Xinlei.

She stood up and stretched out her hand politely, “Hello, I’m Jing Xinlei. He is Zhong Shenghao and she is Xiao Ran. We are...Ting’s friends.”

Looking at her, Jing Xinlei seemed to be hesitant when she introduced themselves.

Zuo Weiyi didn’t expect that when she saw her stretching out her hand.

She nodded slightly and stretched out her hand too. “Hello, I’m Zuo Weiyi.”

“You are Ting’s girlfriend, right?” Jing Xinlei was prying.

Zuo Weiyi hesitated. She didn’t know how to reply.

She couldn’t say no, as she was with him and had even slept with him.

But if she said yes, in reality, she was not. They were in a relationship where they each got what they needed.

However, how was she to announce such a relationship to outsiders?

Just as Zuo Weiyi was in a dilemma and not sure how to reply, a hand pulled her hand away from Jing Xinlei’s grip and tugged her along towards a table by the side.

“You don’t have to reply to anyone’s question.” His voice was extremely cold and by his tone, one could sense his annoyance. He looked as if he was not in a good mood.

“Ting, you’re ungrateful! We care about you!” Zhong Shenghao ridiculed him.

Shi Yuting shot him a cold reply, “It’s not necessary.”

“Alright, alright, today’s gathering is to welcome Xinlei back. Let’s talk about other things!”

“True. First of all, cheers!” Zhong Shenghao took a bottle of cocktail and proposed a toast.

Zuo Weiyi had felt thirsty since just now. She couldn’t wait and took a bottle of wine too.

Looking at the impatient woman beside him, Shi Yuting frowned in displeasure.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 60: Ting, I’m Back IV