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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 57: Ting, I’m Back I

Chapter 57: Ting, I’m Back I

She bit her lips, glared at the man, and turned to leave.

From the end of the corridor came a beautiful melody. The ball must have started.

“Do you know how to dance?” Shi Yuting stopped to asked Zuo Weiyi.

“A little.” She was not good at dancing as she did not have talent in dancing. Of course, she rarely attended events like this so she did not know ballroom dancing.

“I’ll teach you.” He smiled and tugged her along to the dancing floor.


Just then, a woman’s voice could be heard. The voice was gentle and pleasant.

The familiar voice made Shi Yuting stop. He was suddenly startled.

He turned around and saw a tall woman standing there.

The familiar face had some maturity and charm added on as compared to five years ago.

Zuo Weiyi turned around too. When she saw the woman, she was shocked.

This woman looked a little like herself...

The woman was wearing a sexy fishtail evening gown. She stood there like a beautiful scenic horizon. Her black eyes reflected deep yearning.

“Ting, I...I’m back.”

Looking at that woman, pain flashed through Shi Yuting’s eyes so swiftly that nobody could catch it.

However, on that exquisite face, one could only see coldness without a bit of warmth.

Hearing how she addressed Shi Yuting intimately, Zuo Weiyi turned around and her vision fell on Shi Yuting’s handsome side profile, then on the woman.

Who was this woman?

The woman took a few steps forward and stood in front of both of them. She had a beautiful face like a figure who had walked out of a drawing, so beautiful it was enough to cause the fall of a city or a state.

It had been five years since she last looked at him.

“How are you?”

Looking at the familiar face, Shi Yuting remained silent.

Five years of pain was like a stamp imprinted on his heart, one that he would never forget.

After quite a while, he turned stoically and tugged Zuo Weiyi along towards the banquet hall.

Zuo Weiyi was tugged on all the way.

The woman frowned as she watched the man’s back. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with him.

His steps were quick and Zuo Weiyi had to run a little to catch up with him.

Then, suddenly, Shi Yuting let go of her hand unconsciously.

When his hand slipped from her palm, Zuo Weiyi was stupefied. It was as if something had slipped from her fingertips.

She staggered and stopped but Shi Yuting kept advancing his steps.

What was wrong with him?

Zuo Weiyi stood there and the sight of his back became farther and farther. She frowned. She was at a loss.


That familiar voice sounded once again from behind.

Zuo Weiyi turned around and saw the woman running toward Shi Yuting.

Watching the woman run past her, Zuo Weiyi stood where she was.

“Ting, please don’t go!”

The woman dashed over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. One side of her fair face nestled against his sturdy back and tears were flickering in her eyes.

Shi Yuting was dumbfounded. He stopped.

Hearing her sob, he closed his eyes and opened them again. He then stretched his hands to part the hands wrapping around his waist.

“No...Ting, please don’t ignore me...” The woman shut her eyes and her tears rolled down her cheeks.

The slight trembling sound of sobbing caused Shi Yuting’s heart to ache.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 57: Ting, I’m Back I