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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 59: Ting, I’m Back III

Chapter 59: Ting, I’m Back III

She thought about how neither the status of Mrs. Shi nor that woman was related to her.

She pursed her lips and sat on the couch. Then, she picked up the magazine on the coffee table to read to pass her time.

Flipping through the magazine, she saw a familiar face on one of the pages.

Zuo Weiyi was taken aback. She then realized the woman in the picture was that woman they had just met. She was an international top model, Jing Xinlei.

Her black eyes skimmed through every word of information on the magazine. So, that woman’s name was Jing Xinlei.

She waited till midnight but Shi Yuting did not return to the presidential suite.

Zuo Weiyi took a shower and lay in bed. She was tired and she fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was the next morning.

Shi Yuting did not return to the room the entire night.

Sitting on the huge double bed, Zuo Weiyi pursed her lips and got up.

Where he went was none of her business!

She got up and cleaned herself. Then, she walked out from the back door to enjoy the beautiful view by the sea.

The gentle sea breeze brought comfort and peace to people.

Zuo Weiyi sat on the deck chair beside the swimming pool. She looked at the blue sky and the clear water and unconsciously fell asleep.

After a while, a shadow covered her. Looking at the person lying on the deck chair, Shi Yuting was calm.

Sensing someone standing close, Zuo Weiyi opened her eyes and in a daze, the man’s perfect outline was imprinted in her eyes.

She halted and then sat up.

Shi Yuting took a glance at her and asked, “Why didn’t you order breakfast?”

Zuo Weiyi hesitated. “I...I don’t know how to order.”

This was her first time here and she didn’t know how to order breakfast.

She had wanted to go out for breakfast but she was not familiar with this place—what if she lost her way?

Shi Yuting stared at her and scolded, “Stupid woman!”

He tugged her hand and walked towards the room.

After leaving the room, both of them went to the restaurant within the hill villa to have a simple breakfast. Then, Shi Yuting brought her along to the black Bentley.

“Are we going home?”

On the back seat, Zuo Weiyi was in the dark. She thought they were going back to the city.

Shi Yuting pursed his lips slightly and replied, “No.”

She took a look at him but didn’t ask further.

Vine Hill Villa was huge. After a five-minute drive, they were still in the hill villa.

However, this time, they went to a different venue.

Zuo Weiyi opened the door and got down from the car.

The scenery here was beautiful! Not far from the place was a golf course.

“Do you know how to play golf?” Shi Yuting asked the person beside him when they arrived at the golf course.

Zuo Weiyi shook her head. “No.”

Only bosses would be involved in this sport. She was an ordinary person, how would she know how to play golf? The most she knew was badminton!

“Come, I’ll teach you.”

He dragged her into the gold course. Then, Xiangyi brought the golf clubs.

“Why are they not here yet?” Shi Yuting asked while pulling Zuo Weiyi to his front, holding her hands with his and teaching her how to hold and swing the gold club.

Xiangyi nodded respectfully. “They are waiting for you over there.”

Not far away, at the resting area, a man walked over when he saw Shi Yuting.

He gave out a charming smile. “Mr. Shi, how have you been?”

At that magnetic voice, Shi Yuting turned his head to the side slightly but did not say anything. He continued teaching Zuo Weiyi how to play golf.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 59: Ting, I’m Back III