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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 54: Thinking Of Saving Jiang Group?

Chapter 54: Thinking Of Saving Jiang Group?

Qiu Yun suddenly realized something and her expression shifted from angry to sad. “Jiang Huaiyuan, you are such an ungrateful you really plan to divorce me and send me and Tingmei away without giving us a single cent?”

“I...” Jiang Huaiyuan couldn’t say anything. He didn’t want to do this but at the same time, he wanted to save Jiang Group. For a moment, he didn’t know how to choose between the two.

His hesitance was like silent consent to Qiu Yun. She cried and hammered Jiang Huaiyuan’s body with her hands. “Jiang Huaiyuan! You b*stard! I will definitely not agree to a divorce!”

Zuo Weiyi looked at the crying Qiu Yun indifferently.

This was nothing compared to what Qiu Yun did to her mother.

Jiang Huaiyuan consoled his crying wife while looking at Zuo Weiyi. He pleaded, “Weiyi, please don’t do this for your father’s sake. If I divorce her, how will she live in the future?”

Zuo Weiyi felt a throbbing pain in her heart.

“For my father’s sake? Now you are bringing up our father-daughter relationship? Jiang Huaiyuan, all these years, besides providing shelter and monthly living expenses of two thousand dollars, what else have you done for me and my mother?” Zuo Weiyi couldn’t control the tears in her eyes. All she had left for Jiang Huaiyuan was hatred!

“What did you do when you saw her lying in the pool of blood? Your family only consists of Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei. Since this is the case, don’t talk to me about our father-daughter relationship! Let me tell you, I don’t have a father. My father died before I was born!”

“If you want to save Jiang Group, bring your certificate of divorce and see me at Di Zun!”

Zuo Weiyi did not give Jiang Huaiyuan another opportunity to speak. She turned and walked toward the banquet hall.

“D*mn you, Zuo Weiyi!”

Qiu Yun saw her leaving and wished to skin her alive!

Jiang Huaiyuan stood where he was and thought deeply about what Zuo Weiyi had said.

The moment she entered the banquet hall, Zuo Weiyi let out a long sigh of relief.

This was the first time she was so domineering in front of Jiang Huaiyuan and Qiu Yun!

She was actually nervous.

If Jiang Huaiyuan really brought the divorce certificate to Di Zun tomorrow, would Shi Yuting help her?

At the thought of this, she raised her head and looked around for Shi Yuting.

Guests filled the huge banquet hall but among the crowd, she couldn’t locate Shi Yuting.

Zuo Weiyi frowned slightly and walked into the banquet hall.

After searching for a while, she still could not spot him. Zuo Weiyi gave up looking for him. She thought maybe he had something to do and so she didn’t think much about it. She looked up to look for the washroom.

This was her first time here and she didn’t know where the washrooms were.

While walking, she saw a waiter carrying a tray of wine head-on. Zuo Weiyi stopped the waiter and asked, “May I know where the washrooms are please?”

The waiter pointed and Zuo Weiyi walked toward the direction of the washroom after thanking him.

She went to the washroom and then tidied her make up and left.

Just as she was about to return to the banquet hall, she suddenly saw Shi Yuting just around the corner.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 54: Thinking Of Saving Jiang Group?