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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 53: Zuo Weiyi’s Request

Chapter 53: Zuo Weiyi’s Request

Facing her coldness, Jiang Huaiyuan pleaded pathetically.

Zuo Weiyi turned around. She remained expressionless.

Then, she smiled. “Alright. If you promise to do what I’m about to request, I’ll ask him not to withdraw his investment.”

Jiang Huaiyuan was delighted. “What request do you have?”

Zuo Weiyi was silent for a few seconds.

“Announce what you did twenty-one years ago in front of the media. Make it public.”

“Err...” Jiang Huaiyuan was stunned. “Weiyi, I know, I am the one who did your mother wrong, but I’ve borne my responsibility toward you and your mother all these years.”

True, for the past twenty-one years, he had borne his responsibility of providing them with food, clothes, and shelter and nothing less.

“If I were to admit it in front of the media, how could Jiang Group still survive?” The reason he didn’t want Shi Yuting to withdraw his investment was to keep the company. If he did what she requested, what was the point of begging her now?

“You can’t do that? There’s another option.”

“What is it?”

“Divorce Qiu Yun. I want Qiu Yun and her daughter to leave you without getting a single cent!” Looking at Jiang Huaiyuan, Zuo Weiyi was indifferent without a speck of sympathy.

She wanted that pair of mother and daughter to pay a painful price for the humiliation that her mother had suffered!

Jiang Huaiyuan was taken aback. Before he could reply, Qiu Yun appeared from behind the osmanthus tree.

She pointed and roared at Zuo Weiyi!

“Zuo Weiyi! That’s too much!”

Zuo Weiyi was not surprised at Qiu Yun’s sudden appearance.

She looked at her and laughed coldly. “Too much? This is nothing compared to how you humiliated my mother.”

“You!” Qiu Yun was at a loss for words. She turned her head toward Jiang Huaiyuan angrily. “Did you agree to her request?”

Jiang Huaiyuan was stupefied. Facing his wife, he couldn’t say a single word. “Err...”

His hesitance flared up Qiu Yun’s fire!

“Jiang Huaiyuan! You dare promise this little brat her request? You’d better watch your back!”

She turned her head furiously and glared at Zuo Weiyi, “Like mother like daughter! You’re just like your mother, you only know how to seduce men with power!”

Slap! Qiu Yun felt a burning pain on her cheek.

She widened her eyes and looked at Zuo Weiyi in disbelief.

“Little b*tch, you dare slap me?”

“This is not the first time I’ve slapped you, why wouldn’t I do it again?” Even without Shi Yuting backing her up, Zuo Weiyi still dared to slap Qiu Yun.

She once had qualms about fighting Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei because of her mother and would endure most of the time.

Now, she had no more worries and did not have to put up with it any longer!

Qiu Yun was extremely furious. She raised her hand to return the slap.

Jiang Huaiyuan immediately caught Qiu Yun’s wrist to stop her from slapping Zuo Weiyi.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Qiu Yun was struggling and the fire of fury in her grew. “Why, are you starting to defend her now that you see her with Shi Yuting?”

“Can you please keep calm?” Jiang Huaiyuan shouted angrily. In his ears was Shi Yuting’s words: ‘You are my woman. Nobody would dare to touch you.’

His words were enough to prove Zuo Weiyi’s position in his heart. If Qiu Yun slapped her today, they wouldn’t have peaceful lives in future.

“Why are you defending this little brat? Have you decided to agree to her request?”𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 53: Zuo Weiyi’s Request