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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 47: Do You Know How To Dress Up?

Chapter 47: Do You Know How To Dress Up?

Shu Yuner was indeed annoying, but she had never thought of dragging her family into trouble.

However, it might be better this way. Without money and power, how could Shu Yuner continue to be arrogant?

“Oh yes, Jiang Group...” Zuo Weiyi wanted to know if this man took her request for Jiang Group to go into bankruptcy to heart.

Shi Yuting seemed to have read her mind. He smiled and put his arms around her shoulders. “Be patient, you will see Jiang Huaiyuan and his family in a while.”

Zuo Weiyi was dumbfounded.

She would see the Jiang family in a while?

After about an hour, the black Bentley stopped in front of the villa. It was three in the afternoon.

Zuo Weiyi exited the car and marveled at the spectacular view of the place.

Walking into the villa, Shi Yuting went to the hotel room which he had reserved.

After half an hour, there was a knock at the door. Xiangyi brought the luggage in.

“Mr. Shi, the things you’ve requested are here.”

“Put it down.”

Xiangyi placed the luggage down and left the room.

“Do you know how to dress up?”

Zuo Weiyi was sitting on the couch when the man suddenly walked toward her and threw her the question.

She stared blankly, not understanding the purpose of his words.

“Err...I don’t...”

She didn’t know how to dress up and didn’t know what he meant by dressing up.

Shi Yuting knitted his brows. He hesitated for a while, then walked over to the coffee table and picked up the phone.

Zuo Weiyi heard him saying through the phone, “Get me a stylist.”

He then ended the call.

After five minutes, there was a knock on the door and in came an unfamiliar lady.

“She will be attending a banquet tonight. Please style her,” Shi Yuting, who was sitting on the couch with a magazine in his hand, told the stylist.

“Alright, Mr. Shi.”

The stylist gestured Zuo Weiyi to follow her. “Miss, please follow me.”

Zuo Weiyi never knew she could be so beautiful!

After half an hour, Zuo Weiyi was dressed in a light yellow evening gown with diamonds. The deep V-neck exposed her sexy collarbone. Her fair shoulders glowed under the soft lights. Her soft hair was casually tied back, with a few strands left to fall by the side, framing her pretty oval face. She looked gentle and elegant.

This was the first time Zuo Weiyi had dressed up like this. Looking at her own reflection in the mirror, she was astonished.

She was pretty when she dressed up.

The stylist was beaming. “Miss Zuo, you are very pretty.”

When she styled others, the entire make-up set was usually required but today, dressing Miss Zuo up was so simple.

Her naturally curled eyelashes only needed a little mascara and a light pink color was all it took to enhance her pink lips. Just a little hair styling, a pair of high heels, and an evening gown were enough to turn her into another person.

“Miss Zuo, you are one pretty lady whom I rarely see. No wonder Mr. Shi likes you so much.”

Zuo Weiyi’s smile froze.

Shi Yuting liked her? Haha, how could that be possible?

He was only interested in her.

She smiled but did not say anything. She was happily admiring herself in the mirror.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 47: Do You Know How To Dress Up?