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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 50: ‘My Weiyi’

Chapter 50: ‘My Weiyi’

Jiang Huaiyuan smiled awkwardly. “Haha. Mr. Shi, do you mind if I have a word with you?”

Shi Yuting pursed his thin lips slightly and looked at the girl next to him. His sexy lips were curved into a beautiful arch. “Would you like to go out to get some fresh air?”

Zuo Weiyi turned her head. She was slow at catching what the man meant.

Following his gaze, Jiang Huaiyuan saw the girl next to him. He frowned and couldn’t believe his own eyes!

Wasn’t the girl Weiyi?

Why was she with Mr. Shi?

He looked at her daughter, who was looking gorgeous, and for a moment, he found it unbelievable.

He creased his forehead tightly. Looking at Zuo Weiyi, he asked in disbelief, “Weiyi, is it you?”

Zuo Weiyi turned to look at Jiang Huaiyuan’s surprised face. Her expression was cold, as if she didn’t know this middle-aged man standing in front of her.

“Zuo Weiyi, it’s really you?” Jiang Tingmei asked with the same disbelief as her father.

Who could explain how a common girl like Zuo Weiyi could end up with the extremely wealthy Shi Yuting?

How could this be possible? What did she have to get to this?

“Mr. Jiang, do you know my Weiyi?” Shi Yuting asked, pretending that the father and daughter’s surprise was beyond his expectation.

Jiang Huaiyuan turned around and looked at the man.

“Err...Mr. Shi, the lady beside you is my daughter. The last time you invested in my company, you said it was because of my daughter that...”

“Oh, right, I’ve forgotten to inform you something.”

Without waiting for Jiang Huaiyuan to finish his sentence, Shi Yuting suddenly recalled something. With one hand holding a wine glass, he looked at Jiang Huaiyuan and said, “With regards to my investment in your company, I’ve made a mistake. The person I’m interested in is Zuo Weiyi, not Jiang Weiyi.”

He smiled faintly. His tone of voice was calm as if he had really made a mistake.

He did say that it was because of Zuo Weiyi that he had invested fifty million dollars into Jiang Group.

Jiang Huaiyuan was startled and impatiently added, “Err...Mr. Shi, you’re not mistaken. The person beside you is my daughter, Zuo Weiyi.”

He took a glance at Zuo Weiyi and explained in an ingratiating manner.

Zuo Weiyi sneered.

“Oh? You mean my Weiyi is your daughter?” Shi Yuting raised his brows and pretended to look at Jiang Huaiyuan surprisingly.

The title ‘my Weiyi’ was enough for all women in the whole world to fall into envy and jealousy!

Jiang Huaiyuan was naturally overwhelmed by this, while Jiang Tingmei was extremely jealous!

When had she seduced Shi Yuting?

“Yes, Mr. Shi!” Jiang Huaiyuan was rejoicing inside. So, Di Zun’s sudden withdrawal was because Mr. Shi thought he had mistaken Zuo Weiyi for his daughter. In reality, Zuo Weiyi and Jiang Weiyi were the same person.

Then, he turned to look at Zuo Weiyi, who had been keeping silent. With ingratiation, he asked, “Right, Weiyi?”

Facing the desperate Jiang Huaiyuan, Zuo Weiyi couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh.

So, the dignified Jiang Group chairman could fall humble like this.

She smiled coldly and answered, “Mr. Jiang, I’m afraid you have mistaken me for your daughter. My surname is Zuo, not Jiang.”

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 50: ‘My Weiyi’