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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 58: Ting, I’m Back II

Chapter 58: Ting, I’m Back II

Not far away, Zuo Weiyi stood looking at the two figures that were close to one another. Her heart sank and she felt pain, as if something was blocking her chest.

She stood there and gawked at the two of them.

Shi Yuting clenched his fists and in the next second, he quickly parted the hands wrapping around his waist.

He turned around and his dark eyes showed a sense of pain. “I’ve never ignored you. You were the one who chose to leave from the beginning.”

Then, he walked toward Zuo Weiyi.

“Why? You were the one who said I can go after my dreams, but why did you ignore me after I went overseas? Ting, please tell me why?”

The woman stood where she was. She looked at the tall figure and her tears couldn’t help but roll down her cheeks.

Shi Yuting halted.

Without turning around and looking at her, he said, “You can go after your dreams, but all these are none of my business.”

His voice was so cold without a bit of warmth and as compared to five years ago, he was now acting like a stranger.

He walked to Zuo Weiyi and held her hand and then they walked towards their hotel room.

The woman still stood where she was with silent tears falling.

He held her hand all the way to their hotel room and only let go of her when they entered the room.

Zuo Weiyi pursed her lips. She didn’t know what to say to the man who stood there.

The atmosphere in the room at that time was quiet and awkward. Zuo Weiyi couldn’t hold back her words.

Firstly, she wanted to break the awkward silence and secondly, she was curious.

She wanted to know who that woman was.

That woman looked like her. These few days, she noticed that when Shi Yuting looked at her, it was as if he was looking at someone else.

Had she become another person’s shadow?

At the thought of this possibility, her curiosity became stronger.

“Is she your ex-girlfriend?”

In the huge presidential suite, Shi Yuting turned around and stared at Zuo Weiyi.

That handsome face emitted a coldness which made Zuo Weiyi felt strange.

He walked over to her and looking down from above, he said, “When I dote on you, it doesn’t mean you can poke your nose into my personal affairs.”

His words caused Zuo Weiyi to stop for a while.

“I didn’t mean that...”

“Remember, I can give you whatever you wish except for the status of Mrs. Shi. Don’t you ever think about it,” he said indifferently.

Zuo Weiyi was shocked. Her chest felt like it was being stabbed by a knife!

She had almost forgotten that the relationship between them was merely to fulfill what they each needed. What right did she have to know about his private affairs?

She pursed her lips and flashed a bitter smile. “I’m sorry, I’ve almost forgotten my identity. I’m only your sexual partner.”

Looking at her pretty face, Shi Yuting said nothing more.

Instead, he turned toward the door and walked out.

Zuo Weiyi stood where she was as she looked at the door being closed. After a good while, she regained her senses and she walked toward the couch by the side of the room.

Had she unconsciously begun to care about this man?

Zuo Weiyi, don’t you ever love this man. If you were to fall in love, you would be the one feeling miserable.

He is such a respectable person and you are an illegitimate daughter whom everyone has casted aside. How could you even imagine yourself as his girlfriend?

When she thought of this, she laughed at herself!

She thought she’d better take care of herself and not think about other matters.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 58: Ting, I’m Back II